Leptomyrmex erythrocephalus, copyright Donald Hobern.

Belongs within: Dolichoderinae.

Leptomyrmex, spider ants, is an Australasian genus of slender-bodied, long-legged ants with long antennal scapes exceeding the vertex by more than half their length.

<==Leptomyrmex Mayr 1862 TB85
|–*L. erythrocephalus (Fabricius 1775) [=Formica erythrocephala] TB85
|    |–L. e. erythrocephalus TB85
|    |–L. e. basirufus Wheeler 1934 TB85
|    |–L. e. brunneiceps Wheeler 1934 TB85
|    |–L. e. clarki Wheeler 1934 TB85
|    |–L. e. cnemidatus Wheeler 1915 TB85
|    |–L. e. decipiens Wheeler 1915 TB85
|    |–L. e. mandibularis Wheeler 1915 TB85
|    |–L. e. rufithorax Forel 1915 TB85
|    |–L. e. unctus Wheeler 1934 TB85
|    `–L. e. venustus Wheeler 1934 TB85
|–L. darlingtoni Wheeler 1934 TB85
|    |–L. d. darlingtoni TB85
|    |–L. d. fascigaster Wheeler 1934 TB85
|    `–L. d. jucundus Wheeler 1934 TB85
|–L. froggatti Forel 1910 TB85
|–L. mjobergi Forel 1915 TB85
|–L. nigriventris (Guérin-Meneville 1831) [=Formica nigriventris] TB85
|    |–L. n. nigriventris TB85
|    |–L. n. hackeri Wheeler 1934 TB85
|    `–L. n. tibialis Emery 1895 TB85
|–L. pallens Emery 1883 [incl. L. p. var. geniculata Emery 1914, L. p. var. nigriceps Emery 1914] E14
|–L. unicolor Emery 1895 TB85
|–L. varians Emery 1895 TB85
|    |–L. v. varians TB85
|    |–L. v. angusticeps Santschi 1929 TB85
|    |–L. v. quadricolor Wheeler 1934 TB85
|    |–L. v. rothneyi Forel 1902 TB85
|    |–L. v. ruficeps Emery 1895 TB85
|    `–L. v. rufipes Emery 1895 TB85
`–L. wiburdi Wheeler 1915 TB85
|–L. w. wiburdi TB85
`–L. w. pictus Wheeler 1915 TB85

*Type species of generic name indicated


[E14] Emery, C. 1914. Les fourmis de la Nouvelle-Calédonie & des îles Loyalty. In: Sarasin, F., & J. Roux (eds) Nova Caledonia: Forschungen in Neu-Caledonian und auf den Loyalty-Inseln. A. Zoologie vol. 1 pt 4 pp. 393–436, pl. 12. C. W. Kreidels Verlag: Wiesbaden.

[TB85] Taylor, R. W., & D. R. Brown. 1985. Formicoidea. In: Walton, D. W. (ed.) Zoological Catalogue of Australia vol. 2. Hymenoptera: Formicoidea, Vespoidea and Sphecoidea pp. 1–149. Australian Government Publishing Service: Canberra.

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