Pipiograptus hesperus, from Bulman (1970).

Belongs within: Axonophora.

The Archiretiolitinae are a group of ‘retiolitid’ graptolites from the Upper Ordovician in which the initial part of the colony remains sclerotised, with the distal arms net-like.

<==Lasiograptidae [Archiretiolitinae, Lasiograptinae]
    |--Hallograptus Lapworth 1876M14
    |    |--*H. bimucronatus (Nicholson 1869) [=Diplograpsus bimucronatus; incl. Graptolithus whitfieldi]B70
    |    |--H. inutilis (Hall 1865)R93
    |    `--H. mucronatusB70
    |         |--H. m. mucronatusB70
    |         `--H. m. nobilisB70
    `--+--Archiretiolites Eisenack 1935M14, B70
       |    `--*A. regimontanus Eisenack 1935B70
       `--Lasiograptus Lapworth 1873M14, B70 [incl. Thysanograptus Elles & Wood 1908B70]
            |--*L. costatus Lapworth 1873B70
            |--L. eucharis [=Retiograptus eucharis]B70
            `--L. harknessi (Nicholson 1867) [=Diplograptus harknessi, *Thysanograptus harknessi]B70

Lasiograptidae incertae sedis:
  Neurograptus Elles & Wood 1908B70
    `--*N. margaritatus (Lapworth 1876) [=Lasiograptus margaritatus]B70
  Nymphograptus Elles & Wood 1908M14
    `--*N. velatus Elles & Wood 1908B70
  Orthoretiolites Whittington 1954B70
    `--*O. hami Whittington 1954B70
  Phormograptus Whittington 1955B70
    `--*P. sooneri Whittington 1955B70
  Pipiograptus Whittington 1955B70
    `--*P. hesperus Whittington 1955B70
  Plegmatograptus Elles & Wood 1908B70
    `--*P. nebula Elles & Wood 1908B70
         |--P. n. nebulaF71
         `--P. n. caudatus (Hall 1902) [=Retiolites caudatus]F71
  Arachniograptus Ross & Berry 1963M14
    `--*A. laqueus Ross & Berry 1963B70
  Brevigraptus Mitchell 1988M14
  Paraplegmatograptus Mu & Lin 1984M14
  Sunigraptus Mu in Mu et al. 1993M14
  Tysanograptus Elles & Wood 1908M14
  Yangzigraptus Mu in Yang et al. 1983M14
  Yinograptus Mu in Mu & Chen 1962M14

*Type species of generic name indicated


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