Fathead minnow Pimephales promelas, copyright Rankin1958.

Belongs within: Cypriniformes.
Contains: Rhinichthys, Nocomis, Gila, Luxilus, Phoxinus, Notropis, Rasborinae.

The Leuciscinae, minnows, are a widespread group of long-bodied cyprinids with barbels and a maxillary foramen absent, and pharyngeal tooth usually in two rows.

    |–+–Hesperoleucus symmetricus AS09
    |  `–Lavinia exilicauda AS09
    `–+–Rasborinae AS09
       `–Pimephales AS09
            |–P. notatus B96
            |–P. promelas B96
            |–P. tenellus SBW95
            `–P. vigilax SBW95
                 |–P. v. vigilax SBW95
                 `–P. v. perspicus SBW95

Leuciscinae incertae sedis:
  Blicca B96
    |–B. bjoerkna (Linnaeus 1758) SE08
    `–B. croydonensis White 1931 P93
  Elopichthys bambusa B96
  Couesius B96
  Dionda episcopa B96, D81
    |–D. e. episcopa D81
    `–D. e. plunctifer D81
  Pogonichthys macrolepidotus B96, LG80
  Richardsonius balteatus B96
  Mylopharodon M86
  Hypophthalmichthys B96
    |–H. molitrix KA01
    `–H. nobilis B96
  Erimystax B96
    |–E. dissimilis SBW95
    `–E. x-punctatus SBW95
  Tribolodon B96
    |–T. brandti T90
    |–T. ezoe T90
    `–T. hakonensis T90
  Ptychocheilus B96
    |–P. oregonensis B96
    `–+–P. umpquae B96
       `–+–P. grandis B96
          `–P. lucius B96
  Campostoma B96
    |–C. anomalum B96
    |    |–C. a. anomalum SBW95
    |    `–C. a. pullman SBW95
    `–C. oligolepis [=C. anomalum oligolepis] SBW95
  Cyprinella B96
    |–C. analostana SBW95
    |–C. chloristia [=C. analostana chloristius] SBW95
    |–C. galactura (Cope 1868) OE97
    |–C. spiloptera (Cope 1868) OE97 (see below for synonymy)
    `–C. whipplei SBW95
  Phenacobius B96
    |–P. catostomus SBW95
    |–P. crassilabrum SBW95
    |–P. mirabilis SBW95
    |–P. teretulus SBW95
    `–P. uranops SBW95
  Rutilus Rafinesque 1820 B96, RA05
    |–R. caspicus CS77
    |–R. frisii CS77
    |    |–R. f. frisii CS77
    |    `–R. f. kutum CS77
    |–R. pigus (Lacepède 1803) SE08
    `–R. rutilus (Linnaeus 1758) SE08
  Abramis B96
    |–A. abramis KA01
    |–A. ballerus (Linnaeus 1758) SE08
    |–A. brama (Linnaeus 1758) SE08
    |–A. crysoleucus F15
    |–A. sapa (Pallas 1814) SE08
    `–A. vimba D56
  Leuciscus SE08
    |–L. cephalus (Linnaeus 1758) SE08
    |–L. idus (Linnaeus 1758) SE08
    |–L. leuciscus (Linnaeus 1758) SE08
    |–L. peloponnensis KKV03
    |–L. rutilus [incl. L. rutilus var. wobla] C01
    `–L. souffia Risso 1827 SE08
  Rhinichthys B96
  Lythrurus R84
    |  i. s.: L. ardens [incl. Notropis ardens fasciolaris; incl. N. ardens matutinus] SBW95
    |–L. umbratilis [=Notropis (Lythrurus) umbratilis] R84
    |    |–L. u. umbratilis SBW95
    |    `–L. u. cyanocephalus [=Notropis umbratilis cyanocephalus] SBW95
    `–+–L. atrapiculus [=Notropis (Lythrurus) atrapiculus] R84
       |–L. bellus [=Notropis (Lythrurus) bellus] R84
       |    |–L. b. bellus R84
       |    `–L. b. alegnotus [=Notropis (Lythrurus) bellus alegnotus] R84
       `–L. roseipinnis [=Notropis (Lythrurus) roseipinnis] R84
  Nocomis B96
  Gila B96
  Luxilus B96
  Phoxinus B96
  Notropis B96

Cyprinella spiloptera (Cope 1868) OE97 [=Notropis spilopterus SBW95; incl. C. spiloptera hypsisomata SBW95, N. spilopterus hypsisomatus SBW95]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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