Idothea baltica, copyright Ecomare.

Belongs within: Valvifera.

Idothea is a genus of broad-bodied isopods that may be found living on floating vegetation (Hatch 1947). They are predominantly grazers on macrophytes, and coloration in some species may change depending on the food species. The North Atlantic species I. baltica is found in the subtidal zone near the shore.

Characters (from Hatch 1947): Eyes lateral, the sides of the head below the eyes inflexed; head margined behind eyes, without a transverse furrow defining a “neck” region; first antennae with unsegmented flagellum; fifth segment of maxillipedal palp fused with fourth; thoracic segments two to four with distinct epimera; epimera of fifth thoracic segment usually not attaining posterior margin of the segment; legs subsimilar, prehensile, the propodite not dilated; abdomen three-segmented with the lateral sutures of another partially coalesced segment.

<==Idothea Fab. 1799 [=Idotaea, Idotea Fab. 1796 (preoc.); Idoteinae]H47
|--‘Idotea’ algirica Lucas 1846E12
|--‘Idotea’ angustata Lucas 1846E12
|--I. annulataN37
|--I. balticaM02
| |--I. b. balticaPP64
| `--I. b. basteriPP64
|--‘Idotea’ carinata Lucas 1846E12
|--I. emarginataB78
|--‘Idotea’ entomonG20
|--I. fewkesiH47
|--‘Idotea’ granulosaCS77
|--‘Idotea’ hecticaPP64
|--‘Idotea’ linearisPP64
|--‘Idotea’ marina (Linnaeus 1758)L02, L58 [=Oniscus marinusL02]
|--I. metallica Bosc 1802BP03
|--I. neglecta Sars 1897BP03
|--I. ochotensis [=Idotea ochotensis]H47
|--I. pelagicaBBB-S95
|--‘Idotea’ peroniiH15
|--I. rufescensH47
|--I. urotoma [=Idotea urotoma]H47
`--‘Idotea’ viridisCS77

*Type species of generic name indicated


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