Cytora lignaria, copyright Andrew Townsend.

Belongs within: Cyclophoroidea.

The Liareinae are a New Zealand group of small operculate land snails with a high-spired or trochiform shell.

<==Liareinae [Liareidae]BR05
|--Realia Gray 1850BR17 [=Liarea Pfeiffer 1853BR05; Realiana, Realieae, Realiidae, Realiinae]
| |--*R. egea Gray 1850BR17 [=*Liarea egeaP61]
| | |--L. e. egeaP61
| | `--‘Liarea’ e. tessellata Powell 1954P61
| |--‘Liarea’ aupouria Powell 1954P61
| | |--L. a. aupouriaP61
| | `--L. a. tara Powell 1954P61
| |--‘Liarea’ hochstetteri (Pfeiffer 1861)P61
| | |--L. h. hochstetteriP61
| | |--L. h. alta Powell 1954P61
| | `--L. h. carinella (Pfeiffer 1861)P61
| |--‘Liarea’ lepida (Suter 1904)P61
| |--‘Liarea’ ornata Powell 1954P61
| `--‘Liarea’ turriculata (Pfeiffer 1855)P61
| |--L. t. turriculataP61
| |--L. t. partula Powell 1954P61
| `--L. t. waipoua Powell 1954P61
`--Cytora Kobelt & Möllendorff 1897BR05 [incl. MurdochiaP61; Cytoridae]
|--*C. cytora (Gray 1850) [=Cyclophorus cytora]BR17
|--C. ampla (Powell 1941)P61
|--C. annectens (Powell 1948)P61
|--C. aranea (Powell 1928)P61
|--C. bicarinata (Suter 1907)P61
|--C. calva (Hutton 1883)P61
|--C. chiltoni (Suter 1896)P61
|--C. fasciata (Suter 1894)P61
|--C. filicosta (Powell 1948)P61
|--C. hedleyi (Suter 1894)P61
|--C. hirsutissima (Powell 1951)P61
|--C. lignaria (Pfeiffer 1857)P61
|--C. pallida (Hutton 1883)P61
|--C. pannosa (Hutton 1833)P61
|--C. septentrionale (Suter 1907)P61
|--C. solitaria (Powell 1935)P61
|--C. studeri (Suter 1896)P61
`--C. torquilla (Suter 1894)P61

*Type species of generic name indicated


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