Ribbed chiton Lepidopleurus cajetanus, copyright Wilfried Bay-Nouailhat.

Belongs within: Neoloricata.

The Lepidopleuridae are a group of small chitons in which the articulamentum is poorly developed (Smith 1960).

Characters (from Smith 1960): Relatively small (less than 5 cm long); valves generally sculptured with granules closely set in lines or quincunx; valve coverage complete; girdle narrow, minutely spiculose or scaly; insertion plates lacking, or if present, weak and unslit; articulamentum layer usually consisting only of weakly developed sutural laminae in valves ii to viii. Gills short, posterior.

<==Lepidopleuridae [Protochitonidae]
    |–Oldroydia Dall 1894 S60
    |    `–*O. percrassa Dall 1894 S60 [=Lepidopleurus (Oldroydia) percrassus O27]
    |–Protochiton Ashby 1925 S60
    |    `–*P. granulosus (Ashby & Torr 1901) [=Acanthochites (Notoplax) granulosus] S60
    |–Pterochiton Carpenter in Dall 1882 [incl. Anthracochiton Rochebrune 1883, Loricites Carpenter in Dall 1882] S60
    |    `–*P. eburonicus (Ryckholt 1845) [=Chiton eburonicus] S60
    |–Priscochiton Dall 1882 S60
    |    `–*P. canadensis (Billings 1865) [=Chiton canadensis] S60
    |–Parachiton Thiele 1909 P61
    |    |–*P. acuminatus [=Lepidopleurus acuminatus] P61
    |    |–P. subantarcticus Iredale & Hull 1930 P61
    |    `–P. textilis Powell 1937 P61
    |–Terenochiton Iredale 1914 P61
    |    |–*T. subtropicalis [=Lepidopleurus subtropicalis] P61
    |    |–T. fairchildi Iredale & Hull 1929 P61
    |    |–T. finlayi (Ashby 1929] P61
    |    |–T. inquinatus (Reeve 1847) P61 [=Lepidopleurus inquinatus F27; incl. L. iredalei Ashby 1920 F27]
    |    `–T. otagoensis Iredale & Hull 1929 P61
    `–Lepidopleurus Risso 1826 S-P86 (see below for synonymy)
         |–*L. cajetanus (Poli 1791) [=Chiton cajetanus] S60
         |–L. asellus MR96
         |–L. cancellatus Sowerby 1839 O27
         |–L. heathi Berry 1919 [=L. (Xiphiozona) heathi] O27
         |–L. intermedius Salvini-Plawen 1968 S-P86
         |–L. kerguelenensis F27
         |–L. laterodepressus S60
         |–L. pectinatus Carpenter 1864 C64
         |–L. regularis Cpr. 1855 C64
         `–L. tenuisculptus C64

Lepidopleurus Risso 1826 S-P86 [incl. Belchiton Ashby & Cotton 1939 S60, Deshayesiella Carpenter in Dall 1879 S60, Pilsbryella Nierstrasz 1905 S60, Xiphizona Berry 1919 S60]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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