Lateral view of eyemound and dorsal view of body of Hypsibunus aurotransversalis, from Roewer (1955).

Belongs within: Sclerosomatidae.

Hypsibunus is a genus of sclerosomatid harvestmen from southern Asia characterised by the presence of two pseudoarticular nodules in femur II, and a spinose eyemound (Roewer 1955).

Characters (from Roewer 1955): Femora I–IV with nodules; eyemound armed with strong denticles or upstanding spines; femora I and III cylindrical, longer than body.

Hypsibunus Thorell 1891 [incl. Kempina Roewer 1911]C92
|--*H. diadematus Thorell 1891C92
|--H. aureomaculatus Suzuki 1985S85
|--H. auronitens Roewer 1955R55
|--H. aurotransversalis Roewer 1955S85
|--H. bicorniger (Roewer 1911) [=*Kempina bicornigera]C92
|--H. coronatus Roewer 1955R55
|--H. cupreus (Roewer 1912)S85 [=Kempina cupreaR23]
|--H. fuscus (With 1903)R55 [=Zaleptus fuscusR23]
|--H. scaber Roewer 1910C92
`--H. sumatranus Roewer 1955S85

*Type species of generic name indicated


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