Eastern cottontail Sylvilagus floridanus, copyright Gareth Rasberry.

Belongs within: Leporidae.
Contains: Leporini.

The Leporinae are a clade including living species of the rabbits and hares. Representatives include the European rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus, a burrowing species native to southwestern Europe and northwestern Africa that has become widespread outside its native range as a domesticate of humans. The cottontails of the genus Sylvilagus are found widely across the Americas.

<==Leporinae [Bunolagini, Oryctolagini, Pentalaginae]A99
    |--+--Nesolagus Forsyth Major 1899MV04, A99
    |  |    |--N. netscheriFS15
    |  |    `--N. timminsiFS15
    |  `--+--Poelagus St. Leger 1932MV04, A99
    |     |    `--P. marjoritaFS15
    |     `--Pronolagus Lyon 1904MV04, A99
    |          |--P. crassicaudatus (Geoffroy 1832)MV04, P04
    |          `--+--P. randensisMV04
    |             `--+--P. rupestrisMV04
    |                `--P. saundersiaeMV04
    `--+--Romerolagus Merriam 1896MV04, A99
       |    `--R. diaziFS15
          |  `--Aztlanolagus Russell & Harris 1986FS15, A99
          |       `--A. agilisFS15
          `--+--+--+--Oryctolagus Lilljeborg 1874MV04, A99
             |  |  |    `--O. cuniculus (Linnaeus 1758)K92
             |  |  `--Caprolagus Blyth 1845MV04, A99
             |  |       `--C. hispidusFS15
             |  `--+--Bunolagus Thomas 1929MV04, A99
             |     |    `--B. monticularisFS15
             |     `--Pentalagus Lyon 1904MV04, A99
             |          `--P. furnessi (Stone 1900)P04
             `--+--Brachylagus Miller 1900MV04, A99
                |    `--B. idahoensisFS15 [=Sylvilagus idahoensisJ68]
                `--Sylvilagus Gray 1867FS15, A99
                     |  i. s.: S. cumanicusT00
                     |         S. margaritaeT00
                     |         S. orinoci Thomas 1900T00
                     |         S. surdaster Thomas 1901T01
                     |--+--+--S. obscurusMV04
                     |  |  `--S. transitionalisFS15
                     |  `--+--+--S. cuniculariusFS15
                     |     |  |    |--S. c. cuniculariusG69
                     |     |  |    `--S. c. pacificusG69
                     |     |  `--S. graysoniFS15
                     |     `--+--S. robustusFS15
                     |        `--+--S. cognatusFS15
                     |           `--S. floridanusFS15
                     |                |--S. f. floridanusMB86
                     |                |--S. f. aztecusG69
                     |                |--S. f. connectensG69
                     |                |--S. f. llanensisF68
                     |                |--S. f. mearnsii (Allen 1894) [=Lepus sylvaticus mearnsii]B75
                     |                |--S. f. orizabae (Merriam 1893)MB86
                     |                `--S. f. similisF68
                     `--+--+--S. auduboniiMV04
                        |  |    |--S. a. auduboniiMB86
                        |  |    |--S. a. minorMB86
                        |  |    |--S. a. neomexicanusF68
                        |  |    `--S. a. parvulus (Allen 1904)MB86
                        |  `--S. nuttalliiFS15
                        `--+--S. aquaticusMV04 [=Limnolagus aquaticusG88]
                           |--S. insonusFS15
                           |--S. palustrisFS15
                           `--+--+--S. bachmaniFS15
                              |  `--S. mansuetusFS15
                              `--+--S. brasiliensisFS15
                                 |    |--S. b. brasiliensisG69
                                 |    |--S. b. gabbiG69
                                 |    `--S. b. trueiG69
                                 `--+--S. diceiFS15
                                    `--S. varynaensisFS15
Leporinae incertae sedis:
  Pratilepus Hibbard 1939A99
  Nekrolagus Hibbard 1939A99
  Serengetilagus Dietrich 1941A99
  Sericolagus Averianov 1996A99
    `--S. brachypusDW04
  Pliopentalagus Gureev & Konkova 1964A99
    |--P. dietrichi (Fejfar 1961) [=Alilepus dietrichi]P04
    `--P. moldaviensis Gureev & Konkova 1964P04
  Trischizolagus Radulesco & Samson 1967A99
    |--T. dumitrescue Radulesco & Samson 1967 (see below for synonymy)P04
    `--T. maritsae De Bruijn, Dawson & Mein 1970P04
Inorganic: Oryctolagus cuniculus minilorientalus Okamura 1987O87

Trischizolagus dumitrescue Radulesco & Samson 1967 [incl. Pratilepus kutschurganicus Topachevsky 1980, Seregnetilagus orientieuropaeus Topachevsky 1987, P. ucrainicus Topachevsky 1980]P04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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