Leptopius colossus, copyright RBINS.

Belongs within: Entiminae.

The Leptopiini are a tribe of broad-nosed weevils found across the Southern Hemisphere. Many are ornate forms bearing spinose processes on the elytra. Adults of Leptopius, wattle pigs, feed on leaves of Acacia. Larvae of Leptopius squalidus also damage the roots of apple trees (Britton 1970).

<==Leptopiini [Leptopsides]M94
|--Scotasmus carinirostris Bohem. 1862M86
|--Lipothyrea chloris Pascoe 1882M86
|--Esmelina flavovittata Pascoe 1870M86
|--Lysizone alternata Pascoe 1870M86
|--Chaodius nigrescens Pascoe 1870M86
|--Rhyparophilus alternansM86
|--Baryopadus corrugatus Pascoe 1870M86
|--Zymaus binodosus Pascoe 1870M86
|--Hyphaeria assimilis Pascoe 1883M86
| |--E. pluviata Pascoe 1870M86
| `--E. rhombus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--E. humeralis Pascoe 1872M86
| `--E. punctatonotatus Pascoe 1871M86
| |--C. ovis Pascoe 1872M86
| `--C. turgidus Pascoe 1871M86
| |--I. aequalisWH02
| |--I. brevicornis (Sharp 1886) [=Catoptes brevicornis non Platyomidia brevicornis Broun 1904]E02
| `--I. compressusM94
| |--A. nodosus Erichs. 1842M86
| |--A. tuberosusM86
| `--A. whitei (Waterh. 1853) [=Cubicosomus whitei]M86
| |--O. candidus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--O. maculosus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--O. obesus Pascoe 1870M86
| `--O. tigrinus Pascoe 1870M86
|--Mandalotus Erichson 1842M94
| |--*M. crudus Erichson 1842M94
| |--M. miricollis (Broun 1917) [=Bryodrassus miricollis]M94
| |--M. rigidus Erichs. 1842M86
| |--M. sterilis Erichs. 1842M86
| `--M. vetulus Erichs. 1842M86
| |--C. limbatus Pascoe 1871M86
| |--C. rivulosus Pascoe 1871M86
| |--C. scutellaris Pascoe 1871M86
| |--C. stigma Pascoe 1871M86
| `--C. textilis Pascoe 1871M86
|--Perperus Schoenherr 1842M94
| |--*P. languidus (Erichson 1842)M94, M86 [=Nothrodes languidusM94]
| |--P. innocuusM86
| |--P. insularisM86
| |--P. marginalis Bohem. 1859M86
| |--P. obscurusM86
| |--P. urticarum Pascoe 1873M86
| `--P. variegatus Pascoe 1873M86
| |--C. aureolus Pascoe 1872M86
| |--C. australis Boisd. 1835M86
| |--C. caenosusM86
| |--C. ebeninusM86
| |--C. iodimerus Boisduval 1835B35
| |--C. mastersi Pascoe 1871M86
| |--C. nanus [incl. C. leucophaeus]B35
| |--C. opatrinus [incl. C. rusticus]M86
| |--C. plebejusM86 [=Curculio plebejusB35; incl. Ch. mistothesM86]
| |--C. punctipennis Pascoe 1871M86
| |--C. silaceus Pascoe 1871M86
| `--C. vestitus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--P. absalon Pascoe 1870M86
| |--P. ampliatus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--P. argentariusM86
| |--P. biplagiatus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--P. cinereusM86
| |--P. laticollisM86
| |--P. latipennis Pascoe 1870M86
| |--P. longipennis Pascoe 1872M86
| |--P. murinusM86
| |--P. nanus [incl. P. australis, P. leucophaeus]M86
| |--P. nitidilabris Germ. 1848M86
| |--P. ortyx Pascoe 1870M86
| |--P. paganusM86
| |--P. pardalotus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--P. perignatiusM86
| `--P. pusillus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. albisparsus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. albuminosus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. araneus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. asphaltinusA91
| |--C. bellicosus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. bilineatusM86
| |--C. brevicollis Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. capito Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. carbo Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. ceratus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. cicatricosus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. concretus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. coruscusA91
| |--C. echidna Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. effloratus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. ericius Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. foveatus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. funereus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. furfuraceus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. griseus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. hopeiM86
| |--C. humerosus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. impressipennis [incl. Festus rufipes (n. o.)]Z93
| |--C. intermedius Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. lepidus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. longicornis Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. maculatus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. marginispinis Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. memnonius Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. nitidulus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. ochraceus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. opimus Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. ovinus Pascoe 1873M86
| |--C. pollinosus Pascoe 1970M86
| |--C. rugulosusM86
| |--C. scordalis Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. spinipennisM86
| |--C. stigmatipennisM86
| |--C. suturalis Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. transversalis Germ. 1848M86
| |--C. trapa Pascoe 1870M86
| |--C. tribulus Pascoe 1870M86
| `--C. vinosus Pascoe 1870M86
`--Leptopius Oke 1951 [=Leptops Schoenherr 1834]M94
|--*L. robustus (Olivier 1807)M94 (see below for synonymy)
|--‘Leptops’ acerba Pascoe 1879M86
|--‘Leptops’ acutispinis Pascoe 1882M86
|--‘Leptops’ angustior Germ. 1848M86
|--‘Leptops’ argillaceus Pascoe 1873M86
|--L. biordinatusZ93
|--‘Leptops’ cicatricosa Pascoe 1871M86
|--L. clavus (Fabricius 1775)Z93 [=Curculio clavusZ93, Hipporrhinus clavusB35]
|--L. colossus (Pascoe 1870) [=Leptops colossus]M94
|--‘Leptops’ crassicornis Pascoe 1882M86
|--‘Leptops’ crenataM86
|--‘Leptops’ dorsata Pascoe 1870M86
|--‘Leptops’ duboulayi Pascoe 1870M86
|--‘Leptops’ dumosaM86
|--‘Leptops’ ebenina Pascoe 1870M86
|--L. echidnaZ93 [=Chrysolopus echidnaZ93, Leptops echidnaM86]
|--‘Leptops’ fera Pascoe 1870M86
|--‘Leptops’ furfuracea Pascoe 1882M86
|--‘Leptops’ glauca Pascoe 1882M86
|--‘Leptops’ hopeiM86
|--‘Leptops’ humeralisM86
|--‘Leptops’ hypocrita Pascoe 1871M86
|--‘Leptops’ hystricosaM86
|--‘Leptops’ iliaca Pascoe 1871M86
|--‘Leptops’ incompta Pascoe 1883M86
|--‘Leptops’ muricatus Pascoe 1873M86
|--‘Leptops’ musimon Pascoe 1873M86
|--‘Leptops’ ovalipennis Pascoe 1871M86
|--‘Leptops’ polyacantha Pascoe 1870M86
|--‘Leptops’ puellaris Pascoe 1882M86
|--‘Leptops’ punctigera Pascoe 1883M86
|--L. quadridens (Fabricius 1775)Z93 [=Curculio quadridensZ93, Hipporhinus quadridensB35, Leptops quadridensM86]
|--‘Leptops’ quadrituberculataM86
|--‘Leptops’ reducta Pascoe 1870M86
|--‘Leptops’ retusa Pascoe 1870M86
|--L. rhizophagusB70
|--‘Leptops’ spenceiM86
|--‘Leptops’ spineaM86
|--‘Leptops’ spinigeraM86
|--‘Leptops’ spinipennisM86
|--‘Leptops’ spinosaM86
|--‘Leptops’ subfasciata Pascoe 1870M86
|--‘Leptops’ superciliaris Pascoe 1870M86
|--‘Leptops’ tetraphysodes Pascoe 1871M86
|--L. tribulus (Fabricius 1775)Z93 (see below for synonymy)
|--L. tuberculatusZ93 [=Chrysolopus tuberculatusZ93, Leptops tuberculataM86]
`--‘Leptops’ vermicosa Pascoe 1883M86

*Leptopius robustus (Olivier 1807)M94 [=Curculio robustusM94, Leptops robustaM86; incl. Leptops bidentataM86, Leptopius squalidusB70, Leptops squalidusM94]

Leptopius tribulus (Fabricius 1775)Z93 [=Curculio tribulusZ93, Hipporhinus tribulusB35, Leptops tribulusM86; incl. Leptops dupontiM86]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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