Andrenosoma fulvicaudum, copyright Tom Murray.

Belongs within: Asilidae.
Contains: Atomosini.

The Laphriinae are a group of robber flies lacking a conspicuous stylus on the antenna (Wood 1981). Members of the genus Laphria are particularly large, hairy robber flies that mimic bees in appearance. The Andrenosomatini are characterised by a dorsoventrally strongly flattened proboscis and flat, lamellate palpi, and females bear a cylindrical anal tube formed from the cerci (Fisher 2009).

Characters (from Wood 1981): Antenna blunt apically, without stylus, or with one or two abruptly tapered short microsegments. Palpus two-segmented. Wing with R2+3 joining R1 proximal to end of R1, with cell r thus separated from wing margin; crossvein m-cu present; thus apex of cell bm closed by three veins. Male terminalia rotated 180° permanently.

<==Laphriinae F09
    |  i. s.: Smeryngolaphria [Dasytrichini] F09
    |           `–S. numitor F09
    |–+–Atomosini BT04
    |  `–Laphriini [Dasylechiini] BT04
    |       |–Maira BT04
    |       |–Dasylechia W81
    |       |–Orthogonis stygia W81
    |       |–Ichneumolaphria fascipennis F09
    |       |–*Phellopteron farri F09
    |       |–Rhopalogaster F09
    |       |    |–R. araujoi F09
    |       |    `–R. micronyx F09
    |       |–Lampria F09
    |       |    |–L. aurifex F09
    |       |    |–L. clavipes F09
    |       |    `–L. rubriventris W81
    |       `–Laphria BT04
    |            |–L. bomboides Macquart 1847 E12
    |            |–L. coerulea Meigen in Boisduval 1835 B35
    |            |–L. colorata Boisduval 1835 B35
    |            |–L. flava G20
    |            |–L. gilva K01
    |            |–L. hirta C91
    |            |–L. sadales W81
    |            `–L. thoracica CW09
    `–Andrenosomatini F09
         |–Cerotainiops F09
         |–Exodasyllis F09
         |–Neophoneus [Neophoneini] F09
         |    `–N. amandus F09
         |–Pilica F09
         |    |–*P. formidolosa F09
         |    `–P. erythrogaster F09
         |–Dasandra F09
         |    |–*D. ayalai F09
         |    |–D. hespenheidei F09
         |    `–D. zanutoi F09
         |–Dasyllis F09
         |    |–D. corallia F09
         |    |–D. funebris F09
         |    |–D. haemorrhoa F09
         |    `–D. phoenicogaster F09
         |–Eurycheilis F09
         |    |–E. bromleyi F09
         |    |–E. collini F09
         |    |–E. eufriesiae F09
         |    `–E. nigra F09
         `–Andrenosoma BT04
              |–*A. (Andrenosoma) atrum F09
              |–A. cinereum F09
              |–A. fulvicaudum F09
              |–A. (Pogonosoma) ridingsi W81
              |–A. sarcophagum F09
              `–A. xanthocnemum F09

*Type species of generic name indicated


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