Reconstruction of Hypolagus, from here.

Belongs within: Lagomorpha.
Contains: Leporini, Sylvilagus.

The Leporidae includes the rabbits and hares, small to medium-sized herbivorous mammals with generally elongate ears and feet. Early representatives include the Late Miocene to Early Pleistocene Hypolagus which first appeared in North America before dispersing to Eurasia and differed from more derived forms in retaining only a single anterior reentrant on the second upper premolar. The Notolagini are a North American Pliocene to Pleistocene group with a deep anterointernal reentrant on the third lower premolar (Averianov 1999).

Synapomorphies (from Averianov 1999, for crown-group excluding Hypolagus): P2 with three or more reentrants; M3 reduced, width <40% of width of M2; p3 with both posteroexternal and posterointernal reentrants present.

<==Leporidae [Bunolagini, Leporinae, Oryctolagini, Pentalaginae]P04
    |--Hypolagus Dice 1917A99
    |    |--H. beremendensis (Petényi 1864) [=Lepus beremendensis, Pliolagus beremendensis; incl. P. tothi Kretzoi 1941]P04
    |    |--H. brachignathusP04
    |    |--H. igrmovi Gureev 1964P04
    |    `--H. vetusTH03
    `--+--Alilepus Dice 1931A99
       |    |--Pronotolagus White 1991A99
       |    `--+--Notolagus Wilson 1938A99
       |       `--Paranotolagus Miller & Carranza-Castañeda 1982A99
       |--+--Nesolagus Forsyth Major 1899MV04, A99
       |  |    |--N. netscheriFS15
       |  |    `--N. timminsiFS15
       |  `--+--Poelagus St. Leger 1932MV04, A99
       |     |    `--P. marjoritaFS15
       |     `--Pronolagus Lyon 1904MV04, A99
       |          |--P. crassicaudatus (Geoffroy 1832)MV04, P04
       |          `--+--P. randensisMV04
       |             `--+--P. rupestrisMV04
       |                `--P. saundersiaeMV04
       `--+--Romerolagus Merriam 1896MV04, A99
          |    `--R. diaziFS15
             |  `--Aztlanolagus Russell & Harris 1986FS15, A99
             |       `--A. agilisFS15
             `--+--+--+--Oryctolagus Lilljeborg 1874MV04, A99
                |  |  |    `--O. cuniculus (Linnaeus 1758)K92
                |  |  `--Caprolagus Blyth 1845MV04, A99
                |  |       `--C. hispidusFS15
                |  `--+--Bunolagus Thomas 1929MV04, A99
                |     |    `--B. monticularisFS15
                |     `--Pentalagus Lyon 1904MV04, A99
                |          `--P. furnessi (Stone 1900)P04
                `--+--Brachylagus Miller 1900MV04, A99
                   |    `--B. idahoensisFS15 [=Sylvilagus idahoensisJ68]
Leporidae incertae sedis:
  Panolax Cope 1874 (n. d.)A99
    `--P. sanctaefidaei Cope 1874C77
  Aluralagus Downey 1968A99
  Lushilagus Li 1965SM93
  Procaprolagus Gureev 1960SM93
    `--P. vusillusS96
  Mytonolagus Burke 1938SM93
    |--M. petersoniP96
    `--M. robustusP96
  Tachylagus gawneae Storer 1992S96
    |--M. brachyodon (Matthew 1903)S96
    |--M. primitivus Dawson 1958S96
    `--M. turgidus (Cope 1873)S96
  Chadrolagus emryiTPG96
  Pratilepus Hibbard 1939A99
  Nekrolagus Hibbard 1939A99
  Serengetilagus Dietrich 1941A99
  Sericolagus Averianov 1996A99
    `--S. brachypusDW04
  Pliopentalagus Gureev & Konkova 1964A99
    |--P. dietrichi (Fejfar 1961) [=Alilepus dietrichi]P04
    `--P. moldaviensis Gureev & Konkova 1964P04
  Trischizolagus Radulesco & Samson 1967A99
    |--T. dumitrescue Radulesco & Samson 1967 (see below for synonymy)P04
    `--T. maritsae De Bruijn, Dawson & Mein 1970P04
Inorganic: Oryctolagus cuniculus minilorientalus Okamura 1987O87

Trischizolagus dumitrescue Radulesco & Samson 1967 [incl. Pratilepus kutschurganicus Topachevsky 1980, Seregnetilagus orientieuropaeus Topachevsky 1987, P. ucrainicus Topachevsky 1980]P04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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