Sabacon cf. cavicolens, copyright Marshal Hedin.

Belongs within: Palpatores.
Contains: Ischyropsalis.

The Ischyropsalidoidea are a clade of harvestmen found in the Holarctic region, members of which have an unsegmented ovipositor in females, and a penis with a single muscle in males (Shultz 1998).

<==Ischyropsalidoidea [Ischropsalidae, Ischyropsalidae, Ischyropsalidoidae]
    |  i. s.: Piankhi Dunlop, Bartel & Mitov 2012DBM12
    |           `--*P. steineri Dunlop, Bartel & Mitov 2012DBM12
    |  |    |--IschyropsalisS13
    |  |    `--Ceratolasmatinae [Ceratolasmatidae]S13
    |  |         |--Ceratolasma Goodnight & Goodnight 1942S98
    |  |         |    `--*C. tricantha Goodnight & Goodnight 1942GG42
    |  |         `--Acuclavella Shear 1986G07b, G07a
    |  |              |--*A. cosmetoides Shear 1986S13
    |  |              |--A. merickeli Shear 1986BH09
    |  |              |--A. quattuor Shear 1986E90
    |  |              `--A. shoshone Shear 1986E90
    |  `--+--+--Crosbycus Roewer 1914S10
    |     |  |    |--*C. dasycnemus (Crosby 1911) [=Nemastoma dasycnemum]S13
    |     |  |    |--C. pentelicus Roewer 1951 (n. d.)S13
    |     |  |    `--C. speluncarum Roewer 1951 (n. d.)S13
    |     |  `--Hesperonemastoma Gruber 1970GV09, S10
    |     |       |--*H. pallidimaculosum (Goodnight & Goodnight 1945) [=Nemastoma pallidimaculosa, N. pallidimaculosum]S10
    |     |       |--H. kepharti (Crosby & Bishop 1924) [=Nemastoma kepharti]S13
    |     |       |--H. modestum (Banks 1894)BH09 [=Nemastoma modestaBH09, N. modestumR23]
    |     |       |--H. packardi (Roewer 1914) (see below for synonymy)S10
    |     |       `--H. smilax Shear 2010S10
    |     `--TaracidaeDL23
    |          |--Oskoron Shear in Shear & Warfel 2016SW16
    |          |    |--*O. spinosus (Banks 1894)KM20 (see below for synonymy)
    |          |    |--O. brevichelis Shear in Shear & Warfel 2016KM20
    |          |    `--O. crawfordi Shear in Shear & Warfel 2016KM20
    |          `--Taracus Simon 1879S98
    |               |--*T. packardi Simon 1879 [incl. T. nigripes Goodnight & Goodnight 1943]SW16
    |               |--T. audisioae Shear in Shear & Warfel 2016KM20
    |               |--T. birsteini Lyovushkin 1972PS21
    |               |--T. carmanah Shear in Shear & Warfel 2016KM20
    |               |--T. fluvipileus Shear in Shear & Warfel 2016KM20
    |               |--T. gertschi Goodnight & Goodnight 1942GG42
    |               |--T. marchingtoni Shear in Shear & Warfel 2016KM20
    |               |--T. pallipes Banks 1894R23
    |               |--T. silvestrii Roewer 1929S13
    |               |--T. spesavius Shear in Shear & Warfel 2016KM20
    |               |--T. taylori Shear in Shear & Warfel 2016KM20
    |               |--T. timpanogos Shear in Shear & Warfel 2016KM20
    |               `--T. ubicki Shear in Shear & Warfel 2016KM20
    `--Sabacon Simon 1879S13 (see below for synonymy)
         |--*S. paradoxus Simon 1879G02 [=Sa. paradoxumG02, Scotolemon paradoxusD04]
         |--S. akiyoshiensis Suzuki 1963 [=S. akiyoshiense]S13
         |--S. altomontanus Martens 1983 [=S. altomontanum]S13
         |--S. astoriensis Shear 1975E90
         |--S. briggsi Shear 1975E90
         |--S. bryantii (Banks 1898) (see below for synonymy)S13
         |--S. cavicolens (Packard 1884) (see below for synonymy)S13
         |--S. chomolongmae Martens 1972S13
         |--S. claviger (Menge 1854) [=Nemastoma clavigerum; incl. S. bachofeni Roewer 1939]D06
         |--S. crassipalpis (Koch 1879)G07a, CL00 (see below for synonymy)
         |--S. crassipesS66
         |--S. dentipalpis Suzuki 1949 [=S. dentipalpe]S13
         |--S. dhaulagiri Martens 1972S13
         |--S. distinctus Suzuki 1974 [=S. distinctum]S13
         |--S. franzi Roewer 1953S13
         |--S. gonggashan Tsurusaki & Song 1993TS93
         |--S. imamurai Suzuki 1964T06
         |--S. iriei Suzuki 1974S13
         |--S. ishizuchi Suzuki 1974S13
         |--S. jiriensis Martens 1972S13
         |--S. kangling Martens 2016SW16
         |--S. makinoi Suzuki 1949T06
         |    |--S. m. makinoi [incl. S. habei Suzuki 1965]S13
         |    `--S. m. sugimotoi Suzuki & Tsurusaki 1983S13
         |--S. martensi Tsurusaki & Song 1993TS93
         |--S. mitchelli Crosby & Bishop 1924E90
         |--S. occidentalis (Banks 1894) [=Phlegmacera occidentalis]BH09
         |--S. okadai Suzuki 1941DBM12
         |--S. palpogranulatus Martens 1972 [=S. palpogranulatum]S13
         |--S. pasonianus Luque 1991 (see below for synonymy)S13
         |--S. picosantrum Martens 1983S13
         |--S. pygmaeus Miyosi 1942TT05 [=S. pygmaeumTM00]
         |--S. relictus Marten 1972 [=S. relictum]S13
         |--S. rossopacificus Martens 2015PS21
         |--S. satoikioi Miyosi 1942S13
         |--S. sergeidedicatus Martens 1989 [=S. sergeidedicatum]S13
         |--S. sheari Cokendolpher 1984E90
         |--S. simoni Dresco 1952S13
         |--S. siskiyou Shear 1975E90
         |--S. unicornis Martens 1972DBM12
         `--S. viscayanus Simon 1881 [=S. viscayanum, S. viscayasanum, S. vizcayanus]S13
              |--S. v. viscayanus [incl. S. inflatus Dresco 1955 (n. n.)]S13
              `--S. v. ramblaianus Martens 1983 [=S. viscayanum ramblaianum]S13

Hesperonemastoma packardi (Roewer 1914) [=Nemastoma packardi, N. troglodytes Packard 1877 non Leiobunum troglodytes Wankel 1861]S10

*Oskoron spinosus (Banks 1894)KM20 [=Taracus spinosusKM20, T. spinosaR23; incl. T. malkini Goodnight & Goodnight 1945SW16]

Sabacon Simon 1879S13 [incl. Parasabacon Hansen & Sørensen 1904S23, Phlegmacera Packard 1884S13, Tomicomerus Pavesi 1899S13; SabaconidaeDL23]

Sabacon bryantii (Banks 1898) [=Phlegamacera bryantii, S. bryanti (l. c.), *Tomicomerus bryantii, T. bryanti (l. c.); incl. T. bispinosus Pavesi 1899]S13

Sabacon cavicolens (Packard 1884) [=*Phlegmacera cavicolens, P. cavicoleus (l. c.); incl. Nemastoma inops Packard 1884, Hesperonemastoma inops, Sabacon jonesi Goodnight & Goodnight 1942, S. spinosus Weed 1893]S13

Sabacon crassipalpis (Koch 1879)G07a, CL00 [=Nemastoma crassipalpeG07a, *Parasabacon crassipalpisG07a, Sabacon crassipalpeCL00]

Sabacon pasonianus Luque 1991 [=S. picosantrum pasonianum, S. picosantrum asonianum (l. c.), S. picosantrum asoniarum (l. c.)]S13

*Type species of generic name indicated


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