Lagria hirta, copyright Hectonichus.

Belongs within: Lagriinae.

The Lagriina are a group of lagriine beetles in which the lobes of the hypomeron meet behind the procoxae. The genus Acerogria, found in northern Queensland, possesses a smooth, impunctate pronotum with an uneven surface, and dorsoventrally flattened femora and tibiae (Matthews & Bouchard 2008).

|--Acerogria Borchmann 1936 [incl. Birolagria Pic 1956]MB08
| |--*A. dohrni (Borchmann 1911) [=Cerogria dohrni]MB08
| `--A. oriunda (Borchmann 1924) [=Cerogria oriunda; incl. *Birolagria cicatricosa Pic 1956]MB08
|--Metriolagria Merkl 1987MB08
| |--*M. affinis (Boisduval 1835) [=Lagria affinis; incl. L. decipiens Lea 1917]MB08
| `--M. formicicola (Lea 1895) [=Lagria formicicola]MB08
|--Xenolagria Merkl 1987MB08
| |--*X. tincta (Blackburn 1889) [=Lagria tincta]MB08
| `--X. garnetana (Borchmann 1936) [=Lagria garnetana]MB08
|--Stenolagria Merkl 1987MB08
| |--*S. matthewsi Merkl 1987MB08
| `--S. leai (Borchmann 1936) [=Lagria leai, L. tenuicollis Lea 1917 (preoc.)]MB08
|--Ecnolagria Borchmann 1915MB08
| |--*E. grandis (Gyllenhal 1817)MB08 [=Lagria grandisMB08; incl. L. ruficollisMas86]
| |--E. aeneoviolacea (Champion 1895) [=Lagria aeneoviolacea]MB08
| |--E. aurofasciata (Borchmann 1915) [=Lagria aurofasciata]MB08
| |--E. monteithi Merkl 1987MB08
| |--E. rufescens (Boisduval 1835) [=Lagria rufescens; incl. E. serripes Borchmann 1915]MB08
| |--E. schneiderae Merkl 1987MB08
| |--E. similis Merkl 1987MB08
| `--E. tomentosa (Fabricius 1775) [=Lagria tomentosa; incl. L. pulchrivaria Lea 1917]MB08
`--Lagria Fabricius 1775 [=Lachna Billberg 1820]MB08
|--*L. hirta (Linnaeus 1758) [=Chrysomela hirta, *Lachna hirta]MB08
|--L. albovillosa Macleay 1887 [incl. L. suturalis Borchmann 1911]MB08
|--L. australis Champion 1895MB08
|--L. azureipennis Macleay 1886Mac86
|--L. castaneaB35
|--L. cyanea Macleay 1872 [incl. L. erythroptera Lea 1917, L. purpureipennis Macleay 1887]MB08
|--L. gressitti Merkl 1988MB08
|--L. laticollisC01
|--L. longicollis Dupont in BoisduvalB35
|--L. palliata Macleay 1886Mac86
|--L. plumbeipennis Merkl 1987MB08
|--L. pubescensB35
|--L. pulchellaMac86
|--L. queenslandica Borchmann 1915MB08
|--L. ruficeps Macleay 1887MB08
`--L. tenera Merkl 1987MB08

*Type species of generic name indicated


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