Corticaria japonica, copyright Kohichiro Yoshida.

Belongs within: Coccinelloidea.

The Latridiidae are a group of minute beetles that feeds as adults and larvae on fungal spores, and are commonly found associated with dead vegetation or leaf litter (Lawrence & Britton 1991). A number of species are commonly found in food stores and have become widely dispersed worldwide.

Characters (from Lawrence & Britton 1991, as Lathridiidae): Minute; clypeus laterally expanded in front of antennal insertions; antenna ten- or eleven-segmented, with two- or three-segmented club, antennal scape usually large and more or less globular; pronotum usually much narrower than elytral bases; fore coxae projecting, trochantins concealed, fore coxal cavities internally and externally closed; elytral punctures more or less seriate; mid coxal cavities contiguous or narrowly separated, laterally closed; tarsi trimerous; abdomen with five or six ventrites, none connate. Larvae elongate, tapered posteriorly, lightly sclerotised except for head, with vestiture of long, fine setae or occasionally shorter, frayed setae; antennae relatively long; mandibles often partly membranous; mala obtuse.

<==Latridiidae B14
    |–Latridiinae B14
    |    |–Dienerella B14
    |    |    |–D. (Dienerella) filum (Aubé 1850) B14
    |    |    `–D. ruficollis [=Microgramme ruficollis] M83
    |    `–Lathridius LB91
    |         |–L. minutus LB91
    |         |–L. nodifer B70
    |         |–L. serratus [=Colydium (Latridius) serratum] G20
    |         `–L. transversus C01
    `–Corticariinae B14
         |–Cortinicara hirtalis LB91
         `–Corticaria B14
              |–C. elongata LB91
              |–C. fenestralis M83
              |–C. ferruginea LB91
              |–C. gibbosa C01
              |–C. japonica LB91
              |–C. pubescens C01
              |–C. serrata (Paykull 1798) B14
              `–C. transversalis C01

Latridiidae incertae sedis:
  Bicava E02
  Aridius LB91
    |–A. australicus LB91
    |–A. bifasciatus LB91
    `–A. nodifer LB91
  Melanophthalma B70
    |–M. australis B70
    |–M. distinguenda [=Latridius distinguendus] G89
    |–M. splendens M83
    `–M. zelandica M83
  Enicmus minutus B70
  Lithostygnus MC13
  Cartodere constricta LB91
  Adistemia watsoni LB91
  Eufallia MW15
  Coluocera maderae Wollaston 1854 W08
  Coninomus constrictus B70
  Succinimontia infleta RJ93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 30 November 2020.

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