Dorsum of Laelaspis myrmicae, from Hirschmann et al. (1969).

Belongs within: Laelapidae.

Laelaspis is a genus of laelapid mites found in ant nests, characterised by long, whip-like or serrated setae (Evans & Till 1979).

Characters (from Evans & Till 1979): Apotele with two tines; setae of holodorsal shield long, whip-like or marginal setae serrated; opisthogenital shield markedly inflated posterior to coxae IV, abutting anal shield and flanked by linear metapodal shields.

<==Laelaspis Berlese 1904FH93
|--*L. astronomicus (Koch 1839)ET79 [=Iphis astronomicusET79, Laelaps (Laelaspis) astronomicusS22]
|--L. aequitans (Michael 1891) [=Laelaps aequitans]FH93
|--L. bakeri Hunter & Davis 1962FH93
|--L. brevichelis Hunter 1964FH93
|--L. brevipilis Hunter 1961FH93
|--L. dubitata Hunter 1964FH93
|--L. heselhausi (Oudemans 1912) [=Hypoaspis heselhausi]FH93
|--L. humeratus Berl. 1903S61
|--L. longipilis Hunter 1964FH93
|--L. lundi Hunter 1961FH93
|--L. mandibularis (Ewing 1909) [=Laelaps mandibularis; incl. Hypoaspis (Laelaspis) johnieae Hunter & Glover 1968]FH93
|--L. moseri (Hunter & Glover 1968) [=Hypoaspis (Laelaspis) moseri]FH93
|--L. mumai (Hunter & Glover 1968) [=Hypoaspis (Laelaspis) mumai]FH93
|--L. myrmicae (Greim 1952) [=Hypoaspis (Laelaspis) myrmicae]HB69
|--L. pauli (Hunter & Davis 1962) [=Hypoaspis (Laelaspis) pauli]FH93
|--L. picketti (Hunter & Glover 1968) [=Hypoaspis (Laelaspis) picketti]FH93
|--L. piloscutuli Hunter 1961FH93
|--L. regalis Berlese 1920FH93
`--L. variopilus (Greim 1952) [=Hypoaspis (Laelaspis) variopilus]HB69

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[FH93] Farrier, M. H., & M. K. Hennessey. 1993. Soil-inhabiting and free-living Mesostigmata (Acari-Parasitiformes) from North America: an annotated checklist with bibliography and index. North Carolina Agricultural Research Service, North Carolina State University, Technical Bulletin 302: i–xvi, 1–408.

[HB69] Hirschmann, W., F. Bernhard, E. Greim & H. Götz. 1969. Gangsystematik der Parasitiformes. Teil 75. Zwanzig neue Hypoaspis-Arten. Acarologie: Schriftenreihe für Vergleichende Milbenkunde 12: 133–141.

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