Laemophloeus sp., copyright Robert Webster.

Belongs within: Cucujoidea.

The Laemophloeidae are a group of elongate-bodied beetles that mostly feed on moulds and other fungi. They may be recognised by the presence of a pair of longitudinal, submarginal carinae on the pronotum. The species Laemophloeus ferrugineus is a cosmopolitan stored food pest (Britton 1970).

Characters (from Lawrence & Britton 1991): Elongate, parallel-sided, usually flattened, glabrous or pubescent; head large, prognathous, with prominent mandibles; antenna eleven-segmented, club (if present) never very large or abrupt, scape may be modified in male; pronotum bearing pair of longitudinal, submarginal carinae; fore coxae globular, trochantins concealed, fore coxal cavities externally open or closed, internally closed; elytra often carinate; mid coxal cavities widely separated, laterally open; tarsal formula 5-5-5 or 5-5-4; abdomen with five ventrites, none connate. Larvae narrowly elongate, parallel sided, flattened and lightly sclerotised, except for head, 8th segment and T9. Head flattened, with moderately long antennae, paired dorsal endocarinae and long, parallel hypostomal rods; mandible with several hyaline processes near base of mesal edge; mala blunt; T9 forming articulated plate, S9 and segment 10 reduced and concealed within emargination in S8.

|--Placonotus Macleay 1871RS15, T02 [incl. Silvanophloeus Sharp 1899T02]
| |--P. modestusT02
| `--P. zimmermaniRS15
| `--Lathropus Erichson 1846RS15, T02
| |--L. pictusT02
| `--L. vernalisRS15
| |--SlipinskogeniaB14
| `--PropalticusMW15
| |--P. doddiB74
| |--P. oculatus Sharp 1879B14
| `--P. simplexLB91
`--+--+--Rhabdophloeus Sharp 1899RS15, T02
| | `--R. horniT02
| `--Cryptolestes Ganglbauer 1899RS15, T02 (see below for synonymy)T02
| |--C. curusT02
| |--C. ferrugineusLB91
| `--C. puctatusT02
`--Laemophloeus Dejean 1836RS15, T02
|--L. amabilisLB91
|--L. australasiae Blackb. 1892M96
|--L. biguttatusRS15
|--L. castaneipennisG89b
|--L. difficilis Blackb. 1888M96
|--‘Laemophlaeus’ elongatus Lucas 1846E12
|--L. ferrugineusB70
|--L. lindi Blackb. 1888M96
|--L. mathani Grouvelle 1889G89a
|--L. megacephalusT02
|--L. misellus Grouvelle 1889G89a
|--L. mixtus Grouvelle 1889G89a
|--L. modestus Say 1825 [incl. L. singularis]FS90
|--L. monilis [=Cucujus monilis]LC40
|--‘Laemophlaeus’ nigricollis Lucas 1846E12
|--L. obliquefasciatusG89b
|--L. pallentipennis Grouv. 1876FS90
|--L. pusillus Schönh. 1817FS90 (see below for synonymy)
|--‘Laemophlaeus’ rufipes Lucas 1846E12
`--‘Laemophlaeus’ suberis Lucas 1846E12

Laemophloeidae incertae sedis:
Parandrita LeConte & Horn 1880T02
Dysmerus Casey 1884 [incl. Brontophloeus Kessel 1921]T02
`--D. basalisT02
Charaphloeus Casey 1916T02
`--C. bituberculatusT02
Deinophloeus Sharp 1899T02
`--D. impressifronsT02
Narthecius LeConte 1861 [incl. Paraphloeus Sharp 1899 non Seidlitz 1894]T02
`--N. grandicepsT02
Leptophloeus Casey 1916 [incl. Truncatophloeus Kessel 1921]T02
|--L. angustulusT02
`--L. clematidis (Erichson 1846)B14
Metaxyphloeus Thomas 1984T02
|--M. signatusB14
`--M. texanus (Schaeffer 1904)B14
Phloeolaemus Casey 1916T02
|--P. chamaeropisT02
`--P. quinquearticulatusT02

Cryptolestes Ganglbauer 1899RS15, T02 [incl. Fractophloeus Kessel 1921T02, Leptus Thomson 1863 nec Latreille 1796 nec Duftschmidt 1823T02]

Laemophloeus pusillus Schönh. 1817FS90 [=Cucujus pusillusM96; incl. La. crassicornis Waltl. 1838FS90, La. exilisFS90, La. homocerasFS90, La. minutusFS90, La. puberulus Lec. 1854FS90, Cucujus testaceusM96, Lemophlaeus testaceusM96]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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