Justicia goudotii, copyright Instituto Darwinion.

Belongs within: Justiciinae.

Justicia, shrimp plants, is a pantropical genus of herbs and shrubs with tubular flowers commonly borne in dense inflorescences.

Characters (from Hickman 1993): Annual, perennial or shrub. Inflorescence generally a spike or raceme. Flower with corolla two-lipped, tube longer than lips, wider upward, upper lip notched or two-lobed, lower lip three-lobed; stamens 2, generally appressed to upper lip, anther sacs unequally placed on filament, opening toward lower lip, generally at least lower sac spurred. Fruit club-shaped, stalk flattened. Seeds 4, outlined on fruit surface.

JusticiaSV00 (see below for synonymy)
`--J. sect. Chaetothylax [incl. Pelecostemon Leonard 1958]W09
|--J. albicans Wood 2009 [=Chaetothylax leucanthus Leonard 1958 non J. leucantha Schrank 1824]W09
|--J. goudotii Graham 1988 [=Chaetothylax umbrosus non J. umbrosa]W09
|--J. haughtii (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=Chaetothylax haughtii Leonard 1958]W09
|--J. huilensis (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=Chaetothylax huilensis Leonard 1958]W09
`--J. trianae (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=*Pelecostemon trianae Leonard 1958]W09

Justicia incertae sedis:
J. adhatodaBB07
‘Rostellularia’ adscendensB00
|--R. a. var. adscendensLK14
|--R. a. var. clementiiLK14
|--R. a. var. glaucoviolaceaS91
`--R. a. var. largiflorensLK14
J. americanaSV00 [=Dianthera americanaB66]
J. amphibola (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=Jacobinia amphibola Leonard 1958]W09
J. asystasioidesSV00
J. aureaSV00
J. axiologa (Leonard) Wood 2009 [=Jacobinia axiologa Leonard 1958]W09
J. bentiiSV00
J. betonicaM72
J. brasilianaSV00
J. californica [=Beloperone californica]H93
J. caudataSV00
J. coccineaT-W89
J. cuneataCV06
|--J. c. ssp. cuneataCV06
`--J. c. ssp. hoerleinianaCV06
J. diffusaP03
J. gendarussaBB07
J. guerkeanaCV06
‘Adhatoda’ hyssopifoliaC55
J. kempeanaBR65
J. littoralis Wood 2009 [=Jacobinia lindaviana Rusby 1920 non Justicia lindaviana Leonard 1953]W09
J. longiiSV00
J. magdalenensis Wood 2009 [=J. disparifolia Wood 1988 non Urb. & Ekman 1929]W09
J. mirabiloidesSV00
J. odoraE09
J. origanoidesG01
J. pilosellaSV00
‘Cyrtanthera’ pohlianaT-W89
J. platysepalaCV06
J. procumbensBR65
J. quinquangularisVB02
J. simplexPP07
J. spicigeraSV00
J. vahliiPP07
‘Adhatoda’ vasicaSDK05

JusticiaSV00 [incl. AcelicaSV00, AdhatodaSV00, AmphiscopiaSV00, AnisostachyaSV00, AulojusticiaSV00, BeloperoneSV00, BentiaSV00, CalliaspidiaSV00, CalophanoidesSV00, CalymmostachyaSV00, ChaetochlamysSV00, ChaetothylopsisSV00, ChiloglossaSV00, CorymbostachysSV00, CyphisiaSV00, CyrtantheraSV00, CyrtantherellaSV00, DiantheraSV00, DimanisaSV00, DrejeraSV00, DrejerellaSV00, DuvernoiaSV00, DyspemptemorionSV00, EmulariaSV00, GendarussaSV00, GlosarithysSV00, HarnieriaSV00, HeinzeliaSV00, HemichoristeSV00, HeteraspidiaSV00, IxtlaniaSV00, JacobiniaSV00, KuesteraSV00, LiboniaSV00, LinocalyxSV00, LeptostachyaSV00, LophotheciumSV00, LustriniaSV00, MananthesSV00, NeohalliaSV00, NicotebaSV00, OrthotactusSV00, ParajusticiaSV00, PetalantheraSV00, PlagiacanthusSV00, PlegmatolemmaSV00, PorphyrocomaSV00, PsacadocalymmaSV00, RhacodiscusSV00, Rhaphidospora Nees 1832SV00, KC01, RhipidospermaSV00, RhyticalymmaSV00, RhytiglossaSV00, RodatiaSV00, RostellulariaSV00, SaglorithysSV00, SalviacanthusSV00, SarojusticiaSV00, SarothecaSV00, SericographisSV00, SimonisiaSV00, SiphonoglossaSV00, SolenochasmaSV00, StethomaSV00, TabascinaSV00, ThamnojusticiaSV00, TyloglossaSV00]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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