Jussara luteovariata, copyright Enio Branco.

Belongs within: Sclerosomatidae.

Jussara is a genus of sclerosomatid harvestmen found in Brazil, characteristic features of which include a sinuous-shafted penis with elongate winglets and a short stylus (Tourinho-Davis & Kury 2003).

Characters (from Tourinho-Davis & Kury 2003): Eye mound armed with sharp-pointed granules, arranged in two parallel rows. Supracheliceral laminae elongated in a tongue-shaped process, with multiple apophyses and/or armed distally with one or three pointed sharp or blunt granules. Dorsal scute sub-hexagonal in the male with both anterior sides curved, the two lateral sides divergent and the two posterior sides sinuous, in the females much more rounded. Trochanter of legs II typically lighter than the others, either of a different hue or a different colour, femora of legs I, III and IV generally with one pseudoarticular nodule, sometimes two in leg(s) I and/or IV, femur of leg II with three to five nodules. Femoral formula: 1-2/3-5/1/1-2. Noduli always placed in the middle portion of the femora up to the apical portion, never in the basal half. Winglets widest at the basal half, there with round or truncated contour; left and right units with varied degrees of fusion, from completely fused to fused only in a small distal extension in ventral view. Shaft strongly sinuous dorsoventrally, smoothly inclined without forming angle, very marked in the height of the glans. Glans not much narrower than the shaft, approximately half the width, stylus short (20% of the length of the glans).

<==Jussara Mello-Leitão 1935T-DK03
    |--*J. obesa Mello-Leitão 1935T-DK03
    |--J. albiarcuata Tourinho-Davis & Kury 2003T-DK03
    |--J. argentata (Roewer 1953) [=Holcobunus argentatus]T-DK03
    |--J. atra (Roewer 1910) [=Holcobunus ater]T-DK03
    |--J. aurantiaca Tourinho-Davis & Kury 2003T-DK03
    |--J. aureopunctata (Roewer 1953) [=Prionostemma aureopunctatum]T-DK03
    |--J. avati Tourinho-Davis & Kury 2003T-DK03
    |--J. flamengo Tourinho-Davis & Kury 2003T-DK03
    |--J. lineata (Roewer 1953) [=Holcobunus lineatus]T-DK03
    |--J. luteovariata (Mello-Leitão 1932) [=Holcobunus luteovariatus; incl. H. sigillatus Mello-Leitão 1944]T-DK03
    |--J. marmorata (Mello-Leitão 1934) [=Garleppa marmorata]T-DK03
    |--J. quadrimaculata (Roewer 1953) [=Holcobunus quadrimaculatus]T-DK03
    |--J. rosea (Mello-Leitão 1940) [=Holcobunus roseus]T-DK03
    |--J. taeniata Tourinho-Davis & Kury 2003T-DK03
    `--J. una Tourinho-Davis & Kury 2003T-DK03

*Type species of generic name indicated


[T-DK03] Tourinho-Davis, A. L., & A. B. Kury. 2003. A review of Jussara Mello-Leitao 1935, with a description of six new species from Brazil (Arachnida Opiliones Sclerosomatidae). Tropical Zoology 16: 209–275.

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