Indigo Indigofera tinctoria, copyright Kurt Stüber.

Belongs within: Papilionoideae.

Indigofera is a genus of leguminous plants found in tropical and subtropical regions around the world.

Characters (from Flora of China): Shrubs, shrublets, perennial herbs, or rarely annual herbs or small trees; trichomes typically medifixed (T-shaped), equally to very unequally 2-branched and sometimes crisped, or rarely simple multicellular hairs present with glandular tips. Stipules persistent or caducous. Leaves usually imparipinnate but for some species simple or reduced to 1 leaflet; stipels present or absent; leaflet blades usually opposite but sometimes subopposite or alternate, rarely with glands, margin entire. Racemes axillary; bracts usually caducous. Calyx campanulate or cup-shaped; teeth 5, subequal or abaxial one longer. Corolla usually reddish, sometimes white or yellow; standard usually covered outside with appressed trichomes but occasionally glabrous, base shortly clawed, apex usually obtuse to emarginate and mucronate; wings narrow, base auricled; keel falcate or spatulate, with spur adnate to wings. Stamens 10, diadelphous, only vexillary one free; anthers uniform, basifixed or subbasifixed, sometimes both ends hairy, apex apiculate; pollen 3-colporate. Ovary sessile, with 1 to many ovules; style linear, usually glabrous; stigma capitate. Legume linear, oblong, or ovoid, cylindric or 4-sided in cross section, 2-valved, septate, dehiscent; endocarp often spotted with tannin deposits. Seeds globose to rectangular; hilum small; cotyledons unequal; radicle oblique.

|–I. acanthoclada CV06
|–I. anabibensis CV06
|–I. anil C55
|–I. argentea PP07
|–I. arreca K08
|–I. australis C08
|–I. boviperda KM08
|–I. cassioides P03
|–I. coerulea C55
|–I. colutea LK14
|–I. constricta SR07
|–I. cordifolia PP07
|–I. galagoides SR07
|–I. georgei KM08
|–I. giessii CV06
|–I. glandulosa LK14
|–I. haplophylla LK14
|–I. hirsuta LK14
|–I. hochstetteri PP07
|    |–I. h. ssp. hochstetteri CV06
|    `–I. h. ssp. streyana CV06
|–I. linifolia LK14
|–I. linnaei PP07
|–I. mackinlayi LK14
|–I. merxmuelleri CV06
|–I. oblongifolia PP07
|–I. pechuelii CV06
|–I. polygaloides LK14
|–I. pratensis LK14
|–I. rautanenii CV06
|–I. rupicola LK14
|–I. sessiliflora PP07
|–I. suffruticosa CP13
|–I. tinctoria PP07
|–I. trifoliata LK14
|–I. trita LK14
`–I. viscosa C06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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