Lichenomima sp., copyright Katja Schulz.

Belongs within: Psocetae.

The Lichenomiminae are a group of barklice of the Myopsocidae in which the hind wing has veins Rs and M joined by a crossvein (Li 2002).

<==Lichenomiminae L02
|–Lophomyini L02
|    |–Lophomyus Li 2002 L02
|    |    |–*L. bidigitatus Li 2002 L02
|    |    `–L. petersi (Smithers 1971) [=Lophopterygella petersi] L02
|    `–Lophopterygella Enderlein 1907 [incl. Festona Navas 1922] L02
|         |–*L. camelina Enderlein 1907 NL07
|         |–L. bellula Li 2002 L02
|         |–*Festona’ lunata NL07
|         |–L. ridderi Vaughan, Thornton & New 1991 NL07
|         |–L. spilota Smithers & Thornton 1979 NL07
|         `–L. triangularis Lienhard 2004 NL07
`–Lichenomimini L02
|–Gyromyus Li 2002 L02
|    |–*G. gyrus Li 2002 L02
|    `–G. sanguensis (New 1973) [=Myopsocus sanguensis, Lichenomima sanguensis] L02
`–Lichenomima Enderlein 1910 L02 [=Lachenomima (l. c.) L03, Licnenomima (l. c.) L03]
|–*L. conspersa NL07
|–L. ampla (Smithers & Thornton 1974) NL07
|–L. camelina Enderlein 1907 L02
|–L. chelata (Thornton & Woo 1973) L02
|–L. clypeofasciata (Mockford 1974) L02
|–L. coloradensis (Banks 1907) [=Myopsocus coloradensis] M93
|–L. corniculata Li 1995 L02
|–L. cubitalis Lienhard 2004 NL07
|–L. cylindra Li 2002 L03
|–L. elongata (Thornton 1960) [=Myopsocus elongatus] L02
|–L. excavata Li 2002 L03
|–L. fasciata Badonnel 1946 L02
|–L. fenestrata Enderlein 1926 NL07
|–L. gibbulosa Li 2002 L02
|–L. guineensis Enderlein 1914 B49
|–L. hamata Li 1995 L02
|–L. hangzhouensis Li 2002 L02
|–L. harpeodes Li 2002 L02
|–L. intermedia Pearman 1934 L02 [=L. cameruna var. intermedia B55]
|–L. leucospila Li 2002 L02
|–L. lugens (Hagen 1861) (see below for synonymy) M93
|–L. machadoi (Badonnel 1977) L02
|–L. maxima (Smithers 1957) L02
|–L. merapi Thorton in Thornton & Browning 1992 NL07
|–L. muscosa Y02
|–L. orbiculata Li 2002 L03
|–L. oxycera Li 2002 L02
|–L. pauliani Badonnel 1949 B55
|–L. sinuosa Lienhard 2004 NL07
|–L. sparsa (Hagen 1861) M93 [=Psocus sparsus M93, Myopsocus sparsus M74]
|–L. sumatrana (Enderlein 1906) NL07
|–L. tridens Li 2002 L02
`–L. unicornis Li 2002 L02

Lichenomima lugens (Hagen 1861) [=Psocus lugens, Myopsocus lugens; incl. P. virginianus Banks 1900, M. virginianus] M93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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