Pachykellya rotunda, copyright Te Papa Tongarewa.

Belongs within: Bivalvia.

The Leptonidae are a group of small byssiferous bivalves with a generally compressed shell bearing very small beaks.

<==Leptonidae P61
    |–Zemyllita Finlay 1927 P61
    |    `–*Z. stowei (Hutton 1873) P61 [=Pythina stowei P61, Myllita stowei F27]
    |–Melliteryx Iredale 1924 P61
    |    |–*M. acupuncta [=Erycina acupuncta] P61
    |    `–M. parva (Deshayes 1856) P61 [=Erycina parva F27]
    |–Arthritica Finlay 1927 P61
    |    |–*A. bifurca [=Kellia bifurca] P61
    |    |–A. crassiformis Powell 1933 P61
    |    `–A. helmsi (Hedley 1915) [=Erycina helmsi] F27
    |–Borniola Iredale 1924 P61
    |    |–*B. lepida [=Bornia lepida] P61
    |    |–B. neozelanica Powell 1937 P61
    |    `–B. reniformis HS01
    |–Lepton N79
    |    |–L. clarkiae N79
    |    |–L. meroeum Carpenter 1864 C64
    |    |–L. nitidum N79
    |    `–L. squamosum J64
    |–Myllitella Finlay 1927 P61
    |    |–*M. vivens Finlay 1927 P61
    |    |–M. finlayi (Marwick 1924) [=Myllita finlayi] F27
    |    |–M. pinguis Marwick 1928 P61
    |    `–M. tasmanica [=Myllita tasmanica] F27
    |–Pachykellya Bernard 1897 P61
    |    |–*P. edwardsi Bernard 1897 P61
    |    |–P. bernardi Powell 1927 P61
    |    |–P. concentrica Powell 1927 P61
    |    |–P. minima Powell 1931 P61
    |    `–P. rotunda Powell 1927 P61
    `–Marikellia Iredale 1936 P61
         |–*M. solida [=Kellia solida] P61
         `–M. rotunda (Deshayes 1855) P61

*Type species of generic name indicated


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