Mangrove fan palm Licuala spinosa, copyright Mokkie.

Belongs within: Coryphoideae.

Licuala is a genus of small to medium-sized palms found as understory plants in rainforest, with the highest diversity in the Malesian region (Saw et al. 2003).

Characters (from Flora of China): Stems solitary or clustered, usually rather small, sometimes short and subterranean. Leaves 5–28, palmate; leaf sheaths open and fibrous on margins; ocreas often present at sheath apex, rarely elongate and conspicuous; petioles normally spiny along margins, sometimes less so or unarmed; hastula present; blades usually strongly folded, circular in outline, split to base into several multi-fold, wedge-shaped segments or rarely undivided; apices of segments truncate, shallowly to deeply lobed, lobes longer on lateral segments; central segment occasionally bifid, central one to three segments sometimes borne on petiolules. Plants monoecious or rarely dioecious. Inflorescences borne among leaves and partly covered with swollen, tubular rachis bracts; first order branches one to several, each spicate or more often branched to one or two orders; flowers bisexual with six stamens and three carpels, stamens or carpels vestigial in dioecious species. Fruits variously colored, usually quite small, globose to ovoid, one-seeded; endosperm homogeneous; germination remote; eophylls undivided, lanceolate.

    |--L. subg. LicualaBBB03
    |    |--L. merguensis [incl. L. hirta]BBB03
    |    `--L. spinosaBBB03
    `--L. subg. LibericulaSDK-L03
         |--L. distansSDK-L03
         `--L. peltataSDK-L03
              |--L. p. var. peltataSDK-L03
              `--L. p. var. sumawongiiSDK-L03

Licuala incertae sedis:
  L. acutifidaSDK-L03
  L. ahliduriiSDK-L03
  L. ashtoniiSDK-L03
  L. bayanaSDK-L03
  L. beccarianaSDK-L03
  L. bidentataSDK-L03
  L. bintuluensisSDK-L03
  L. bruneianaSDK-L03
  L. cameronensisSDK-L03
  L. collinaSDK-L03
  L. cordataSDK-L03
  L. crassifloraSDK-L03
  L. densifloraSDK-L03
  L. ellipticaSDK=L03
  L. fatuaSDK-L03
  L. ferrugineaSDK-L03
  L. ferruginoidesSDK-L03
  L. flammulaSDK-L03
  L. fractiflexaSDK-L03
  L. glabraSdK-L03
    |--L. g. var. glabraSDK-L03
    `--L. g. var. selangorensisSDK-L03
  L. gracilisSDK-L03
  L. grandisSDK-L03
  L. hallierianaSDK-L03
  L. hexasepalaSDK-L03
  L. kamarudiniiSDK-L03
  L. khoonmengiiSDK-L03
  L. kiahiiSDK-L03
  L. kingianaSDK-L03
  L. lanuginosaSDK-L03
  L. lauterbachiiSDK-L03
  L. longipesSDK-L03
  L. malajanaSDK-L03
  L. mattanensisSDK-L03
    |--L. m. var. mattanensisSDK-L03
    `--L. m. var. paucisectaSDK-L03
  L. micholitziSDK-L03
  L. mirabilisSDK-L03
  L. modestaSDK-L03
  L. moyseyiSDK-L03
  L. muelleri [incl. Livistona ramsayi]B78
  L. mustapanaSDK-L03
  L. orbicularisSDK-L03
  L. pahangensisSDK-L03
  L. paludosaSDK-L03
  L. patensSDK-L03
  L. petiolulataSDK-L03
  L. pilosaSDK-L03
  L. punctulataSDK-L03
  L. ramsayiSDK-L03
  L. reptansSDK-L03
  L. ridleyana [incl. L. dransfieldii]SDK-L03
  L. sabahanaSDK-L03
  L. sallehanaSDK-L03
  L. scortechiniiSDK-L03
  L. spicataSDK-L03
  L. stenophyllaSDK-L03
  L. stongensisSDK-L03
  L. tenuissimaSDK-L03
  L. terengganuensisSDK-L03
  L. thoanaSDK-L03
  L. triphyllaSDK-L03
  L. validaSDK-L03
  L. whitmoreiSDK-L03
  L. yiianaSDK-L03

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BBB03] Barfod, A. S., T. Burholt & F. Borchsenius. 2003. Contrasting pollination modes in three species of Licuala (Arecaceae: Coryphoideae). Telopea 10 (1): 207–223.

[B78] Bentham, G. 1878. Flora Australiensis: A description of the plants of the Australian Territory vol. 7. Roxburghiaceae to Filices. L. Reeve & Co.: London.

[SDK-L03] Saw, L. G., J. Dransfield & D. M. Keith-Lucas. 2003. Morphological diversity of the genus Licuala (Palmae). Telopea 10 (1): 187–206.

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