Juncus section Septati

Bulbous rush Juncus bulbosus, copyright Stefan Lefnaer.

Belongs within: Juncaceae.

The section Septati of the genus Juncus is a group of rushes characterised by the presence of transversely septate leaves (Healy & Edgar 1980).

Characters (from Healy & Edgar 1980): Plant tufted or rhizomatous; stems with transversely septate leaves, both basal and cauline, sheaths with obtuse auricles; inflorescence terminal.

<==Juncus sect. Septati
    |--J. acuminatus Michaux 1803HE80
    |--J. acutiflorus Ehrhart ex Hoffman 1791HE80
    |--J. articulatus Linnaeus 1753HE80
    |--J. brachycarpus Engelmann 1868HE80
    |--J. bulbosus Linnaeus 1753 [incl. J. bulbosus var. kochii, J. uliginosus]HE80
    |--J. canadensis Gay in Laharpe 1827HE80
    |--J. ensifolius Wikstroem 1823HE80
    |--J. fockei Buchenau 1890HE80
    |--J. holoschoenus Brown 1810HE80 [incl. J. holoschoenus var. multiflorus Carse 1929ME70]
    |--J. microcephalus Kunth in H. B. & K. 1815HE80
    |--J. novae-zelandiae Hooker 1853HE80
    |--J. prismatocarpus Brown 1810HE80 [incl. J. commutatusB78, J. oxycarpusB78]
    |--J. pusillus Buchenau 1879HE80 [incl. J. capillaceus Hook. f. 1853 non Lamarck 1789ME70]
    |--J. scheuchzerioides Gaudichaud-Beaupré 1825HE80
    |    |--J. s. var. scheuchzerioidesME70
    |    `--J. s. var. inconspicuus (D’Urv.) Hooker 1844 [=J. inconspicuus D’Urv. 1826]ME70
    `--J. subnodulosus Schrank 1789HE80

*Type species of generic name indicated


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