Bumastus ioxus, copyright American Museum of Natural History.

Belongs within: Trilobita.
Contains: Onchonotellus, Ptychoparioidea, Ellipsocephaloidea, Asaphida, Phacopida, Olenacea, Harpina, Proetida.

The Ptychopariida have been recognised as a group of trilobites known from the Middle Cambrian to the Late Ordovician. However, this group is probably paraphyletic, with a number of later trilobite groups, some surviving into the Devonian, derived from within the ptychopariidans (Prothero 1998).

<==Libristoma [Ptychopariida]F90
    |    |--PtychoparioideaP98
    |    `--EllipsocephaloideaRC93
    |  `--PhacopidaF90
Libristoma incertae sedis:
    |--Onchonotina Lu 1961S80
    |    `--O. vigilansCT83
    `--Onchonotus Raymond 1924S80
    |--T. megalops Kobayashi 1938S80
    `--T. polyaricus Rosova 1963S80
  Guizhoucephalina Chien 1961S80
    `--*G. longispina Chien 1961S80
  Catillicephalidae [Catillicephalacea]SS84
    |--Pseudopetigurus Prantl & Přibyl 1950SS84
    `--Parahystricurus Ross 1951SS84
         `--P. oculirotundus Ross 1951F90
    |--Elrathia kingiP98
         |--*D. nitida (Hall & Whitfield 1877)S80
         |--D. bigranulosa Palmer 1960S80
         |--D. brevispina Palmer 1965S80
         `--D. simplex Rasetti 1961S80
  Koldinia Walcott & Resser 1924SS84
  Wanwanaspis Kobayashi 1966SS84
  Wanwanoglobus Kobayashi 1966SS84
  Koldiniella Lermontova 1940SS84
    `--K. mitellaSS84
    |--Plethopeltis arbucklensisLM05
    |--Stenopilus latusSS84, LM05
    |--Leiocoryphe transversa Rasetti 1945SS84
    `--Plethometopus [Plethometopidae]SS84
         `--P. obtususLM05
  Genevieviella neunia Lochman 1936SS84
  Raashellina paula Rozova 1963SS84
    |--B. coraxS80
    `--B. tetragonalisF90
         |--B. t. tetragonalisF90
         `--B. t. broeggeriF90
  Ehmaniella waptaensisF90
  Kirengina Ogienko 1974F90

*Type species of generic name indicated


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