Anisocentropus bicoloratus, copyright Museums Victoria.

Belongs within: Integripalpia.
Contains: Sericostomatoidea, Leptoceridae.

The Leptoceroidea are a group of caddisflies with the base of vein 2A in the forewing anal loop separated by a jugal fold (Ivanov & Sukatsheva 2002). Leptoceroidea may be paraphyletic with regard to the Sericostomatoidea. Larvae of both superfamilies bear forked gills on the eighth segment only; the Gilson glands on the prothorax are reduced and the hind legs are turned upwards and adopt their sensory function (Ivanov & Sukatsheva 2002).

Synapomorphies (from Ivanov & Sukatsheva 2002, for Leptoceroidea + Sericostomatoidea): Larva with forked lamellae only on segment 8; Gilson glands reduced on prosternum, hind legs adopting sensory function and turned upwards.

    |  i. s.: Calamodontus grandaevusP92
    |  `--+--LimnocentropodidaeIS02
    |     `--+--MolannidaeGE05
    |        |    |--Molanniella Banks 1939N83
    |        |    |--Molanna crassicornisRJ93
    |        |    `--MolannodesP92
    |        `--+--LeptoceridaeGE05
    |           `--CalamoceratidaeGE05
    |                |--Ganonema McLachlan 1866N83
    |                |--GeorgiumP92
    |                |--Calamoceras Brauer 1865 [Calamoceratinae]BZ-M04
    |                |    `--C. marsupus Brauer 1865BZ-M04
    |                `--Anisocentropus McLachlan 1863N83
    |                     |--*A. illustris McLachlan 1863N83
    |                     |--A. banghaasi Ulmer 1909N83
    |                     |--A. bicoloratus (Martynov 1914) [=Ganonema bicolorata]N83
    |                     |--A. corvinus Neboiss 1980N83
    |                     |--A. eungellus Neboiss 1980N83
    |                     |--A. kirramus Neboiss 1980N83
    |                     |--A. latifascia (Walker 1852) (see below for synonymy)N83
    |                     |--A. muricatus Neboiss 1980N83
    |                     |--A. semiflavus Banks 1939N83
    |                     |--A. torulus Neboiss 1980N83
    |                     `--A. valgus Neboiss 1980N83
       |  |    |--Tasiagma Neboiss 1977N83
       |  |    |    `--*T. ciliata Neboiss 1977N83
       |  |    `--Tasimia Mosely 1936N83
       |  |         |--*T. palpata Mosely 1936N83
       |  |         |--T. atra (Banks 1939) [=Molanniella atra; incl. T. serrata Kimmins 1953]N83
       |  |         |--T. denticulata Jacquemart 1965N83
       |  |         |--T. drepana Neboiss 1977N83
       |  |         `--T. natasia Mosely 1953N83
       |  `--Odontoceridae [Odontoceratidae]GE05
       |       |--ElectrocerumP92
       |       |--ElectropsilotesP92
       |       |--Odontocerum Lach 1815 [Odontocerinae]BZ-M04
       |       |    `--O. albicorne (Scopoli 1763)BZ-M04
       |       |--Barynema Banks 1939N83
       |       |    |--*B. costatum Banks 1939N83
       |       |    `--B. australicum Mosely 1953N83
       |       `--Marilia Müller 1878N83
       |            |--*M. major Müller 1878N83
       |            |--M. bola Mosely 1953N83
       |            `--M. fusca Kimmins 1953N83
       `--+--Atriplectides Mosely 1936N83 [AtriplectididaeGE05]
          |    `--*A. dubius Mosely 1936 [=A. dubia]N83
               |--Tasmanthrus Mosely 1936N83
               |    `--*T. angustipennis Mosely 1936 [incl. T. galbinomaculatus Jacquemart 1965]N83
               |--Ramiheithrus Neboiss 1974N83
               |    |--*R. virgatus Neboiss 1974N83
               |    `--R. kocinus Neboiss 1974N83
               |--Austrheithrus Mosely 1953N83
               |    |--*A. dubitans Mosely 1953N83
               |    |--A. glymma Neboiss 1977N83
               |    `--A. ronewa Mosely 1953N83
               |--Kosrheithrus Mosely 1953N83
               |    |--*K. tillyardi Mosely 1953N83
               |    |--K. boorarus Neboiss 1982N83
               |    `--K. remulus Neboiss 1977N83
               `--Aphilorheithrus Mosely 1936N83
                    |--*A. stepheni Mosely 1936N83
                    |--A. decoratus Neboiss 1977N83
                    |--A. luteolus Neboiss 1977N83
                    `--A. pauxillus Neboiss 1977N83

Anisocentropus latifascia (Walker 1852) [=Notidobia latifascia; incl. Goera elegans Walker 1852, Anisocentropus flavicaput McLachlan 1866]N83

*Type species of generic name indicated


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