European spruce bark beetle Ips typographus. copyright Giles San Martin.

Belongs within: Hylesininae.

The Ipini are a cosmopolitan genus of bark beetles with the rear face of the elytra more or less excavated, with the lateral margin typically armed by tubercles or spines. All are phloeophagous and the majority are heterosanguineously polygynous. The African genus Dendrochilus is distinguished having the eyes short, oval and entire (vs more elongate and anteriorly sinuate in other genera) and the posterior elytral declivity poorly developed. Pityogenes and Pityokteines have a rather narrowly bisulcate elytral declivity with rather broadly elevated, rounded lateral margins (Wood 1986).

<==Ipini [Eidophelinae, Ernoporinae, Ipidae, Ipina]
|--Dendrochilus Schedl 1957W86
| `--*D. strombosiopsisW86
|--Cryphalities Cockerell 1917W86
| `--*C. rugosissimus Cockerell 1917W86
|--Periocryphalus Wood 1971W86
| `--*P. pullusW86
|--Neocryphus Nunberg 1956W86
| `--*N. argentinensisW86
|--Stegomerus Wood 1967W86
| `--*S. vulgarisW86
|--Allernoporus Kurentzov 1941W86
| `--*A. euonymiW86
|--Coriacephilus Schedl 1939W86
| `--*C. coriaceus [=Stephanoderes coriaceus]W86
|--Ernocladius Wood 1980W86
| `--*E. corpulentus [=Cryphalus corpulentus]W86
|--Cryphalogenes Wood 1980W86
| `--*C. euphorbiaeW86
|--Hemicryphalus Schedl 1963W86
| `--*H. argutus [=Eidophelus argutus]W86
|--Margadillius Hopkins 1915W86
| `--*M. margadilaonisW86
|--Ptilopodius Hopkins 1915W86
| `--*P. stephegynisW86
|--Eidophelus Eichhoff 1875 [incl. Phellodendrophagus Krivolutskaya 1958]W86
| |--*E. imitansW86
| `--E. elegans [=*Phellodendrophagus elegans]W86
|--Acorthylus Brèthes 1922 [incl. Phacrylus Schedl 1938]W86
| |--*A. asperatusW86
| `--A. bosqui [=*Phacrylus bosqui]W86
|--Stephanopodius Schedl 1941 [incl. Cryphalomimetes Browne 1963, Cryphalomimus Browne 1962 non Eggers 1927]W86
| |--*S. dispar [=Stephanoderes dispar]W86
| `--S. ghanaensis [=Hypocryphalus ghanaensis, *Cryphalomimetes ghanaensis, *Cryphalomimus ghanaensis]W86
|--Pseudips Cognato 2000A02
| |--P. concinnus (Mannerheim 1852)A02
| `--P. mexicanus (Hopkins 1905)A02
|--Pityokteines Fuchs 1911 [incl. Orthotomides Wood 1951]W86
| |--*P. curvidens [=Ips curvidens]W86
| |--P. lasiocarpi [=Orthotomicus lasiocarpi, *Orthotomides lasiocarpi]W86
| `--P. sparsus (LeConte 1868)A02
|--Pityogenes Bedel 1888 [incl. Eggersia Lebedev 1926, Pityoceragenes Balachowsky 1947]W86
| |--*P. chalcographus [=Dermestes chalcographus]W86
| |--P. bidentatus (Herbst 1784)A02 [=Bostrichus bidentatusW86, *Eggersia bidentataW86]
| `--P. quadridens [=Bostrichus quadridens, *Pityoceragenes quadridens]W86
|--Ernoporus Thomson 1859 [incl. Cryphalops Reitter 1889, Euptilius Schedl 1940, Stephanorhopalus Hopkins 1915]W86
| |--*E. tiliae [=Bostrichus tiliae; incl. Cryphalus lederi, *Cryphalops lederi]W86
| |--E. concentralis [=*Euptilius concentralis]W86
| `--E. melodori [=*Stephanorhopalus melodori]W86
|--Cosmoderes Eichhoff 1878 [incl. Dendriops Schedl 1953, Erioschidias Schedl 1938, Vitaderes Beeson 1941 (n. n.)]W86
| |--*C. monilicollis [incl. *Vitaderes luffa (n. n.)]W86
| |--C. granulicollis [=*Dendriops granulicollis]W86
| `--C. setistriatus [=Cryphalus setistriatus, *Erioschidias setistriatus]W86
|--Orthotomicus Ferrari 1867 [=Neotomicus Fuchs 1911, Onthotomicus]W86
| |--*O. laricis [=Bostrichus laricis, *Neotomicus laricis]W86
| |--O. caelatus (Eichhoff 1868)A02
| |--O. erosusJKW03
| `--O. latidens [=Ips latidens]A02
|--Acanthotomicus Blandford 1894 [incl. Isophthorus Schedl 1938, Mimips Eggers 1932]W86
| |--*A. spinosusW86
| |--A. mimicusW86
| |--A. pilosus [=Ips pilosus, *Mimips pilosus]W86
| `--A. quadrituberculatus [=*Isophthorus quadrituberculatus]W86
|--Xyleborinus Reitter 1913M94
| |--*X. saxeseni (Ratzeburg 1837) [=Bostrichus saxeseni]M94
| `--X. alniA02
`--Ips DeGeer 1775 [incl. Cumatomicus Ferrari 1867, Cyrtotomicus Ferrari 1867]A02
|--*I. typographus (Linnaeus 1758)W86 [=Dermestes typographusW86, Hylurgus (Tomicus) typographusG20, M94]
|--I. acuminatus [=Bostrichus acuminatus, *Cyrtotomicus acuminatus]W86
|--I. amitinusJKW03
|--I. avulsusM38
|--I. cellarisL02
|--I. cembraeJKW03
|--I. concinnusW86
|--I. confususWP99
|--I. grandicollis Eichhoff 1867M94
|--I. hunteriW86
|--I. leconteiS00
|--I. mexicanusW86
|--I. oregoniG38
|--I. orientalisW86
|--I. perturbatusW86
|--I. pilifronsW86
| |--I. p. pilifronsW86
| `--I. p. utahensisW86
|--I. piniS00
|--I. quadripustulatusF89
|--I. sexdentatus [=Dermestes sexdentatus; incl. Bostrichus stenographus, *Cumatotomicus stenographus]W86
|--I. subelongatusV25
`--I. woodiW86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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