Pycnophyes calmani, from here.

Belongs within: Cycloneuralia.
Contains: Echinoderes.

The Homalorhagida are a group of marine kinorhynchs distinguished by their triangular cross-section.

The Cyclorhagida is the larger of the two major groups of kinorhynchs, small worm-like animals found mostly in marine sediments.

<==Kinorhyncha [Echinoderida]
    |  i. s.: Paracentrophyes Higgins 1983H86
    |           |--P. praedictus Higgins 1983H86
    |           `--P. quadridentatus (Zelinka 1928)H86
    |--Homalorhagida [Homalorhagae]H86
    |    |--Neocentrophyes Higgins 1969 [Neocentrophyidae]H86
    |    |    |--N. intermedius Higgins 1969H86
    |    |    `--N. satyai Higgins 1969H86
    |    `--PycnophyidaeH86
    |         |--Kinorhynchus Sheremetevskij 1974H86
    |         |    |--K. anomalus Lang 1953H86
    |         |    |--K. apotomus Higgins 1983H86
    |         |    |--K. belizensis Higgins 1983H86
    |         |    |--K. cataphractus Higgins 1961H86
    |         |    |--K. deirophorus Higgins 1983H86
    |         |    |--K. distentus Higgins 1983H86
    |         |    |--K. erismatus Higgins 1983H86
    |         |    |--K. fimbriatus Higgins 1982H86
    |         |    |--K. giganteus (Zelinka 1908)H86
    |         |    |--K. ilyocryptus Higgins 1961H86
    |         |    |--K. langi (Higgins 1964)H86
    |         |    |--K. mainensis (Blake 1930)H86
    |         |    |--K. paraneapolitanus Sheremetevskij 1974H86
    |         |    |--K. phyllotropis Brown & Higgins 1983H86
    |         |    |--K. spinosus (Lang 1949)H86
    |         |    |--K. stenopygus Higgins 1983H86
    |         |    `--K. trisetosus Higgins 1983H86
    |         `--Pycnophyes Zelinka 1907H86
    |              |--P. beaufortensis Higins 1964H86
    |              |--P. calmani Southern 1914H86
    |              |--P. carinatus Zelinka 1928H86
    |              |--P. chiliensis Lang 1953H86
    |              |--P. communis Zelinka 1908H86
    |              |--P. corrugatus Higgins 1983H86
    |              |--P. dentatus (Reinhard 1881)H86
    |              |--P. echinoderoides Zelinka 1928H86
    |              |--P. ecphantor Higgins 1983H86
    |              |--P. egyptensis Higgins 1966H86
    |              |--P. emarginatus Higgins 1983H86
    |              |--P. flagellatusH86
    |              |--P. flaveolatus Zelinka 1928H86
    |              |--P. frequens Blake 1930H86
    |              |--P. iniorhaptus Higins 1983H86
    |              |--P. kielensis Zelinka 1928H86
    |              |--P. longicornis Higgins 1983H86
    |              |--P. maximus Reimer 1963H86
    |              |--P. odhneri Lang 1953H86
    |              |--P. ponticus (Reinhard 1881)H86
    |              |--P. robustus Zelinka 1928H86
    |              |--P. rugosus Zelinka 1928H86
    |              |--P. sanjuanensis Higgins 1961H86
    |              |--P. sculptus Lang 1949H86
    |              `--P. zelinkaei Southern 1914H86
         |--Cateria Gerlach 1956 [Cateriidae, Cryptorhagae]H86
         |    |--C. gerlachi Higgins 1968H86
         |    |--C. styx Gerlach 1956H86
         |    `--C. submersa Gerlach 1969H86
         |--Semnoderidae [Conchorhagae]H86
         |    |--Sphenoderes Higgins 1969H86
         |    |    `--S. indicus Higgins 1969H86
         |    `--Semnoderes Zelinka 1907H86
         |         |--S. armiger Zelinka 1928H86
         |         |--S. pacificus Higgins 1967H86
         |         `--S. ponticus Băcescu & Băcescu 1956H86
              |--Condyloderes Higgins 1969 [Condyloderidae]H86
              |    |--C. multispinosus (McIntyre 1962)H86
              |    `--C. paradoxus Higgins 1969H86
                   |--Centroderes Zelinka 1896H86
                   |    |--C. eisigii Zelinka 1928H86
                   |    `--C. spinosus (Reinhard 1881)H86
                   `--Campyloderes Zelinka 1913H86
                        |--C. adherens Nyholm 1947H86
                        |--C. macquariae Johnston 1938H86
                        `--C. vanhoeffeni Zelinka 1913H86

*Type species of generic name indicated


[H86] Higgins, R. P. 1986. Kinorhyncha. In: Botosaneanu, L. (ed.) Stygofauna Mundi: A Faunistic, Distributional, and Ecological Synthesis of the World Fauna inhabiting Subterranean Waters (including the Marine Interstitial) pp. 110–118. E. J. Brill/Dr W. Backhuys: Leiden.

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