Leuconostoc mesenteroides, copyright Fred Breidt.

Belongs within: Bacilli.
Contains: Streptococcus, Lactobacillus.

The Lactobacillales are a group of acid-tolerant, low-G+C bacteria, commonly found in decomposing plants and milk products, that obtain energy through the fermentation of carbohydrates to produce lactic acid.

    |  i. s.: Aerococcaceae GH01
    |           |–Aerococcus GH01
    |           |–Abiotrophia GH01
    |           |–Dolosicoccus GH01
    |           |–Eremococcus GH01
    |           |–Facklamia GH01
    |           |–Globicatella GH01
    |           `–Ignavigranum GH01
    |–+–Streptococcaceae GH01
    |  |    |–Streptococcus PHK96
    |  |    `–Lactococcus lactis GH01, PHK96 [=Streptococcus lactis PHK96]
    |  |         |–L. l. ssp. lactis BD03
    |  |         |–L. l. ssp. cremoris BD03
    |  |         `–L. l. ssp. diacetilactis PHK96
    |  `–Enterococcaceae GH01
    |       |–Melissococcus GH01
    |       |–Tetragenococcus GH01
    |       |–Vagococcus salmoninarum GH01, MP95
    |       `–Enterococcus PHK96
    |            |–E. faecalis GV03
    |            |–E. faecium ALS95
    |            |–E. hirae PF99
    |            `–E. villorum Vancanneyt et al. 2001 JC08
    `–+–Carnobacteriaceae GH01
       |    |–Carnobacterium piscicola PHK96
       |    |–Agitococcus GH01
       |    |–Alloiococcus GH01
       |    |–Desemzia GH01
       |    |–Dolosigranulum GH01
       |    |–Lactosphaera GH01
       |    `–Trichococcus GH01
       `–+–Lactobacillaceae GH01
          |    |–Lactobacillus PHK96
          |    `–Pediococcus GH01
          |         |–P. cerevisiae PHK96
          |         `–P. pentosetaceus PHK96
          `–Leuconostocaceae GH01
               |–Oenococcus GH01
               |–Weissella GH01
               `–Leuconostoc PHK96
                    |  i. s.: L. cremoris PHK96
                    |         L. gasicomitatum Björkroth et al. 2001 JC08
                    |–+–L. mesenteroides PHK96
                    |  `–L. oenos PHK96
                    `–+–L. paramesenteroides PHK96
                       `–‘Lactobacillus’ viridescens PHK96

*Type species of generic name indicated


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