Bristle club-rush Isolepis setacea, copyright Miguel Porto.

Belongs within: Cypereae.

Isolepis is a genus of slender rushes with leaves less than one millimetre wide or absent, or with slender rhizomes, and with hypogynous bristles absent (Healy & Edgar 1980).

    |--+--I. rubicundaSB19
    |  `--+--‘Scirpus’ sect. EleogitonME70
    |     |    |--I. crassiuscula Hooker 1858ME70 [=Scirpus crassiusculus (Hooker) Bentham 1878HE80]
    |     |    |--I. fluitans (Linnaeus) Br. 1810SB19, ME70 (see below for synonymy)
    |     |    |    |--I. f. var. fluitansB78
    |     |    |    `--‘Scirpus’ f. var. microstachyaB78
    |     |    `--‘Scirpus’ productus Clarke 1908 [=S. fluitans var. productus (Clarke) Carse 1927]ME70
    |     `--+--I. carinataSB19
    |        |--I. hystrixSB19
    |        `--I. ludwigiiSB19
    `--+--+--I. levynsianaSB19
       |  `--+--I. setaceaSB19 [=Scirpus setaceus Linnaeus 1753HE80; incl. I. multicaulisB78]
       |     `--+--I. cernua (Vahl) Roem. & Schult. 1817SB19, ME70 (see below for synonymy)
       |        `--I. venustulaSB19
       `--+--I. costataSB19 [=Scirpus costatusB78]
          `--+--I. prolifer (Rottboel) Br. 1810SB19, ME70 [=Scirpus prolifer Rottboel 1773HE80; incl. I. globosa Buchanan 1871ME70]
             `--+--I. inundata Brown 1810SB19, ME70 (see below for synonymy)
                |    |--I. i. var. inundataB78
                |    `--‘Scirpus inundatus’ var. floribundusB78
                `--I. subtilissima Boeckeler 1858SB19, ME70 (see below for synonymy)
Isolepis incertae sedis:
  ‘Scirpus’ antarcticus Linnaeus 1771HE80
  ‘Scirpus’ arenariusB78
    |--S. a. var. arenariusB78
    `--S. a. var. setiformisB78
  I. articulata [=Scirpus articulatus; incl. I. praelongata]B78
  I. aucklandica Hooker 1844ME70 (see below for synonymy)
  I. basilaris Hooker 1864ME70 (see below for synonymy)
  ‘Scirpus’ brizoidesB78
  I. caligenisW91 [=S. caligenis Cook 1953HE80; incl. S. caligenis var. tristigmatosa Cook 1953ME70]
  I. cartilaginea Br. 1810ME70 (see below for synonymy)
    |--I. c. var. cartilagineaB78
    `--‘Scirpus cartilagineus’ var. propinqua [=Isolepis propinqua]B78
  ‘Scirpus’ chlorostachyus Levyns 1944 [incl. S. antipodus Cook 1953]HE80
  I. cyperoidesGK00 [=Scirpus cyperoidesB78]
  ‘Scirpus’ habrus Edgar 1966HE80
  I. humillimaLK14 [=Scirpus humillimusB78]
  I. marginataGK00
  I. oldfieldianaGK00
  ‘Scirpus’ platycarpus Blake 1940HE80
  ‘Scirpus’ pottsii Cook 1953HE80 [incl. Isolepis setacea var. lenticularis Hooker 1853ME70, S. lenticularisC26]
  ‘Scirpus’ praetextatus Edgar 1966HE80
  I. productaGK00
  ‘Scirpus’ × prolifulcus Carse 1930 [S. prolifer × S. sulcatus var. distigmatosus]ME70
  ‘Scirpus’ × prolifundus Carse 1930 [S. prolifer × S. inundatus]ME70
  I. reticularis Colenso 1886ME70 (see below for synonymy)
  I. ripariaC06 [=Scirpus ripariusB78; incl. I. congruaB78, I. savianaB78]
  I. squarrosa [=Scirpus squarrosus]B78
    |--I. s. var. squarrosaB78
    `--‘Scirpus squarrosus’ var. dietrichiaeB78
  I. stellataGK00
  I. sulcataB78 [=Scirpus sulcatus Thouars 1808HE80]
    |--I. s. var. sulcataHE80
    `--‘Scirpus sulcatus’ var. distigmatosus Clarke in Cheeseman 1906HE80
  I. supina [=Scirpus supinus]B78

Isolepis aucklandica Hooker 1844ME70 [=Scirpus aucklandicus (Hooker) Boeckeler 1870HE80; incl. I. alpinaC06, Scirpus cartilagineus var. alpinaB78, S. gunniiB78, S. muscosus Kirk 1885ME70, Isolepis cartilaginea var. rigida Bergg. 1878ME70, I. subcucullata Bergg. 1878ME70, Scirpus aucklandicus var. subcucullata (Bergg.) Clarke in Cheeseman 1906ME70]

Isolepis basilaris Hooker 1864ME70 [=Scirpus basilaris (Hooker) Clarke in Cheeseman 1906HE80; incl. I. novae-zelandiae Col. 1889ME70]

Isolepis cartilaginea Br. 1810ME70 [=Scirpus cartilagineus (Br.) Spreng. 1825B78, ME70; incl. I. bergianaB78, Scirpus bergianusB78, I. notataB78]

Isolepis cernua (Vahl) Roem. & Schult. 1817SB19, ME70 [=Scirpus cernuus Vahl 1806HE80; incl. S. cernuus var. californicus non S. californicusH93, S. saviiC06, Isolepis setosaC06]

Isolepis fluitans (Linnaeus) Br. 1810SB19, ME70 [=Eleogiton fluitans (Linnaeus) Link 1827ME70, Scirpus fluitans Linnaeus 1753HE80; incl. S. carsei Kük. in Carse 1916ME70]

Isolepis inundata Brown 1810SB19, ME70 [=Scirpus inundatus (Brown) Sprengel 1825HE80; incl. I. conspersaB78, S. conspersusB78, I. gaudichaudianaB78, S. gaudichaudiiB78, I. gunniiB78, S. inundatus var. major Cheesem. 1906ME70, I. setacea var. monandros Hooker 1953ME70, I. urvilleiB78, Scirpus urvilleiB78]

Isolepis reticularis Colenso 1886ME70 [=Scirpus reticularis (Colenso) Edgar in Moore & Edgar 1970HE80; incl. I. setacea var. capillaris Hooker 1853ME70, Scirpus inundatus var. gracillima Cheeseman 1906ME70, C06, I. inundata var. gracillima (Cheesem.) Oliver 1944ME70]

Isolepis subtilissima Boeckeler 1858SB19, ME70 [=Scirpus subtilissimus (Boeckeler) Blake 1969HE80; incl. Schoenoplectus merrillii Palla 1911ME70, Scirpus merrillii (Palla) Kük. ex Merr. 1923ME70]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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