Koenikea sp., copyright David E. Reed.

Belongs within: Unionicolidae.

Koenikea is a genus of unionicolid water mites found in Australia and the Americas, with complete dorsal and ventral shields and five or six pairs of glandularia on the dorsal shield.

<==Koenikea Wolcott 1900RFF05
|--K. (Koenikea)V77
| |--K. (K.) acuta Lundblad 1943RFF05
| | |--K. a. acutaRFF05
| | `--K. a. dentata Viets 1975RFF05
| |--K. (K.) affinis Lundblad 1938RFF05
| |--K. (K.) angustipalpis Viets 1975RFF05
| |--K. (K.) bicornis Lundblad 1941RFF05
| |--K. (K.) bipapillata Lundblad 1941RFF05
| |--K. (K.) biscutata Daday 1905RFF05
| |--K. (K.) brunnea Lundblad 1937RFF05
| |--K. (K.) coerulescens Lundblad 1936RFF05
| | |--K. c. coerulescensRFF05
| | |--K. c. rosea Lundblad 1936RFF05
| | `--K. c. vietsi Lundblad 1937RFF05
| |--K. (K.) convexa Daday 1905 (n. d.)RFF05
| |--K. (K.) corniculata Viets 1975RFF05
| |--K. (K.) falcaria Viets 1977V77
| |--K. (K.) fluctuata Viets 1975RFF05
| |--K. (K.) furcatimaculata Lundblad 1936RFF05
| |--K. (K.) hastata Viets 1977V77
| |--K. (K.) lata Viets 1975RFF05
| |--K. (K.) longipes Lundblad 1936RFF05
| |--K. (K.) medioposita Lundblad 1936RFF05
| | |--K. m. mediopositaV77
| | |--K. m. asterifera Lundblad 1943V77
| | `--K. m. transversa Lundblad 1943V77
| |--K. (K.) octopapillata Lundblad 1930RFF05
| |--K. (K.) opimipalpis Viets 1977V77
| |--K. (K.) pallida Lundblad 1937RFF05
| |--K. (K.) papillata Viets 1975RFF05
| |--K. (K.) paraguayensis Rosso de Ferradás & Böttger 1998RFF05
| |--K. (K.) plicata Lundblad 1936RFF05
| |--K. (K.) procursa Viets 1977V77
| |--K. (K.) quadricornuta Walter 1919RFF05
| |--K. (K.) rectangulata Lundblad 1930RFF05
| |--K. (K.) rectirostris Lundblad 1936RFF05
| | |--K. r. rectirostrisRFF05
| | |--K. r. crassoalata Lundblad 1943RFF05
| | |--K. r. ramosa Lundblad 1943RFF05
| | `--K. r. retractidens Lundblad 1938RFF05
| |--K. (K.) retrocornuta Rosso de Ferradás & Böttger 1997RFF05
| |--K. (K.) siolii Viets 1975RFF05
| |--K. (K.) triangularis Lundblad 1938RFF05
| |--K. (K.) unguiculata Lundblad 1943RFF05
| `--K. (K.) victoriola Rosso de Ferradás 1998RFF05
|--K. (Diplokoenikea Lundblad 1936)RFF05
| |--K. (D.) clavigera Lundblad 1943RFF05
| | |--K. c. clavigeraRFF05
| | `--K. c. assimilis Lundblad 1943RFF05
| |--K. (D.) curvirostris Walter 1919RFF05
| |--K. (D.) flagellaris Lundblad 1938RFF05
| |--K. (D.) grossa Lundblad 1938RFF05
| |--K. (D.) pectinata Lundblad 1936RFF05
| |--K. (D.) pectinifera Lundblad 1938RFF05
| |--K. (D.) quinquemaculata Lundblad 1943RFF05
| |--K. (D.) scutica Viets 1977V77
| `--K. (D.) simulans Lundblad 1943RFF05
|--K. (Jurucuia Viets 1954)RFF05
| `--K. (J.) oblongata (Viets 1954)RFF05
|--K. (Koenikella Lundblad 1936)RFF05
| |--K. (K.) crassipalpis Lundblad 1936RFF05
| `--K. (K.) cyanozona Lundblad 1937RFF05
|--K. (Neokoenikea Lundblad 1936)RFF05
| `--K. (N.) armipes Lundblad 1936RFF05
|--K. (Notomideopsis Wolcott 1905)RFF05
| |--K. (N.) acanthifera Lundblad 1953RFF05
| |--K. (N.) acutidens Lundblad 1943RFF05
| |--K. (N.) brasiliensis Lundblad 1930RFF05
| |--K. (N.) chilensis Cook 1988RFF05
| |--K. (N.) circumcincta Lundblad 1937RFF05
| |--K. (N.) consimilis Viets 1975RFF05
| |--K. (N.) crassa Lundblad 1937RFF05
| |--K. (N.) curicola Viets 1975RFF05
| |--K. (N.) curvipes Lundblad 1938RFF05
| |--K. (N.) diabolica Viets 1975RFF05
| |--K. (N.) elegans Lundblad 1938RFF05
| |--K. (N.) hamulata Lundblad 1936RFF05
| |--K. (N.) imitata Lundblad 1930RFF05
| |--K. (N.) lunipes Lundblad 1938RFF05
| |--K. (N.) nordenskioldi Cook 1980RFF05
| |--K. (N.) obscura Lundblad 1937RFF05
| |--K. (N.) rectipes Lundblad 1943RFF05
| |--K. (N.) soona Cook 1988RFF05
| |--K. (N.) spinosa Daday 1905RFF05
| `--K. (N.) tigrina Lundblad 1936RFF05
| |--K. t. tigrinaRFF05
| `--K. t. crassiseta Lundblad 1943RFF05
|--K. (Parakoenikea Lundblad 1936)RFF05
| |--K. (P.) curvipalpis Lundblad 1936RFF05
| `--K. (P.) scutellum Besch 1969RFF05
|--K. (Pseudokoenikea Lundblad 1941)RFF05
| |--K. (P.) horrida Lundblad 1930RFF05
| `--K. (P.) rutae Lundblad 1930RFF05
| |--K. r. rutaeRFF05
| `--K. r. furcaticornis Viets 1956RFF05
|--K. (Sespekoenikea Cook 1974)S86
| `--K. (S.) expansipalpis Cook 1974S86
`--K. (Tamboella Lundblad 1953)RFF05
`--K. (T.) multiseta Lundblad 1953RFF05

Koenikea incertae sedis:
K. australica Lundblad 1941H98
K. balteata Lundblad 1943V77
K. bispinaWL09
K. branacha Cook 1986H98
K. colorata Viets 1980 [=Recifella colorata]H98
K. crinita Cook 1986H98
K. curtiseta Cook 1986H98
K. decapora Cook 1986H98
K. distans Viets 1980H98
K. elliptica Walter 1919V77
|--K. e. ellipticaV77
|--K. e. amabilis Lundblad 1943V77
|--K. e. schadei Lundblad 1943V77
`--K. e. validipalpis Lundblad 1937V77
K. haldemaniPW01
K. jacunda Cook 1986H98
K. lemba Cook 1986H98
K. longiuscula Lundblad 1936RFF05
K. pauciseta Cook 1980RFF05
K. piota Cook 1986H98
K. plaumanni Lundblad 1937RFF05
K. pseudodistans Cook 1986H98
K. pulchra Lundblad 1937V77
K. purpurea Smit 1992H98
K. rodosa Cook 1986H98
K. rutala Cook 1986H98
K. schubarti Viets 1977V77
K. sorpresa Cook 1986H98
K. spinipesPW01
K. timmsi Viets 1977H98
K. verrucosa Lundblad 1947H98
K. voloma Cook 1986H98

*Type species of generic name indicated


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