Dorsum (left) and venter of female Paradoxiphis rotundus, from Costa & Allsopp (1979).

Belongs within: Eviphidoidea.

The Leptolaelapidae are a group of predatory mites with a southern distribution, characterised by the presence in males of a spermatodactyl directed dorsally from the mobile digit of the chelicera (Karg 1991).

<==Leptolaelapidae [Leptolaelapinae]
    |--Evansolaelaps Marais & Loots 1969K91
    |--Cerambylaelaps Costa 1979K91
    |    `--*C. nadchatrami Costa 1978C78
    |--Pulchraplaga caledoniaLKW09
    |--Indutolaelaps squamosusLKW09
    |--Australocheles Karg 1983H98
    |    `--A. holmi Karg 1983H98
    |--Leptolaelaps Berlese 1918K91
    |    |--*L. elegans (Berlese 1918) [=Hypoaspis (*Leptolaelaps) elegans]L90
    |    |--L. capensisLKW09
    |    |--L. macquariensis (Womersley 1937) [=Pachylaelaps macquariensis]L90
    |    `--L. reticulatus Evans 1957H98
    |--Cosmetolaelaps Womersley 1959H98
    |    |--C. desecti Costa 1981H98
    |    |--C. dolicacanthus (Canestrini 1884) [=Laelaps dolicacanthus, L. dolichanthus (l. c.)]H98
    |    |--C. microsetus Costa 1981H98
    |    |--C. oligosetus Costa 1981H98
    |    |--C. reticulatus Costa 1981H98
    |    `--C. wallacei Costa 1981H98
    `--Paradoxiphis Berlese 1910 [incl. Schizolaelaps Womersley 1956]H98
         |--P. armstrongi (Womersley 1956) [=Schizolaelaps armstrongi]H98
         |--P. blackbolbi Costa 1979H98
         |--P. bolboceras (Womersley 1956) [=Schizolaelaps bolboceras]H98
         |--P. brevisetosus Costa 1979H98
         |--P. brevisternum Costa 1979 [=P. brevisterni]H98
         |--P. circumsetosus Costa 1979H98
         |--P. dimorphus Costa 1979H98
         |--P. gigas Costa 1979H98
         |--P. longanalis Costa 1979H98
         |--P. longisetosus Costa 1979H98
         |--P. matthewsi Costa 1979H98
         |--P. rotundus Costa 1979H98
         |--P. tenuibrachiatus Berlese 1910H98
         |--P. waterhousei Costa 1979H98
         `--P. womersleyi Costa 1979H98

*Type species of generic name indicated


[C78] Costa, M. 1978. Cerambylaelaps nadchatrami, n. gen., n. sp., an unusual mesostigmatic mite (Acari) associated with a cerambycid beetle in Malaysia. Acarologia 20 (2): 188–195.

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[L90] Luxton, M. 1990. The marine littoral mites of the New Zealand region. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand 20 (4): 367–418.

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