Mating pair of psyches Leptosia nina, photographed by Jkadavoor.

Belongs within: Pieridae.

Leptosia, the wood whites and spirits, is a genus of butterflies found in Africa, southern Asia and Australia. They are delicate-looking with white wings; a prominent black postmedian spot is present on the fore wing. Fore wings have the radial vein consisting of three branches, and the discocellular vein of each wing is distinctly concave (Braby 2000).

<==Leptosia Hübner 1818B00
|--L. alcestaF55
| |--L. a. alcestaF55
| `--L. a. nuptilla Aurivillius 1910F55
|--L. medusa [incl. L. medusa ab. marginea Mabille 1890]F55
`--L. nina (Fabricius 1793)B00
|--L. n. ninaF55
|--L. n. comma Fruhstorfer 1902F55
|--L. n. georgi Fruhstorfer 1910F55
|--L. n. mindorensis Franz 1955F55
`--L. n. terentia Fruhstorfer 1910F55

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B00] Braby, M. F. 2000. Butterflies of Australia: their identification, biology and distribution vol. 1. CSIRO Publishing: Collingwood (Victoria).

[F55] Franz, E. 1955. Die Typen und Typoide des Natur-Museums Senckenberg, 16). Insecta, Lepidoptera, Pieridae. Senckenbergiana Biologica 36: 339–367.

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