Reconstruction of Leanchoilia, copyright Marianne Collins.

Belongs within: Arthropoda.

The Leanchoiliida are a group of Cambrian ‘great-appendage’ arthropods that bore elongate flagella on the podomeres of the great appendage.

Synapomorphies (from Cotton & Braddy 2004): Head with four segments; distal spines on terminal podomeres of endopods of second segment appendages longer than entire podomere series, terminating in annulate flagellae.

<==Leanchoiliida [Alalcomenaeidea, Leanchoiliidacea, Leanchoiliidea]
    |--Alalcomenaeus Simonetta 1970LSE13, CB04 [Alalcomenaeida]
    |    |--A. cambricus Simonetta 1970CB04
    |    `--A. illecebrosus (Hou 1987)CB04
    `--+--Actaeus Simonetta 1970LSE13, CB04 [Actaeida]
          `--Leanchoilia Walcott 1912CB04, B95
               |  i. s.: L. hanceyiCB04
               |--L. persephoneLSE13
               `--+--L. illecebrosaLSE13
                  `--L. superlata Walcott 1912LSE13, CB04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[CB04] Cotton, T. J., & S. J. Braddy. 2004. The phylogeny of arachnomorph arthropods and the origin of the Chelicerata. Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Earth Sciences 94: 169–193.

[LSE13] Legg, D. A., M. D. Sutton & G. D. Edgecombe. 2013. Arthropod fossil data increase congruence of morphological and molecular phylogenies. Nature Communications 4: 2485.

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