Leiodes ferrugineus, from UK Beetle Recording.

Belongs within: Leiodinae.

The Leiodini are a group of round fungus beetles characterised by a 5-5-4 tarsal formula (Peck 2001).

Characters (from Peck 2001): Head without occipital carina; labrum more or less deeply emarginate apically; cervical sclerites present; prosternum in front of coxae much shorter than coxal width; hind coxae contiguous; tarsal formula 5-5-4.

|--Anogdus LeConte 1866 [incl. Neocyrtusa Brown 1937]P01
|--Liocyrtusa Daffner 1982P01
|--Ecarinosphaerula Hatch 1929P90
| `--E. ecarina Hatch 1929P01
|--Lionothus Brown 1937 [incl. Pseudocyrtusa Portevin 1942]P01
| `--L. ulkeiP90
|--Zeadolopus Broun 1903 [incl. Apheloplastus Brown 1937]P01
| `--Z. egenus [=Apheloplastus egenus]P90
|--Isoplastus Horn 1880P90
| `--I. fossor Horn 1880P01
|--Leiodes Latreille 1796P01 (see below for synonymy)
| |--L. assimilisP01
| |--L. ferrugineusG20 [=Anisotoma ferrugineaL02, Diaperis (Leiodes) ferrugineaG20]
| `--L. paludicolaLC20
`--Cyrtusa Erichson 1842 [incl. Caenocyrta Brown 1937]P01
|--C. luggeriP90
`--‘Caenocyrta’ picipennisP90

Leiodes Latreille 1796 [=Liodes Erichson 1845 non Heyden 1826; incl. Eremosphaerula Hlisnikovsky 1967, Oosphaerula Ganglbauer 1896, Oreosphaerula Ganglbauer 1899, Parahydnobius Fleischer 1908, Pseudohydnobius Ganglbauer 1899, Pteromerula Fleischer 1905, Trichosphaerula Fleischer 1905]P01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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