Common flatwing Austroargiolestes icteromelas, copyright James Niland.

Belongs within: Zygoptera.

The Lestoidea are a group of mostly green damselflies with wing venation including aligned postnodal and postsubnodal crossveins. Many species, including members of the families Synlestidae and Megapodagrionidae, characteristically hold the wings spread at rest. Chorismagrion risi of northeastern Queensland (Australia) is assigned to its own family, with the arculus of the fore wing missing so the discoidal cell is open basally, and the CuP vein strongly arched forward after leaving the discoidal cell (Theischinger & Hawking 2006).

<==Lestoidea [Lestomorpha]RP02
    |--CretacoenagrionRJ93 [CretacoenagrionidaeRP02]
    |    `--C. alleni Jarzembowski 1990RJ93
    |--ChorismagrionTH06 [Chorismagrionidae, ChorismagrioninaeWO91]
    |    `--C. risi Morton 1914TH06
    |--Synlestidae [Synlestinae]WO91
    |    |--PhylolestesL88
    |    |--EpisynlestesTH06
    |    |    |--E. albicauda (Tillyard 1913)TH06
    |    |    |--E. cristatus Watson & Moulds 1977TH06
    |    |    `--E. intermedius Theischinger & Watson 1985TH06
    |    `--SynlestesTH06
    |         |--S. selysi Tillyard 1917TH06
    |         |--S. tropicus Tillyard 1917TH06
    |         `--S. weyersii Seleys 1869TH06
    |              |--S. w. weyersiiTH06
    |              |--S. w. nigrescensTH06
    |              `--S. w. tillyardiTH06
    |    |--LestesTH06 [LestinaeWO91]
    |    |    |--L. barbara [=Agrion barbara]L49
    |    |    |--L. concinnus Hagen 1862TH06
    |    |    |--L. nymphaK01
    |    |    |--L. praemorsaSL89
    |    |    |--L. sponsa (Hansemann 1823)FB03
    |    |    |--L. virensL49
    |    |    `--L. viridis [incl. Agrion leucopsallis]L49
    |    `--SympecmatinaeWO91
    |         |--SympecmaRD77
    |         |    |--S. fuscaRD77 [=Agrion fuscaL49, Lestes fuscaL49; incl. A. phallatumL49]
    |         |    `--S. paediscaRD77
    |         |--IndolestesWO91
    |         |    |--I. alleni (Tillyard 1913)TH06
    |         |    |--I. boninensis Asahina 1952I92
    |         |    |--I. obiri Watson 1979TH06
    |         |    `--I. tenuissimus (Tillyard 1906)TH06
    |         `--AustrolestesWO91
    |              |--A. aleison Watson & Moulds 1979TH06
    |              |--A. analis (Rambur 1842)TH06
    |              |--A. annulosus (Selys 1862)TH06
    |              |--A. aridus (Tillyard 1908)TH06
    |              |--A. cingulatus (Burmeister 1839)TH06
    |              |--A. colensonis (White 1846)HL02
    |              |--A. insularis Tillyard 1913TH06
    |              |--A. io (Selys 1862)TH06
    |              |--A. leda (Selys 1862)TH06
    |              |--A. minjerriba Watson 1979TH06
    |              `--A. psyche (Hagen 1862)TH06
    `--Megapodagrionidae [Megapodogrionidae]WO91
         |  i. s.: Miniargiolestes minimus (Tillyard 1908)TH06
         |         ArchiargiolestesTH06
         |           |--A. parvulus (Watson 1977)TH06
         |           |--A. pusillissimus Kennedy 1925TH06
         |           `--A. pusillus (Tillyard 1908)TH06
         |         GriseargiolestesTH06
         |           |--G. albescens (Tillyard 1913)TH06
         |           |--G. bucki Theischinger 1998TH06
         |           |--G. eboracus (Tillyard 1913)TH06
         |           |--G. fontanus (Tillyard 1913)TH06
         |           |--G. griseus (Hagen 1862)TH06
         |           |--G. intermedius (Tillyard 1913)TH06
         |           `--G. metallicus (Sjöstedt 1917)TH06
              |--Podopteryx selysi (Förster 1899)WO91, TH06
              |    |--A. alpinusOW74
              |    |--A. griseusO70
              |    |--A. icteromelasO70
              |    |    |--A. i. icteromelasO70
              |    |    `--A. i. nobilisO70
              |    |--A. minimusASD05
              |    `--A. pusillusWO91
                   |--A. alpinus (Tillyard 1913)TH06
                   |--A. amabilis (Förster 1899)TH06
                   |--A. aureus (Tillyard 1916)TH06
                   |--A. brookhousei Theischinger & O’Farrell 1986TH06
                   |--A. calcaris (Fraser 1958)TH06
                   |--A. christine Theischinger & O’Farrell 1986TH06
                   |--A. chrysoides (Tillyard 1913)TH06
                   |--A. elke Theischinger & O’Farrell 1986TH06
                   |--A. icteromelas (Selys 1862)TH06
                   |    |--A. i. icteromelasTH06
                   |    `--A. i. nigrolabiatusTH06
                   `--A. isabellae Theischinger & O’Farrell 1986TH06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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