Kalotermes rufinotum, from CSIRO Entomology.

Belongs within: Isoptera.
Contains: Cryptotermes.

The Kalotermitidae, drywood termites, are a pantropical termite family lacking a division between the working and reproductive castes (Grimaldi & Engel 2005). Specialised glands in their digestive system allow retention of water ingested with food matter, allowing them to tolerate dry conditions for extended periods and use dry wood as a food supply.

Characters (from Hill 1942): Tarsi four-segmented; fontanelle absent. Winged adult with ocelli; mandibles of Heterotermes type; pronotum usually wider than head; anterior wing stumps usually large. Soldier with rudimentary eyes; mandibles very strong; sutures of head usually present.

<==Kalotermitidae [Calotermitidae, Calotermitinae, Kalotermitinae]
    |  `--+--+--Postelectrotermes tongyaiiIVE07, SVT04
    |     |  `--CryptotermesIVE07
    |     `--BifiditermesIVE07
    |          |--B. condonensisG70
    |          |--B. improbusIVE07
    |          `--B. indicusSVT04
    `--Kalotermes Hagen 1853IVE07, H42 [=Calotermes Hagen 1858H42]
         |--K. aemulusWG91
         |--K. approximatusP92
         |--K. atratus Hill 1933WG91, H42 [=Calotermes (Cryptotermes) atratusH42]
         |--K. banksiae Hill 1942WG91, H42 [=Calotermes banksiaeH42]
         |--K. brouni Froggatt 1896M59, H42 [=Calotermes brouniH42]
         |--‘Calotermes’ condonensis Hill 1922 [incl. C. oldfieldi Hill 1925, C. oldfieldii var. chryseus Hill 1926]H42
         |--‘Termes’ convexus Walker 1853 [=Calotermes convexus]H42
         |--K. flavicollis Fabricius 1793BP01
         |--K. hilliWG91
         |--‘Calotermes’ immigransH42
         |--‘Calotermes’ improbus Hagen 1858H42
         |--K. jouteliA50
         |--K. nigritusP92
         |--‘Termes’ obscurus Walker 1853 [=Calotermes (Glyptotermes) obscurus]H42
         |--‘Calotermes’ pallidinotum Hill 1942H42
         |--‘Calotermes’ repandus Hill 1926H42
         |--K. rufinotum Hill 1925WG91, H42 [=Calotermes rufinotumH42]
         |--K. serrulatusWG91
         |--K. sinaicaBB03
         |--‘Calotermes’ spoliator Hill 1932H42
         |--K. swinhoeiGE05
         |--‘Calotermes’ tillyardi Hill 1932H42
         `--K. tristisP92
Kalotermitidae incertae sedis:
    |--I. barrettiWG91
    |--I. krishnai Emerson 1969P92
    `--I. minor [=Kalotermes minor]MS98
  Ceratokalotermes spoliatorWG91
  Procryptotermes Holmgren 1910A50, H42
    |--P. australiensisWG91
    `--P. fryeriA50
  0--Paraneotermes simplicicornisA50, N90
  `--+--Rugitermes nodulosusA50
     `--+--Neotermes Holmgren 1911A50, H42
        |    |--N. castaneus Burmeister 1839BP01
        |    |--N. connexus [=Calotermes connexus]H42
        |    |--N. ferrugineus (Holmgren 1911) [=Calotermes (Neotermes) ferrugineus]H42
        |    |--N. greeniRD77
        |    |--N. insularis (White in Walker 1853) (see below for synonymy)H42
        |    |--N. militarisRD77
        |    |--N. papua (Desneux 1905) [=Calotermes (Neotermes) papua, Kalotermes (N.) papua]H42
        |    |--N. rainbowi (Hill 1926) [=Calotermes (Neotermes) rainbowi, Kalotermes (N.) rainbowi]H42
        |    |--N. rouxi (Holmgren 1915) [=Calotermes (Neotermes) rouxi]H42
        |    |--N. samoanus (Holmgren 1912) (see below for synonymy)H42
        |    |--N. sarasini (Holmgren 1915) [=Calotermes (Neotermes) sarasini]H42
        |    |--N. schultzei (Holmgren 1911) [=Calotermes (Neotermes) schultzei]H42
        |    |--N. semilunaris (Holmgren 1915) [=Calotermes (Neotermes) semilunaris]H42
        |    |--N. sjoestedti (Desneux 1907) [=Calotermes sjoestedti, C. (Neotermes) sjoestedti]H42
        |    |--N. tectonaeRD77
        |    `--N. wagneriBB03
        `--+--Eucryptotermes hageniA50
              |    |--C. nigricepsA50
              |    `--C. vetus Emerson 1969P92
              `--Glyptotermes Froggatt 1896A50, H42 [Glyptotermitinae]
                   |--G. brevicaudatusSVT04
                   |--G. brevicornis Froggatt 1896 (see below for synonymy)H42
                   |--G. domesticusSVT04
                   |--G. eucalypti Froggatt 1896 [=Calotermes (Glyptotermes) eucalypti]H42
                   |--G. iridipennis Froggatt 1896 [=Calotermes (Glyptotermes) iridipennis]H42
                   |--G. kachongensisSVT04
                   |--G. neotuberculatus (Hill 1933) [=Calotermes (Glyptotermes) neotuberculatus]H42
                   |--G. pinangaeSVT04
                   |--G. taveuniensis (Hill 1926) [=Calotermes (Glyptotermes) taveuniensis]H42
                   |--G. thailandisSVT04
                   |--G. tuberculatus Froggatt 1896 [=Calotermes (Glyptotermes) tuberculatus]H42
                   `--G. xantholabrum (Hill 1926) (see below for synonymy)H42
  Parotermes Scudder 1883F97

Glyptotermes brevicornis Froggatt 1896 [=Calotermes (Glyptotermes) brevicornis; incl. C. (G.) affinis Mjöberg 1920, C. (G.) claripennis Hill 1925, C. (G.) dubius Mjöberg 1920, C. (G.) nigrolabrum Hill 1921, C. (G.) perangustus Hill 1926, C. (G.) trilineatus Mjöberg 1920]H42

Glyptotermes xantholabrum (Hill 1926) [=Kalotermes (Glyptotermes) xantholabrum, Calotermes (G.) xantholabrum; incl. K. (G.) juddi Light 1932]H42

Neotermes insularis (White in Walker 1853) [=Termes insularis, Calotermes (Neotermes) insularis; incl. C. (N.) deuqueti Hill 1926, C. irregularis Froggatt 1896, C. (N.) irregularis, C. longiceps Froggatt 1896, C. (N.) longiceps, C. malandensis Mjöberg 1920, C. (N.) oculifer Mjöberg 1920, C. (N.) paralleliceps Mjöberg 1920, C. robustus Froggatt 1896, C. (N.) robustus]H42

Neotermes samoanus (Holmgren 1912) [=Calotermes (Neotermes) samoanus, Kalotermes (N.) samoanus; incl. N. sanctaecrucis Snyder 1925]H42

*Type species of generic name indicated


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