Leioproctus fulvescens, copyright Jacob Littlejohn.

Belongs within: Colletidae.

Leioproctus is a diverse, albeit somewhat poorly defined, genus of bees found in Australasia and South America (Houston 2018).

Characters (from Houston 2018): Fore wing with two or three submarginal cells; stigma well developed, tapering apically to marginal vell well within marginal cell; facial foveae often absent (if present, broad and not or only slightly to moderately impressed); mandible usually long, slender, with two apical teeth, posterior tooth much the largest and longest; labrum usually at least twice as wide as long, typically with basal area elevated and with one or more transverse carinae; propodeum usually with sloping, subhorizontal basal zone.

Leioproctus Smith 1853M65
|--L. (Leioproctus) [incl. Dasycolletes Smith 1853, Heterocolletes Rayment 1935]M65
| |--*L. (L.) imitatus Smith 1853M65
| |--L. (L.) abnormis (Cockerell 1916)M65 [=Paracolletes abnormisM65, Lysicolletes abnormisR35]
| |--L. (L.) advena (Smith 1862)M65 [=Andrena advenaM65, Paracolletes advenaR35]
| |--L. (L.) alienus (Smith 1853) [=Andrena aliena]M65
| |--L. (L.) alleynae (Rayment 1935) [=Paracolletes alleynae]M65
| |--L. (L.) amabilis (Smith 1879) (see below for synonymy)M65
| |--L. (L.) apicalis (Cockerell 1921) [=Paracolletes apicalis]M65
| |--L. (L.) atronitens (Cockerell 1914) [=Paracolletes atronitens]M65
| |--L. (L.) bacchalis (Cockerell 1914)M65 [=Paracolletes providellus bacchalisM65, R35]
| |--L. (L.) bicolor (Smith 1879) [=Lamprocolletes bicolor]M65
| |--L. (L.) bicristatus (Cockerel 1929) [=Paracolletes bicristatus]M65
| |--L. (L.) boltoni (Cockerell 1904) [=Paracolletes boltoni]M65
| |--L. (L.) boroniae (Cockerell 1921) [=Paracolletes boroniae]M65
| |--L. (L.) ‘caerulescens’ (Cockerell 1929) [=Paracolletes caerulescens non Pasiphae caerulescens Spinola 1851]M65
| |--L. (L.) canutus Houston 1990H90
| |--L. (L.) capillatus (Rayment 1935) [=Paracolletes (*Heterocolletes) capillatus]M65
| |--L. (L.) capito Houston 1990H90
| |--L. (L.) carinatulus (Cockerell 1905) [=Paracolletes carinatulus]M65
| |--L. (L.) carinatus (Smith 1853) [=Lamprocolletes carinatus]M65
| |--L. (L.) castaneipes (Cockerell 1914) [=Paracolletes castaneipes]M65
| |--‘Dasycolletes’ chalceus Friese 1924M65
| |--L. (L.) chalcurus (Cockerell 1921) [=Paracolletes chalcurus]M65
| |--L. (L.) cinereus (Smith 1853) [=Lamprocolletes cinereus]M65
| |--L. (L.) clarki (Cockerell 1929) [=Paracolletes clarki]M65
| |--L. (L.) concavus Houston 1990H90
| |--L. (L.) confusus (Cockerell 1904) [=Paracolletes confusus]M65
| |--L. (L.) conospermiH18
| |--‘Dasycolletes’ crassipes Friese 1924M65
| |--L. (L.) cupreus (Smith 1853) [=Lamprocolletes cupreus]M65
| |--L. (L.) cyaneorufus (Cockerell 1930) [=Paracolletes cyaneorufus]M65
| |--L. (L.) cyanurus (Cockerell 1914) [=Paracolletes cyanurus]M65
| |--L. (L.) eremites Houston 1990H90
| |--L. (L.) eremitulus Houston 1990H90
| |--L. (L.) eucalypti (Cockerell 1916) [=Paracolletes eucalypti]M65
| |--L. (L.) euphenax (Cockerell 1913) [=Paracolletes euphenax]M65
| |--L. (L.) facialis (Cockerell 1921) [=Paracolletes facialis]M65
| |--L. (L.) festivus (Cockerell 1929) [=Paracolletes festivus]M65
| |--L. (L.) frankiellus Michener 1965 [=Paracolletes franki Cockerell 1929 non Biocolletes franki Friese 1908]M65
| |--L. (L.) frenchi (Cockerell 1929) [=Paracolletes frenchi]M65
| |--L. (L.) friesellus Michener 1965 (see below for synonymy)M65
| |--L. (L.) hackeri (Cockerell 1918) [=Paracolletes hackeri]M65
| |--L. (L.) hardyi (Cockerell 1929) [=Paracolletes hardyi]M65
| |--L. (L.) helmsi (Cockerell 1929) [=Paracolletes helmsi]M65
| |--L. (L.) hobartensis (Cockerell 1906) [=Paracolletes hobartensis]M65
| |--L. (L.) hudsoni (Cockerell 1925) [=Paracolletes hudsoni]M65
| |--L. (L.) humerosus (Smith 1879) [=Dasycolletes humerosus]M65
| |--L. (L.) ibex (Cockerell 1914) [=Paracolletes ibex]M65
| |--L. (L.) illawarraensis (Rayment 1954) [=Paracolletes illawarraensis]M65
| |--L. (L.) incomptus (Cockerell 1921) [=Paracolletes incomptus]M65
| |--L. (L.) insularis (Cockerell 1913)M65 [=Paracolletes tuberculatus insularisM65, R35]
| |--L. (L.) irroratus (Smith 1853) [=Lamprocolletes irroratus]M65
| |--L. (L.) kumarina Houston 1990H90
| |--L. (L.) lanceolatus Houston 1990H90
| |--L. (L.) lanhami Michener 1965M65
| |--L. (L.) launcestonensis (Cockerell 1914) [=Paracolletes launcestonensis]M65
| |--L. (L.) longipalpus Houston 1990H90
| |--L. (L.) lucanus Houston 1990H90
| |--L. (L.) lucidicinctus Houston 1990H90
| |--L. (L.) macmillani Houston 1991H18, H91
| |--L. (L.) maculatus (Rayment 1930) [=Paracolletes maculatus]M65
| |--L. (L.) maorium (Cockerell 1913) [=Paracolletes maorium]M65
| |--L. (L.) maritimus (Cockerell 1936) [=Paracolletes maritimus]M65
| |--L. (L.) megachalcoides Michener 1965M65
| |--L. (L.) melanoproctus Michener 1965 (see below for synonymy)M65
| |--L. (L.) melbournensis (Cockerell 1910) [=Paracolletes melbournensis]M65
| |--L. (L.) metallescens (Cockerell 1914) [=Paracolletes metallescens]M65
| |--L. (L.) metallicus (Smith 1853) [=*Dasycolletes metallicus]M65
| |--L. (L.) mimulus (Cockerell 1910) [=Paracolletes mimulus]M65
| |--L. (L.) minor (Friese 1924) [=Lamprocolletes minor]M65
| |--L. (L.) moniliformis (Cockerell 1916) [=Paracolletes moniliformis]M65
| |--L. (L.) nanus (Smith 1879) [=Lamprocolletes nanus]M65
| |--L. (L.) nasutus Houston 1990H90
| |--L. (L.) nicholsoni (Cockerell 1929) [=Paracolletes nicholsoni]M65
| |--L. (L.) nigritulus (Cockerell 1916) [=Paracolletes nigritulus]M65
| |--L. (L.) nigriventris (Friese 1924) [=Lamprocolletes nigriventris]M65
| |--L. (L.) nigroclypeatus (Cockerell 1910) [=Paracolletes nigroclypeatus]M65
| |--L. (L.) nigrofulvus (Cockerell 1914) [=Paracolletes nigrofulvus]M65
| |--L. (L.) nigropurpureus (Rayment 1935) [=Paracolletes nigropurpureus]M65
| |--L. (L.) nitidulus (Cockerell 1916) [=Paracolletes nitidulus]M65
| |--L. (L.) nomadiformis (Cockerell 1921) [=Paracolletes nomadiformis]M65
| |--L. (L.) obscuripennis (Cockerell 1905) [=Paracolletes obscuripennis]M65
| |--L. (L.) obscurus (Smith 1853) [=Lamprocolletes obscurus]M65
| |--L. (L.) opaculus (Cockerell 1929) [=Paracolletes opaculus]M65
| |--L. (L.) ornatissimus (Cockerell 1916) [=Paracolletes ornatissimus]M65
| |--L. (L.) pallidicinctus (Rayment 1953) [=Paracolletes pallidicinctus]M65
| |--L. (L.) pappusH18
| |--L. (L.) papuanus Michener 1965 [=Nomia chalybaea Friese 1909 non Biglossa chalybaea Friese 1906]M65
| |--L. (L.) pavonellus (Cockerell 1929) [=Paracolletes pavonellus]M65
| |--L. (L.) phillipensis (Rayment 1953) [=Paracolletes phillipensis]M65
| |--L. (L.) philonesus (Cockerell 1929) [=Paracolletes philonesus]M65
| |--L. (L.) platycephalus (Cockerell 1912) [=Paracolletes platycephalus]M65
| |--L. (L.) plebeius (Cockerell 1921) [=Paracolletes plebeius]M65
| |--L. (L.) plumosellus (Cockerell 1905) [=Paracolletes plumosellus]M65
| |--L. (L.) plumosus (Smith 1853)M65 [=Lamprocolletes plumosusM65, Paracolletes plumosusR35]
| |--L. (L.) providellus (Cockerell 1905) [=Paracolletes providellus]M65
| |--L. (L.) providus (Smith 1879) [=Lamprocolletes providus]M65
| |--L. (L.) punctatus (Smith 1853) [=Lamprocolletes punctatus]M65
| |--L. (L.) punctiventris (Cockerell 1929) [=Paracolletes punctiventris]M65
| |--L. (L.) purpureus (Smith 1853) [=Dasycolletes purpureus]M65
| |--L. (L.) recusus (Cockerell 1921) [=Paracolletes recusus]M65
| |--L. (L.) regalis (Cockerell 1921) [=Paracolletes regalis]M65
| |--L. (L.) rhodopus (Cockerell 1914) [=Paracolletes rhodopus]M65
| |--L. (L.) roseoviridis (Cockerell 1905) [=Paracolletes roseoviridis]M65
| |--L. (L.) rubellus (Smith 1862) [=Dasycolletes rubellus]M65
| |--L. (L.) rudis (Cockerell 1906) [=Paracolletes rudis]M65
| |--L. (L.) ruficornis (Smith 1879) [=Lamprocolletes ruficornis, Goniocolletes ruficornis]M65
| |--L. (L.) rufipes (Cockerell 1929) [=Paracolletes rufipes]M65
| |--L. (L.) rufoaeneus (Friese 1924) [=Dasycolletes rufoaeneus]M65
| |--L. (L.) scitulus (Cockerell 1921) [=Paracolletes scitulus]M65
| |--L. (L.) semilautus (Cockerell 1905) [=Paracolletes semilautus]M65
| |--L. (L.) semilucens (Cockerell 1929) [=Paracolletes semilucens]M65
| |--L. (L.) semipurpureus (Cockerell 1905) [=Paracolletes semipurpureus]M65
| |--L. (L.) semiviridis (Cockerell 1930) [=Paracolletes semiviridis]M65
| |--L. (L.) sexmaculatus (Cockerell 1914) [=Paracolletes sexmaculatus]M65
| |--L. (L.) sigillatus (Cockerell 1914) [=Paracolletes sigillatus]M65
| |--L. (L.) simulator Michener 1965 [=Paracolletes simillimus Cockerell 1916 non Euryglossa simillimus Smith 1879]M65
| |--L. (L.) spatulatus (Cockerell 1905) [=Paracolletes spatulatus]M65
| |--L. (L.) stewarti (Rayment 1947) [=Paracolletes stewarti]M65
| |--L. (L.) subminutus (Rayment 1934) [=Paracolletes subminutus]M65
| |--L. (L.) subpunctatus (Rayment 1935) [=Paracolletes subpunctatus]M65
| |--L. (L.) subviridis (Cockerell 1915) [=Paracolletes subviridis]M65
| |--L. (L.) thornleighensis (Cockerell 1906) [=Paracolletes thornleighensis]M65
| |--L. (L.) truncatulus (Cockerell 1913) [=Paracolletes truncatulus]M65
| |--L. (L.) unguidentatus Michener 1965M65
| |--L. (L.) versicolor (Smith 1853) [=Lamprocolletes versicolor]M65
| |--L. (L.) vestitus (Smith 1876) [=Paracolletes vestitus]M65
| |--L. (L.) viridibasis (Cockerell 1936) [=Paracolletes viridibasis]M65
| |--L. (L.) viridicinctus (Cockerell 1905) [=Paracolletes viridicinctus]M65
| `--L. (L.) worsfoldi (Cockerell 1906) [=Paracolletes worsfoldi]M65
|--L. (Aeganopria Moure 1949)M65
| `--L. (A.) nivosus (Vachal 1909)M65
|--L. (Alokocolletes) excubitor Houston 1991H18, H91
|--L. (Anacolletes Michener 1965)M65
| |--L. (*A.) bimaculatus (Smith 1879) [=Lamprocolletes bimaculatus]M65
| |--L. (A.) callurus (Cockerell 1914) [=Paracolletes callurus]M65
| |--L. (A.) nigrior (Cockerell 1929) [=Paracolletes nigrior]M65
| `--L. (A.) pachyodontus (Cockerell 1915) [=Paracolletes pachyodontus]M65
|--L. (Andrenopsis Cockerell 1905)M65
| |--L. (*A.) flavorufus (Cockerell 1905) [=*Andrenopsis flavorufus]M65
| |--L. (A.) douglasiellus Michener 1965M65
| |--L. (A.) nigrifrons Michener 1965M65
| `--L. (A.) wilsoni (Rayment 1930) [=Andrenopsis wilsoni]M65
|--L. (Baeocolletes Michener 1965)M65
| |--L. (*B.) calcaratus Michener 1965M65
| |--L. (B.) mas Michener 1965M65
| `--L. (B.) minimus Michener 1965M65
|--L. (Belopria Moure 1956)M65
| |--L. (B.) nitidior (Moure 1956)M65
| `--L. (B.) zonatus (Moure 1956)M65
|--L. (Bicolletes Friese 1908)M65
| |--L. (B.) abdominis Michener 1965 [=Pasiphae abdominalis Ducke 1912 non Paracolletes abdominalis Smith 1879]M65
| |--L. (B.) alismatis (Ducke 1908)M65
| |--L. (B.) andinus (Herbst 1923)M65
| |--L. (B.) ‘arnaui’ (Moure 1954) non (Moure 1949)M65
| |--L. (B.) basirufus (Schrottky 1920)M65
| |--L. (B.) bicellularis (Ducke 1910)M65
| |--L. (B.) cestri (Ducke 1912)M65
| |--L. (B.) chrysostomus (Cockerell 1917)M65
| |--L. (B.) coloratipes (Cockerell 1933)M65
| |--L. (B.) decoloratus Ducke 1908)M65
| |--L. (B.) fasciatus (Schrottky 1920)M65
| |--L. (B.) ferrugineus (Moure 1954)M65
| |--L. (B.) franki (Friese 1908) [=Biocolletes franki]M65
| |--L. (B.) friesei (Ducke 1912) [=Bicolletes friesei]M65
| |--L. (B.) iheringi (Schrottky 1910)M65 [=Pasiphae iheringiR13]
| |--L. (B.) leucostomus (Cockerell 1917)M65
| |--L. (B.) longipes (Ducke 1912)M65
| |--L. (B.) lucidulus (Cockerell 1933)M65
| |--L. (B.) moerens (Vachal 1909)M65
| |--L. (B.) neotropicus (Friese 1908)M65
| |--L. (B.) palpalis (Ducke 1908)M65
| |--L. (B.) peruvianus (Cockerell 1926)M65
| |--L. (B.) pharcidodes (Moure 1954)M65
| |--L. (B.) pseudozonatus (Moure 1954)M65
| |--L. (B.) rufiventris (Spinola 1851) [=Pasiphae rufiventris]M65
| |--L. (B.) saltensis (Friese 1908)M65
| |--L. (B.) seydi (Strand 1910)M65
| |--L. (B.) spegazzinii (Joergensen 1912)M65
| |--L. (B.) stictus (Moure 1954)M65
| |--L. (B.) stilborhinus (Moure 1954)M65
| `--L. (B.) wagneri (Vachal 1909) [incl. L. armatus (Joergensen 1912) non (Friese 1906)]M65
|--L. (Biglossa Friese 1906)M65
| `--L. (B.) thoracicus (Friese 1906)M65
|--L. (Biglossidia Moure 1948)M65
| |--L. (B.) aeneus (Friese 1906)M65
| |--L. (B.) armatus (Friese 1906)M65
| |--L. (B.) chalybaeus (Friese 1906) [=Biglossa chalybaea]M65
| `--L. (B.) deceptrix (Moure 1949)M65
|--L. (Brachyglossula Hedicke 1922) [incl. Brachyglossa Friese 1922 non Boisduval 1828]M65
| |--L. (B.) boliviensis (Vachal 1901)M65
| |--L. (B.) bouvieri (Vachal 1901)M65
| `--L. (B.) rufocoeruleus (Friese 1922)M65
|--L. (Ceratocolletes Michener 1965)M65
| |--L. (*C.) antennatus (Smith 1879) [=Lamprocolletes antennatus]M65
| `--L. (C.) andreniformis (Cockerell 1915) [=Paracolletes andreniformis]M65
|--L. (Cladocerapis Cockerell 1904)M65
| |--L. (C.) bipectinatus (Smith 1856) (see below for synonymy)M65
| |--L. (C.) carinatifrons (Cockerell 1929) [=Paracolletes carinatifrons]M65
| |--L. (C.) clypeatus (Cockerell 1916) [=Paracolletes clypeatus]M65
| |--L. (C.) colmani (Rayment 1950) [=Cladocerapis colmani]M65
| |--L. (C.) goraeensis (Rayment 1953) [=Cladocerapis goraeensis]M65
| |--L. (C.) heronii (Rayment 1935) [=Cladocerapis heronii]M65
| |--L. (C.) incanescens (Cockerell 1913) [=Paracolletes incanescens]M65
| |--L. (C.) perpolitus (Cockerell 1916) [=Paracolletes perpolitus]M65
| |--L. (C.) persooniae (Rayment 1950) [=Cladocerapis persooniae]M65
| |--L. (C.) raymenti Michener 1965 [=Cladocerapis plumosus Rayment 1935 non Lamprocolletes plumosus Smith 1853]M65
| |--L. (C.) speculiferus (Cockerell 1921) (see below for synonymy)M65
| `--L. (C.) woyensis (Rayment 1935) [=Cladocerapis woyensis]M65
|--L. (Colletellus Michener 1965)M65
| `--L. (*C.) velutinellus Michener 1965 (see below for synonymy)M65
|--L. (Colletopsis Michener 1965)M65
| `--L. (*C.) contrarius Michener 1965M65
|--L. (Ctenosibyne Moure 1956)M65
| `--L. (C.) cingulatus (Moure 1956)M65
|--L. (Edwyniana Moure 1954) [incl. Edwynia Moure 1951)M65
| |--L. (E.) flavicornis (Spinola 1851)M65
| `--L. (E.) tristis (Spinola 1851)M65
|--L. (Euryglossidia Cockerell 1910) [incl. Lysicolletes Rayment 1935, Notocolletes Cockerell 1916]M65
| |--L. (*E.) rectangulatus (Cockerell 1910) [=*Euryglossidia rectangulata]M65
| |--L. (E.) acaciae (Rayment 1939) [=Euryglossidia acaciae]M65
| |--L. (E.) australiensis (Dalla Torre 1896) [=Macropis australiensis; incl. Scrapter bicolor Smith 1862]M65
| |--L. (E.) baeckiae (Rayment 1948) [=Euryglossa baeckiae]M65
| |--L. (E.) cyanescens (Cockerell 1929) [=Euryglossidia cyanescens]M65
| |--L. (E.) cygnellus (Cockerell 1905) [=Euryglossa cygnellus]M65
| |--L. (E.) eraduensis (Cockerell 1929) [=Euryglossidia eraduensis]M65
| |--L. (E.) halictiformis (Smith 1879) [=Euryglossa halictiformis]M65
| |--L. (E.) heterodoxus (Cockerell 1916)H18, M65 [=*Notocolletes heterodoxusM65]
| |--L. (E.) ichneumonoides (Cockerell 1906) [=Euryglossidia ichneumonoides]M65
| |--L. (E.) imitator (Rayment 1959) [=Lysicolletes imitator]M65
| |--L. (E.) mastersi (Cockerell 1929) [=Euryglossidia mastersi]M65
| |--L. (E.) nigrescens (Cockerell 1929) [=Euryglossidia nigrescens]M65
| |--L. (E.) purpurascens (Cockerell 1914) [=Euryglossidia purpurascens]M65
| |--L. (E.) rejectus (Cockerell 1905) [=Euryglossa rejecta]M65
| |--L. (E.) rubiginosus (Dalla Torre 1896) [=Euryglossa rubiginosa]M65
| |--L. (E.) simillimus (Smith 1879) [=Euryglossa simillimus]M65
| |--L. (E.) singularis (Rayment 1935) [=Paracolletes (*Lysicolletes) singularis]M65
| |--L. (E.) striatulus (Rayment 1959) (see below for synonymy)M65
| |--L. (E.) viridescens (Cockerell 1929) [=Euryglossidia viridescens]M65
| `--L. (E.) vitrifrons (Smith 1879)M65 (see below for synonymy)
|--L. (Excolletes Michener 1965)M65
| `--L. (*E.) impatellatus Michener 1965M65
|--L. (Exleycolletes)H18
| |--L. (L.) cristatus (Smith 1853)H18, M65 [=Lamprocolletes cristatusM65]
| |--L. (E.) flavomaculatus (Cockerell 1905)H18, M65 [=Paracolletes flavomaculatusM65]
| `--L. (L.) leai (Cockerell 1913)H18, M65 [=Paracolletes leaiM65]
|--L. (Filiglossa Rayment 1959)M65
| `--L. (*F.) filamentosus (Rayment 1959) [=*Filiglossa filamentosa]M65
|--L. (Goniocolletes Cockerell 1907)M65
| |--L. (*G.) morsus (Cockerell 1907) [=*Goniocolletes morsus]M65
| |--L. (G.) abdominalis (Smith 1879) [=Paracolletes abdominalis]M65
| |--L. (G.) argentifrons (Smith 1879) [=Lamprocolletes argentifrons]M65
| |--L. (G.) aurescens (Cockerell 1921) [=Paracolletes aurescens]M65
| |--L. (G.) aurifrons (Smith 1853) [=Lamprocolletes aurifrons]M65
| |--L. (G.) clarus (Rayment 1935) [=Paracolletes clarus]M65
| |--L. (G.) colletellus (Cockerell 1905) [=Paracolletes colletellus]M65
| |--L. (G.) curvipes (Friese 1924) [=Dasycolletes curvipes]M65
| |--L. (G.) dolosus Michener 1965M65
| |--L. (G.) eugeniarum (Cockerell 1912) [=Paracolletes eugeniarum]M65
| |--L. (G.) fimbriatinus (Cockerell 1910) [=Paracolletes fimbriatinus]M65
| |--L. (G.) fimbriatus Smith 1879M65
| |--L. (G.) gallipes (Cockerell 1913) [=Paracolletes gallipes]M65
| |--L. (G.) hillieri (Cockerell 1914) [=Paracolletes hillieri]M65
| |--L. (G.) microdontus ((Cockerell 1929) [=Paracolletes microdontus; incl. P. albopilosus Rayment 1930]M65
| |--L. (G.) pallidus (Cockerell 1915) [=Goniocolletes pallidus]M65
| |--L. (G.) perfasciatus (Cockerell 1906) [=Paracolletes perfasciatus]M65
| |--L. (G.) proximus (Rayment 1935) [=Goniocolletes proximus]M65
| |--L. (G.) ruficaudus Michener 1965 [=L. rufiventris Friese 1924 non Pasiphae rufiventris Spinola 1851]M65
| |--L. (G.) similior Michener 1965 (see below for synonymy)M65
| |--L. (G.) subdolus (Cockerell 1913)H18, M65 [=Paracolletes subdolusM65]
| `--L. (G.) velutinus (Cockerell 1929) [=Paracolletes velutinus]M65
|--L. (Halictanthrena) malpighiacearum (Ducke 1907)M65
|--L. (Hoplocolletes Michener 1965)M65
| `--L. (*H.) ventralis (Friese 1924) [=Dasycolletes ventralis]M65
|--L. (Lamprocolletes Smith 1853)H18, M65 [incl. Nodocolletes Rayment 1931H18, M65]
| |--L. (*L.) chalybeatus (Erickson 1851) [=Andrena chalybeata]M65
| |--L. (‘Nodocolletes’) caeruleotinctus (Cockerell 1905) (see below for synonymy)M65
| |--L. (*Nodocolletes’) dentatus (Rayment 1931) [=Paracolletes dentatus]M65
| |--L. (‘Nodocolletes’) dentiger (Cockerell 1910) [=Paracolletes dentiger]M65
| |--L. (‘Nodocolletes’) diodontus (Cockerell 1929) [=Paracolletes diodontus]M65
| |--L. (‘Nodocolletes’) elegans Smith 1853M65 [=Paracolletes elegansR35]
| |--L. (L.) fulvus (Smith 1879) [=Lamprocolletes fulvus, Leioproctus (Nodocolletes) fulvus]M65
| |--L. (‘Nodocolletes’) macrodontus (Rayment 1935) [=Paracolletes macrodontus]M65
| |--L. (‘Nodocolletes’) megachalceus (Cockerell 1913) [=Paracolletes megachalceus]M65
| |--L. (‘Nodocolletes’) megadontus (Cockerell 1913) [=Paracolletes megadontus]M65
| |--L. (‘Nodocolletes’) pacificus Michener 1965M65
| |--L. (‘Nodocolletes’) phanerodontus (Cockerell 1929) [=Paracolletes phanerodontus]M65
| |--L. (‘Nodocolletes’) subdentatus (Rayment 1931) [=Paracolletes subdentatus]M65
| |--L. (‘Nodocolletes’) subvigilans (Cockerell 1914) [=Paracolletes subvigilans]M65
| |--L. (‘Nodocolletes’) tuberculatus (Cockerell 1913) [=Paracolletes tuberculatus]M65
| |--L. (‘Nodocolletes’) turneri (Cockerell 1910) [=Paracolletes turneri]M65
| `--L. (‘Nodocolletes’) vigilans Smith 1879M65
|--L. (Microcolletes Michener 1965)M65
| |--L. (*M.) halictomimus Michener 1965 (see below for synonymy)M65
| |--L. (M.) albovittatus (Cockerell 1929) [=Paracolletes albovittatus]M65
| |--L. (M.) fallax (Cockerell 1921) [=Paracolletes fallax]M65
| |--L. (M.) finkei Michener 1965M65
| |--L. (M.) helichrysi (Cockerell 1918) [=Paracolletes helichrysi]M65
| |--L. (M.) microsomus Michener 1965M65
| |--L. (M.) minutus (Cockerell 1916) [=Paracolletes minutus]M65
| |--L. (M.) nomiaeformis (Cockerell 1930) [=Paracolletes nomiaeformis]M65
| |--L. (M.) perminutus (Cockerell 1929) (see below for synonymy)M65
| |--L. (M.) pusillus (Cockerell 1929) [=Paracolletes pusillus]M65
| |--L. (M.) rudissimus (Cockerell 1929) [=Paracolletes rudissimus]M65
| |--L. (M.) tropicalis (Cockerell 1929) [=Paracolletes tropicalis]M65
| `--L. (M.) wahlenbergiae Michener 1965M65
|--L. (Nesocolletes Michener 1965)M65
| |--L. (*N.) fulvescens (Smith 1876) [=Lamprocolletes fulvescens]M65
| |--L. (N.) hirtipes (Smith 1878) [=Dasycolletes hirtipes]M65
| |--L. (N.) monticola (Cockerell 1925) [=Paracolletes monticola]M65
| |--L. (N.) opacior (Cockerell 1936) [=Paracolletes opacior]M65
| `--L. (N.) waterhousei (Cockerell 1905) [=Paracolletes waterhousei]M65
|--L. (Nomiocolletes Brèthes 1909)M65
| |--L. (N.) arnaui Moure 1949M65
| |--L. (N.) cearensis (Ducke 1908)M65
| |--L. (N.) jenseni (Friese 1906)M65
| `--L. (N.) joergenseni (Friese 1908)M65
|--L. (Orphana Vachal 1909) [incl. Leptoglossa Friese 1929]M65
| |--L. (O.) inquirendus (Vachal 1909)M65
| `--L. (O.) paradoxus (Friese 1925)M65
|--L. (Ottocolletes) muelleriH18
|--L. (Perditomorpha Ashmead 1899) [incl. Holmbergia Joergensen 1912]M65
| |--L. (P.) brunerii (Ashmead 1899)M65
| `--L. (P.) cristariae (Joergensen 1912)M65
|--L. (Protodiscelis Brèthes 1909)M65
| `--L. (P.) fiebrigi (Brèthes 1909)M65
|--L. (Protomorpha Rayment 1959)M65
| |--L. (*P.) tarsalis (Rayment 1959) [=*Protomorpha tarsalis]M65
| `--L. (P.) alleopusH18
|--L. (Spinolapis Moure 1951) [incl. Pasiphae Spinola 1851 non Latreille 1819]M65
| |--L. (S.) caerulescens (Spinola 1851) [=Pasiphae caerulescens]M65
| |--L. (S.) cyaneus (Cockerell 1915)M65
| `--L. (S.) melanurus (Cockerell 1917) [=Pasiphae cyanea melanura]M65
|--L. (Stenocolletes Schrottky 1909M65
| `--L. (S.) pictus (Schrottky 1909) [=Stenocolletes pictus]M65
`--L. (Urocolletes Michener 1965)M65
`--L. (*U.) rhodurus Michener 1965M65

Leioproctus incertae sedis:
L. ferrisi (Rayment 1935) [=Paracolletes ferrisi]M65
L. frontalis Smith 1853 (n. d.)M65
L. laticeps (Friese 1906)M65
L. leana (Vachal 1909)M65
L. orientalis (Vachal 1904)M65
L. paraguayensis (Schrottky 1907)M65
L. parvus (Cockerell 1917)M65
L. personatus (Cockerell 1939)M65
L. porteri (Ruiz 1936)M65
L. rufipennis (Cockerell 1917)M65
L. semicyaneus (Spinola 1851)M65
L. tomentosusH18

Leioproctus (Cladocerapis) bipectinatus (Smith 1856) [=Lamprocolletes bipectinatus; incl. La. cladocerus Smith 1862, *Cladocerapis cladocerus]M65

Leioproctus (Cladocerapis) speculiferus (Cockerell 1921) [=Paracolletes speculiferus; incl. Cladocerapis hackeri Rayment 1950 non Paracolletes hackeri Cockerell 1918]M65

Leioproctus (*Colletellus) velutinellus Michener 1965 [=Andrenopsis velutinus Cockerell 1929 non Paracolletes velutinus Cockerell 1929]M65

Leioproctus (Euryglossidia) striatulus (Rayment 1959) [=Filiglossa striatula; incl. F. proxima Rayment 1959 non Goniocolletes proximus Rayment 1935]M65

Leioproctus (Euryglossidia) vitrifrons (Smith 1879)M65 [=Dasycolletes vitrifronsM65, Lysicolletes vitrifronsR35, Paracolletes vitrifronsR35]

Leioproctus (Goniocolletes) similior Michener 1965 [=Goniocolletes simillimus Rayment 1935 nec Euryglossa simillimus Smith 1879 nec Paracolletes simillimus Cockerell 1916]M65

Leioproctus (Leioproctus) amabilis (Smith 1879) [=Lamprocolletes amabilis; incl. La. metallicus Smith 1879 non Dasycolletes metallicus Smith 1853]M65

Leioproctus (Leioproctus) friesellus Michener 1965 [=Paracolletes friesei Cockerell 1929 non Bicolletes friesei Ducke 1912; incl. P. fervidus Friese 1924 non Smith 1879]M65

Leioproctus (Leioproctus) melanoproctus Michener 1965 [=Paracolletes melanurus Cockerell 1930 non Pasiphae cyanea melanura Cockerell 1917]M65

Leioproctus (*Microcolletes) halictomimus Michener 1965 [=Paracolletes halictiformis Cockerell 1916 non Euryglossa halictiformis Smith 1879]M65

Leioproctus (Microcolletes) perminutus (Cockerell 1929) [=Paracolletes perminutus; incl. Lamprocolletes minutus Friese 1924 non Paracolletes minutus Cockerell 1916]M65

Leioproctus (‘Nodocolletes’) caeruleotinctus (Cockerell 1905) [=Paracolletes caeruleotinctus; incl. P. pictus Rayment 1930 non Stenocolletes pictus Schrottky 1909]M65

*Type species of generic name indicated


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