Diagnostic features of Hypoxestus glaber, from Kauri (1985).

Belongs within: Assamiidae.

The Hypoxestinae are a subfamily of assamiid harvestmen found in Africa and Asia (Santos & Prieto 2010). They are generally characterised by the absence of characters found in other subfamilies and should be considered of questionable monophyly.

Characters (from Santos & Prieto 2010): Anterior margin of carapace unarmed; spiracles visible, unprotected; femur of pedipalp with short ventral teeth; distitarsus I two-segmented; metatarsus II undivided; tarsi III and IV with smooth claws.

    |--Scabrobunus Roewer 1912R35
    |    `--S. filipes Roewer 1912R35
    |--Passula Roewer 1927R35
    |    `--P. scabricula Roewer 1927R35
    |--Podaucheniellus Roewer 1927SP10
    |    `--*P. bipalaris Roewer 1927S92
    |--Nkogoa Roewer 1927SP10
    |    `--*N. feai Roewer 1927S92 [=N. feaeR35]
    |--Findia Roewer 1927SP10
    |    `--*F. atrolutea Roewer 1915S92
    |--Congonella Roewer 1935R35
    |    `--*C. frontalis Roewer 1935R35
    |--Randilea Roewer 1935R35
    |    `--*R. scabricula Roewer 1935R35 [=Hypoxestus scabriculaS92]
    |--Talaspus Roewer 1935R35
    |    `--*T. spinimanus Roewer 1935R35
    |--Parasesostris Roewer 1915R35
    |    `--*P. granulatus Roewer 1915S92
    |--Metasesostris Roewer 1915R35
    |    `--*M. armatus Roewer 1915S92
    |--Tusipulla Roewer 1935R35
    |    `--*T. coxalis Roewer 1935R35
    |--Podauchenius Sørensen 1896SP10
    |    `--*P. longipes Sørensen 1896SP10
    |--Musola Roewer 1927SP10
    |    `--*M. longipes Roewer 1927S92
    |--Adamauna Roewer 1935SP10
    |    `--*A. maculatipes Roewer 1935R35
    |--Rhabdopygata Roewer 1954SP10, S92
    |    `--*R. mossambica Roewer 1954S92
    |--Lossida Roewer 1935L62, R35
    |    `--*L. rugosa Roewer 1935R35
    |--Lossidacola Roewer 1935L62, R35
    |    `--*L. pachytarsus Roewer 1935R35
    |--Bwitonatus Roewer 1950L62, S92
    |    `--*B. marlieri Roewer 1950S92
    |--Leleupiolus Roewer 1951L62, S92
    |    `--*L. marmoratus Roewer 1951S92
    |--Mecutina Roewer 1935R35
    |    |--*M. filipes Roewer 1935R35
    |    `--M. moshinia Roewer 1940S92
    |--Sesostranus Roewer 1935R35
    |    |--*S. niger Roewer 1935R35
    |    `--S. longipes Roewer 1950S92
    |--Bandona Roewer 1927R35
    |    |--B. boninensis Suzuki 1974S78
    |    `--B. palpalis Roewer 1927R35
    |--Hypoxestinus Roewer 1927SP10
    |    |--*H. nkogoi Roewer 1927S92
    |    `--H. frontalis Roewer 1935R35
    |--Rhabdopygella Staręga 1992R35, KM20
    |    |--*R. laevis Roewer 1935S92
    |    `--R. ferruginea Roewer 1935R35
    |--Dongila Roewer 1927SP10
    |    |--*D. spinosa Roewer 1927S92
    |    `--D. silvatica Roewer 1927R35
    |--Mabwella Roewer 1952L62, S92
    |    |--*M. wittei Roewer 1952S92
    |    `--M. trochanteralis Roewer 1954S92
    |--Sesostrellus Roewer 1935K85
    |    |--*S. robustus Roewer 1935R35
    |    |--S. gibbosus Kauri 1985S92
    |    `--S. umbonatus (Roewer 1935) [=Sesostris umbonatus]S92
    |--Doloressus Roewer 1935 [incl. Ealabius Roewer 1950]K85
    |    |--*D. cippatus Roewer 1935R35
    |    |--D. filipes Lawrence 1949S92
    |    |--D. ghesquierei (Roewer 1950) [=Ealabius ghesquierei]S92
    |    `--D. palmgreni Kauri 1985S92
    |--Dicoryphus Loman 1902R35 [incl. Coelobunus Loman 1902S92, CaelobunusR23, Metarhabdopygus Roewer 1913R35]
    |    |--*D. furvus Loman 1902S92
    |    |--D. ater (Lawrence 1962) [=Caelobunus ater]S92
    |    |--D. jeanneli (Roewer 1913) [=Metarhabdopygus jeanneli, Caelobunus jeanneli]S92
    |    `--D. melanacanthus (Loman 1902) (see below for synonymy)S92
    |--Sesostris Sørensen 1910K85
    |    |--*S. gracilis Sørensen 1910S92
    |    |--S. brevipes Kauri 1985S92
    |    |--S. insulanus Roewer 1912K85
    |    |--S. maculatus Roewer 1915R35
    |    `--S. maculifer Kauri 1985 [=S. maculiferus]S92
    |--Viglua Roewer 1940SP10
    |    |--*V. brunnipes Roewer 1940S92
    |    `--V. machadoi Lawrence 1949S92
    |         |--V. m. machadoiS92
    |         |--V. m. granulosa Lawrence 1957S92
    |         `--V. m. major Lawrence 1949 [=V. majora]S92
    |--Spinixestus Roewer 1952K85
    |    |--*S. armatus Roewer 1952S92
    |    |--S. benderanus Kauri 1985S92
    |    |--S. leleupi Kauri 1985S92
    |    |--S. polycuspidatus Kauri 1985S92
    |    |--S. rufus Roewer 1952S92
    |    `--S. siteteus Roewer 1961S92
    |--Rhabdopygus Roewer 1912SP10
    |    |--*R. fuscus Roewer 1912SP10
    |    |--R. benoiti Kauri 1985SP10
    |    |--R. funilignorum Santos & Prieto 2010SP10
    |    |--R. maculatus Roewer 1935SP10
    |    |--R. puylaerti Bauer & Prieto 2009SP10
    |    |--R. robustus Lawrence 1957SP10
    |    |--R. rugipalpis Roewer 1952SP10
    |    `--R. termitarum Roewer 1951SP10
    `--Hypoxestus Loman 1902S92 [=Amasilla Strand 1911R23, Amasis Sørensen 1910 non Leach 1817R23]
         |  i. s.: H. bituberculatus Lawrence 1962S92
         |         H. coxicornis Roewer 1940S92
         |         H. patellaris (Sørensen 1910)S92 [=*Amasis patellarisKM20]
         |         H. planus Goodnight & Goodnight 1959S92
         |         H. roeweri Staręga 1992 [=Randilea obscura Roewer 1952 non H. obscurus Roewer 1912]S92
         |         H. trituberculatus Lawrence 1962S92
         |--*H. (Hypoxestus) levis Loman 1902 (see below for synonymy)S92
         `--H. (Lomanus Kauri 1985)K85
              |--H. (*L.) glaber Kauri 1985K85
              |--H. (L.) ealanus Kauri 1985K85
              `--H. (L.) scaphoides Kauri 1985K85

Dicoryphus melanacanthus (Loman 1902) [=Coelobunus melanacanthus, Caelobunus melanacanthus; incl. Co. fuscus Roewer 1912, Ca. fuscus]S92

*Hypoxestus (Hypoxestus) levis Loman 1902 [incl. Amasis accentuatus Sørensen 1910, H. accentuatus, A. mesoleucus Sørensen 1910, H. mesoleucus, H. obscurus Roewer 1912, Amasis quadricornis Sørensen 1910, H. quadricornis]S92

*Type species of generic name indicated


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