Reconstruction of Icarosaurus siefkeri, copyright Nobu Tamura.

Belongs within: Neodiapsida.
Contains: Sauropterygia, Testudinata, Lepidosauria.

The Lepidosauromorpha are a clade of reptiles including all taxa more closely related to squamates than crocodiles or birds.

Synapomorphies (from Schoch & Sues 2015): Prefrontal-palatine contact broad, approaching mid-line; lower temporal fossa open ventrally; thyroid fenestra present; perforating artery in pes located between distal ends of tibia and fibula.

|  i. s.: Coartaredens Spencer & Storrs 2002 SS02
|           `–*C. isaaci Spencer & Storrs 2002 SS02
|         Anisodontosaurus greeri SS02
|         Priscochelys hegnabrunnensis LW08
|–+–Sauropterygia LW08
|  `–Pan-Testudines SS15
|       |–Eunotosaurus Seely 1892 SS15, D07 [Eunotosauridae]
|       |    `–E. africanus D07
|       `–+–Pappochelys Schoch & Sues 2015 SS15
|          |    `–*P. rosinae Schoch & Sues 2015 SS15
|          `–Testudinata SS15
`–+–Palaeagama QG90
`–+–Paliguana whitei QG90, NB17
|–Saurosternon QG90
`–+–+–Marmoretta LG07
|  `–Lepidosauria LG07
`–Kuehneosauridae LG07
|–Kuehneosuchus E88
|–Kuehneosaurus Robinson 1967 D07
|    `–K. latus D07
`–Icarosaurus Colbert 1961 LG07, D07
`–I. siefkeri W91

*Type species of generic name indicated


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