Empire gudgeon Hypseleotris compressa, copyright Cody Story.

Belongs within: Eleotridae.

Hypseleotris is an Indo-Pacific genus of gudgeons distinguished by its strongly compressed body form (Smith 1958).

Characters (from Smith 1958): Strongly compressed body covered with large ctenoid scales, head scaly except muzzle. Mouth small, fine teeth in bands in each jaw, outer series larger, no canines. Gill openings wide, to below head.

<==Hypseleotris Gill 1863S58 [incl. Carassiops Ogilby 1897O97, Caulichthys Ogilby 1898S58, Giuris Sauvage 1879S58]
    |--H. aureaT09
    `--+--H. compressa (Krefft 1864)T09, M58 [=Eleotris compressusM58, *Carassiops compressusO97]
       `--H. klunzingeriT09 [=Carassiops klunzingeriG75]
Hypseleotris incertae sedis:
  *H. cyprinoides (Valenciennes 1837) [=Eleotris cyprinoides, Asterropteryx cyprinoides]S58
  H. agilis Herre 1927H27
  H. bipartita Herre 1927H27
  ‘Eleotris’ brevirostris Steindachner 1867 [=Carassiops brevirostris]O97
  H. dayi Smith 1950S58
  H. ejuncida Hoese & Allen 1983M10
  ‘Eleotris’ elevata Macleay 1881 [=Carassiops elevatus]O97
  H. galiiOC03 [=Carassiops galiiG75]
  H. guntheri (Bleeker 1875) [=Asterropteryx guntheri]M58
  H. kimberleyensis Hoese & Allen 1983AL90
  ‘Carassiops’ longi Ogilby 1897O97
  H. modestus (Bleeker 1875) [=Asterropteryx modestus, Eleotris (Asterropteryx) modestus]M58
  H. moncktoni (Regan 1908) [=Eleotris (Caulichthys) moncktoni]M58
  H. pangel Herre 1927H27
  H. regalisAL90

*Type species of generic name indicated


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