Lepidochitona cinerea, copyright S. Rae.

Belongs within: Ischnochitonina.

The Lepidochitonidae are a group of chitons in which the valve margins bear distinctly separated apophyses.

<==Lepidochitonidae [Trachyderminae] P61
    |–Eudoxochiton Shuttleworth 1853 P61
    |    |–*E. nobilis (Gray 1843) [=Acanthopleura nobilis] S60
    |    `–E. huttoni Pilsbry 1893 P61
    |–Paricoplax Iredale & Hull 1929 P61
    |    |–*P. crocina (Reeve 1847) [=Chiton crocinus] P61
    |    |–P. mortenseni (Odhner 1924) P61
    |    |–P. perscrutanda Iredale & Hull 1929 P61
    |    `–P. profundior Dell 1956 P61
    |–Icoplax Thiele 1893 P61
    |    |–*I. punicea (Gould 1846) [=Chiton puniceus] P61
    |    |–I. chathamensis Dell 1960 P61
    |    |–I. empleura (Hutton 1872) P61 [=Callochiton empleurus F27]
    |    |–I. kapitiensis Mestayer 1926 P61 [=Callochiton kapitiensis F27]
    |    |–I. subeudoxa Iredale & Hull 1930 P61
    |    `–I. sulculata (Suter 1907) P61 [=Callochiton sulculatus F27]
    `–Lepidochitona Gray 1821 (see below for synonymy) S60
         |–L. cinerea (Linné 1767) (see below for synonymy) S60
         |–L. alba Linnaeus 1767 O27
         |–L. aleutica (Dall 1878) [=Trachyradsia aleutica, L. (Spongioradsia) aleutica] O27
         |–L. cavernae GC99
         |–L. corrugata GR98
         |–L. dentiens (Gould 1846) O27 [=Chiton (Onithochiton) dentiens O27, C64, Trachydermon dentiens C64]
         |–L. flectens (Carpenter 1864) O27 [=Ischnochiton (Trachydermon) flectens C64, O27]
         |–‘Trachydermon’ hartwegii Cpr. 1855 C64
         |–‘Trachydermon’ interstinctus C64
         |–‘Trachydermon’ nuttallii Cpr. 1855 C64
         |–‘Trachydermon’ pseudodentiens Carpenter 1864 C64
         `–L. sharpei (Pilsbry 1896) [=Trachydermon sharpii] O27

Lepidochitona Gray 1821 [=Lepidochiton Thiele 1928 non Carpenter 1857, Leptochitona (l. c.); incl. Adriella Thiele 1893, Craspedochilus Sars 1878, Spongioradsia Pilsbry 1894, Trachydermon Carpenter 1864] S60

Lepidochitona (Lepidochitona) cinerea (Linné 1767) [=Chiton cinereus; incl. C. marginatus Pennant 1777, *Lepidochitona marginata] S60

*Type species of generic name indicated


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