Laudonocrinus sp., from the Pennsylvanian Atlas of Marine Life.

Belongs within: Dendrocrinida.

The Laudonocrinidae are a group of crinoids known from the middle Carboniferous to the lower Permian (Moore et al. 1978).

Characters (from Moore et al. 1978): Cup bowl-shaped, with flat or faintly convex base and subvertical sides near rim arm facets peneplenary, interradial notches seen in dorsal and ventral view; two or three anals in cup; anal sac mushroom-like with horizontal girdling spines at summit; arms endotomous.

    |–Anchicrinus Strimple & Watkins 1969 ML78
    |    `–*A. toddi Strimple & Watkins 1969 ML78
    |–Paianocrinus Strimple 1951 ML78
    |    `–*P. durus Strimple 1951 ML78
    |–Athlocrinus Moore & Plummer 1940 ML78
    |    |–*A. placidus Moore & Plummer 1940 ML78
    |    `–A. clypeiformis ML78
    |–Bathronocrinus Strimple 1962 [incl. Hypermorphocrinus Arendt 1968] ML78
    |    |–*B. turioformis Strimple 1962 ML78
    |    `–B. magnospinosus (Arendt 1968) [=*Hypermorphocrinus magnospinosus] ML78
    |–Schistocrinus Moore & Plummer 1940 ML78
    |    |–*S. torquatus Moore & Plummer 1940 ML78
    |    `–S. parvus ML78
    `–Laudonocrinus Moore & Plummer 1940 [incl. Appalachiacrinus Burke 1974] ML78
         |–*L. subsinuatus (Miller & Gurley 1894) [=Hydreionocrinus subsinuatus] ML78
         |–L. catillus ML78
         `–‘*Appalachiacrinus’ erwini Burke 1974 ML78

*Type species of generic name indicated


[ML78] Moore, R. C., N. G. Lane, H. L. Strimple, J. Sprinkle & R. O. Fay. 1978. Inadunata. In: Moore, R. C., & C. Teichert (eds) Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology pt T. Echinodermata 2. Crinoidea vol. 2 pp. T520–T759. The Geological Society of America, Inc.: Boulder (Colorado), and The University of Kansas: Lawrence (Kansas).

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