Sailfish Istiophorus platypterus, copyright Robin Hughes.

Belongs within: Carangimorpha.

The Istiophoriformes are large pelagic fishes in which the rostrum is extended into a prominent bill.

Istiophoriformes [Xiphioidea]
|--Hemingwaya Syčhevskaâ & Prokof’ev 2002 [Hemingwayidae]SP02
| `--*H. sarissa Syčhevskaâ & Prokof’ev 2002SP02
|--Xiphias Linnaeus 1758S56 [XiphiidaeSP02, Xiphiini]
| |--*X. gladius Linnaeus 1758L58
| `--X. rupeliensis Leriche 1909P93
| |--Homorhynchus coleiSP02
| |--Palaeorhynchus humorensisSP02
| |--Enniskillenus radiatus Casier 1966P93
| `--Pseudotetrapturus luteus Danil’chenko 1960P93
| |--BlochiusSP02
| `--CylindracanthusP93
| |--C. cretaceus (Dixon 1850)P93
| |--C. libanicus (Woodward 1942)P93
| `--C. rectus (Agassiz 1844)P93
|--XiphiorhynchusP93 [XiphiorhynchidaeSP02]
| |--X. parvus Casier 1966P93
| `--X. priscus (Agassiz 1839)P93
|--Tetrapturinae [Tetrapturini]S56
| |--AglyptorhynchusP93
| |--Tetrapturus Rafinesque 1810S56
| | |--*T. belone Rafinesque 1910S56
| | |--T. angustirostris Tanaka 1914S56
| | `--T. brevirostrisC73
| `--HemirhabdorhynchusP93
| |--H. depressus Casier 1946P93
| `--H. ypresiensis Casier 1946P93
|--Istiophorus Lacepede 1803 [Istiophorinae, Istiophorini]S56
| |--I. albicansC02b
| |--I. americanusC02a
| |--I. gladius (Broussonet 1786) [=Scomber gladius]M58
| |--I. nigricansF15
| |--I. orientalisG75
| `--I. platypterus (Shaw & Nodder 1792)C02b
|--Orthocraeros Smith 1956S56
| `--*O. bermudae (Mowbray 1931) [=Makaira bermudae]S56
|--Lamontella Smith 1956S56
| `--*L. albida (Poey 1860) [=Tetrapturus albida]S56
|--Marlina Grey 1928 [incl. Kajikia Hirasaka & Nakamura 1947]S56
| |--M. audax (Philippi 1887) (see below for synonymy)S56
| `--M. jauffreti Smith 1956S56
`--Makaira Lacepede 1803 [incl. Istiompax Whitley 1931]S56
|--*M. nigricans Lacepède 1803S56
|--M. audaxG75
|--M. indica (Valenciennes 1831)S56 (see below for synonymy)
`--M. panamensisSP02

Makaira indica (Valenciennes 1831)S56 [=Istiompax indicaS56; incl. M. ampla Poey 1860S56, Istiompax indica amplaS56, M. nigricans amplaS56, I. australis Whitley 1931S56, Histiophorus brevirostris Playfair 1866S56, I. dombrainiG75, I. indica glauca Smith 1956S56, Makaira nigricans glaucaS56, M. herschelii Gray 1835S56, Istiompax indica herscheliiS56, M. nigricans herscheliiS56, I. howardi Whitley 1954S56, I. indica howardiS56, Makaira nigricans howardiS56, Istiompax marlina Jordan & Evermann 1926S56, M. nigricans marlinaS56, M. mazara Jordan & Snyder 1901S56, M. mazara tahitiensis (Nichols & LaMonte 1935)S56, Tetrapturus tenuirostrata Deraniyagala 1951S56, Istiompax indica tenuirostrataS56, Makaira nigricans tenuirostrataS56]

Marlina audax (Philippi 1887) [incl. Tetrapturus ectenes Jordan & Evermann 1926, T. mitsukurii Jordan & Snyder 1901, Makaira mitsukurii, *Marlina mitsukurii]S56

*Type species of generic name indicated


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