Fore (above) and hind wing of Nepticulomima orientalis, from New (1975).

Belongs within: Psocodea.
Contains: Echmepteryx.

The Lepidopsocidae are a group of barklice associated primarily with leaf litter and dead foliage. Most subfamilies have the body and wings bearing flattened scales but scales are absent in Thylacellinae (New & Lienhard 2007).

Characters (from New & Lienhard 2007): Body length usually ca 2 mm, fore wing length 2–2.5 mm. Lacinial apex divided with few teeth. Maxillary palpi with conical sensillum on inner side of second segment; labial palpi two-segmented. Antennae with numerous segments (more than 20, occasionally up to 50), not annulated. Tarsi three-segmented, claws curved, usually with one subapical tooth but sometimes with more or none. Fore wing often acuminate, usually (together with body and legs) with covering of flattened scales; pterostigma not thickened; vein Sc often well developed; R–Rs crossvein usually present; Rs and M commonly fused for a length; areola postica long; veins Cu2 and 1A ending separately on wing margin. Hind wing vein R1 long; vein M with two branches, these arising separately; hind wing sometimes absent. Paraproct with strong spine, trichobothrial field not defined. Female with gonapophyses reduced, ventral valve absent; dorsal valve small and often weakly sclerotised, sometimes absent; external valve large, setose. Male with phallosome with parameres divergent anteriorly; aedeagus often complex.

<==Lepidopsocidae [Perientometae, Perientomoidea]
    |--Parasoa [Parasoinae]NL07
    |    `--*P. haploneura Thornton 1962NL07
    |--Lepolepis Enderlein 1906L98 [LepolepidinaeNL07]
    |    |--*L. ceylonica Enderlein 1906L98
    |    |--L. bicolor Broadhead 1955L98
    |    `--L. columbiensis Badonnel 1986B86
    |--Thylacellinae [Thylacellidae, Thylacelloidea, Udamolepinae]NL07
    |    |--Illepidopsocus Li 1994L02
    |    |    `--*I. yunnanicus Li 1994L02
    |    |--Pseudothylacus Li 2002L02
    |    |    `--*P. acisopterus Li 2002L02
    |    `--Thylacella Enderlein 1911 [incl. Udamolepis Enderlein 1912]M93
    |         |--*T. eversianaM93
    |         |--T. congolensis [=Udamolepis congolensis]B55
    |         |--T. cubana (Banks 1941) [=Echmepteryx cubana]M93
    |         |--T. fasciata Badonnel 1955M93
    |         `--T. immaculata Badonnel 1955B55
    |    |--ScolopamaNL07
    |    |--Pteroxanium Enderlein 1922M93 [incl. Lepidilla Ribaga 1905 non Matthew 1886L98, Tasmanopsocus Hickman 1934L98]
    |    |    `--*P. kelloggi (Ribaga 1905) (see below for synonymy)L98
    |    |--EchinopsocusNL07
    |    |    |--*E. erinaceus Enderlein 1903NL07
    |    |    `--E. grayiNL07
    |    `--Neolepolepis Mockford 1993M93
    |         |--*N. occidentalis (Mockford 1955) [=Lepolepis occidentalis]M93
    |         |--N. caribensis (Turner 1875) [=Lepolepsis (l. c.) caribensis]M93
    |         `--N. xerica [=Echmepteryx xerica]M93
    |    |--EchmepteryxNL07
    |    |--Cyptophania Banks 1931NL07, MW13 [incl. Ptenocorium Enderlein 1931MW13, Pteroxaniella Karny 1932MW13]
    |    |    |--*C. hirsuta Banks 1931MW13
    |    |    |--C. alutacea (Enderlein 1931)MW13 [=*Ptenocorium alutaceumNL07]
    |    |    |--C. australica Mockford & Wynne 2013MW13
    |    |    |--C. bifurcataMW13 [=*Pteroxaniella bifurcataNL07]
    |    |    |--C. costalis Mockford & Wynne 2013MW13
    |    |    |--C. marginata Thornton, Lee & Chui 1972NL07
    |    |    `--C. pakaratii Mockford & Wynne 2013MW13
    |    `--LepidopsocusMW13
    |         |--*L. nepticulides Enderlein 1903NL07
    |         |--L. cinctusMW13
    |         |--L. maculatusMW13
    |         |--L. magnusMW13
    |         |--L. marmoratus (Banks 1931) [=Echmepteryx marmorata]NL07
    |         |--L. pretiosus (Banks 1942) [=Echmepteryx pretiosus]NL07
    |         |--L. pseudomaculatus Thornton 1981NL07
    |         `--L. sudarmani Vaughan, Thornton & New 1989NL07
    `--Perientominae [Perientomidae]NL07
         |--*Papuapsocus caudatus Mockford 2005NL07
         |--Proentomum Badonnel 1949M93
         |    `--*P. personatum Badonnel 1949M93
         |--Lepium Enderlein 1906L02
         |    `--L. enderleini Banks 1937L02
         |--Neolepipsocus Li 1992L02
         |    `--*N. chinensis Li 1992L02
         |    |--*P. trichopteryx [=Amphientomum trichopteryx]NL07
         |    `--P. corticola Vaughan, Thornton & New 1989NL07
         |--Soa Enderlein 1904M93
         |    |--*S. dahliana Enderlein 1904NL07
         |    |--S. angolana Badonnel 1955B55
         |    |--S. flaviterminata Enderlein 1906NL07
         |    `--S. violaceaM93
         `--Nepticulomima Enderlein 1906M93
              |--*N. sakuntala Enderlein 1906NL07
              |--N. biroiana (Enderlein 1903)NL07
              |--N. bothriata Thornton, Lee & Chui 1972N75
              |--N. essigkeana Enderlein 1906N75
              |--N. hoesemanni (Enderlein 1903)NL07 [=Perientomum hoesemanniS95]
              |--N. jacobsoni Enderlein 1926NL07
              |--N. latisquama Enderlein 1926NL07
              |--N. lusiae Thornton 1981NL07
              |--N. orientalis New 1975N75
              |--N. penicillata Enderlein 1926NL07
              |--N. sumatrensis Vaughan, Thornton & New 1991NL07
              `--N. uniformis Vaughan, Thornton & New 1989NL07

*Pteroxanium kelloggi (Ribaga 1905) [=Lepidilla kelloggi; incl. Hyperetes brittanicus Harrison 1916, Tasmanopsocus litoralis Hickman 1934, Pteroxanium squamosum Enderlein 1922]L98

*Type species of generic name indicated


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