Lemidia nitens, copyright Bronking.

Belongs within: Cleridae.

Lemidia is an Australian genus of small, often brilliant checkered beetles with a pronotum narrower at the base than the elytra.

    |--L. biaculeata Westw. 1849M86
    |--L. bifurcata Gorham 1877M86
    |--L. carissima Pascoe 1860M86
    |--L. concinna Gorham 1877M86
    |--L. conferta Newm. 1842M86
    |--L. dia Gorham 1877M86
    |--L. elongata Gorham 1877M86
    |--L. exilis Westw. 1852M86
    |--L. festiva Westw. 1852M86
    |--L. filiformis Gorham 1877M86
    |--L. flavolineata Westw. 1849M86
    |--L. flavovaria Westw. 1849M86
    |--L. hilaris Newm. 1843 [incl. L. corallipennis Westw. 1852]M86
    |--L. inanis Germ. 1848M86
    |--L. interrupta Gorham 1877M86
    |--L. labiata Gorham 1877M86
    |--L. maculicollis Gorham 1877M86
    |--L. malthinusM86
    |--L. nitensM86
    |--L. obliquefasciata Gorham 1877M86
    |--L. pectoralisM86
    |--L. picta White 1869M86
    |--L. pilosa Gorham 1877M86
    |--L. plumba Gorham 1877M86
    |--L. rufa Gorham 1877M86
    |--L. subaenea Gorham 1877M86
    |--L. suturalis Gorham 1877M86
    |--L. tasmanica White 1869M86
    |--L. v-reversum Westw. 1852M86
    `--L. xanthozona Chev. 1874M86

*Type species of generic name indicated


[M86] Masters, G. 1886. Catalogue of the described Coleoptera of Australia. Part IV. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales, series 2, 1 (2): 259–380.

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