Flowering twig of Iodes sp., copyright Leonardo L. Co.

Belongs within: Lamiidae.

The Iodeae have been recognised as a tribe within the pantropical flowering plant family Icacinaceae, though phylogenetic analysis indicates that it is paraphyletic with regard to the Phytocreneae and Sarcostigma (Kårehed 2001).

Synapomorphies (from Kårehed 2001, as unnamed clade): Leaves with prominent major veins present; flowers functionally unisexual; fruit a laterally compressed drupe; pollen with spines originating from the foot-layer; columellae more or less long and fine, often heterogeneous.

| | `--+--NatsiatopsisK01
| | `--NatsiatumK01
| `--+--Ryticaryum Becc. 1877K01, G84
| | |--*R. oleraceum Becc. 1877G84
| | `--R. longifolium Schumann & Lauterb. 1900G84
| `--+--Sarcostigma [Sarcostigmateae]K01
| `--StachyanthusK01
| `--IodesK01
| |--I. africanaK01
| |--I. cirrhosaK01
| `--I. ovalisK01
| `--PhytocreneK01
|--P. grandifoliaK01
`--P. malvifoliaK01

*Type species of generic name indicated


[G84] Guymer, G. P. 1984. Icacinaceae. In: George, A. S. (eds) Flora of Australia vol. 22. Rhizophorales to Celastrales pp. 204–211. Australian Government Publishing Service: Canberra.

[K01] Kårehed, J. 2001. Multiple origin of the tropical forest tree family Icacinaceae. American Journal of Botany 88 (12): 2259–2274.

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