Spiny file shell Lima lima, copyright Hectonichus.

Belongs within: Pectinida.

The Limidae, file shells, are a group of bivalves with an ovate to subtrigonal shell that commonly live attached in fissures by byssal threads, though some species are able swimmers by flapping the valves.

|--Ctenostreon pectiniformisJB12, F71
|--Gemellima Iredale 1929D56
|--Isolima Iredale 1929D56
|--Ctenoides Morch 1853D56
| |--C. ales (Finlay 1927WBS-S15
| `--C. annulata (Lamarck 1819)MG-H11
|--Stabilima Iredale 1939D56
| `--*S. tadena Iredale 1939D56, S-S90
|--Notolimea Iredale 1924F27a
| `--*N. australis [=Lima australis]F27a
|--Plicacesta Vokes 1963DK08
| `--*P. smithi (Sowerby 1888)DK08
|--Divarilima Powell 1958P61
| `--*D. sydneyensis (Hedley 1904)P61 [=Lima sydneyensisP61; incl. L. brunnea Hedley 1901 non Cooke 1886D56]
|--Escalima Iredale 1929P61
| |--*E. murrayi (Smith 1891)P61, F27a [=Lima murrayiP61, Mantellum murrayiF27a]
| |--E. acclinis (Hedley 1905)D56, F27a [=Limea acclinisD56, L. acclinus (l. c.)F27a]
| `--E. regularis Powell 1955P61
|--Palaeolima Hind 1903DX84
| |--P. furcoplicata (Grabau 1931) [=Pseudomonotis furcoplicatus]DX84
| |--P. scabrosaG31
| `--P. simplex (Phillips 1836)SB93
|--Plagiostoma Sowerby 1814RC78
| |--P. beyrichiiTE01
| |--P. giganteum Sowerby 1814RC78
| `--P. striata (Schlotheim 1820)KL04
|--LimariaBRW98 [incl. Promantellum Iredale 1939BRW98, D56, SubmantellumBRW98]
| |--L. basilanica (Adams & Reeve 1850)WBS-S15
| |--L. fragilis (Gmelin 1791)MG-H11
| |--L. hiansGW02
| |--‘Promantellum’ marwickiD56
| `--L. orientalis (Adams & Reeve 1850)WBS-S15
|--Mantellum Adams & Adams 1858F27a
| |--*M. inflatum [=Ostrea inflata]F27a
| |--M. basilanicum Ad. & Reeve 1850 [=Lima basilanica; incl. L. angulata Sowerby 1843 non Munster 1841]F27a
| |--M. hians [=Ostrea hians]F27a
| |--M. inconspicuum Marwick 1926F27a
| |--M. marwicki (Powell 1926) [=Lima marwicki]F27a
| `--M. polynema (Tate 1886) [=Lima polynema]F27a
| | i. s.: A. angolensis [=Lima (Acesta) angolensis]B65
| | A. goliath [=Lima (Acesta) goliath]B65
| | A. patagonica [=Lima (Acesta) patagonica]B65
| |--A. excavata (Fabricius 1779)PC11, C94 [=Lima (Acesta) excavataB65, Ostrea excavataN79]
| `--+--A. bullisiPC11
| `--A. oophagaPC11
|--Limea Bronn 1831F27a
| | i. s.: L. austrina Tate 1887WBS-S15
| | L. murrayiD56
| | L. torresiana (Smith 1885) [=Limatula torresiana]H09
| | L. transenna Tate 1886F27b
| |--*L. (Limea) strigiliata (Brocchi 1814) [=Ostrea strigiliata]S98
| `--L. (Pseudolimea Arkell in Douglas & Arkell 1932)S98
| |--L. (*P.) duplicata (Sowerby 1827) [=Plagiostoma duplicata]S98
| |--L. (P.) flabellulina (Darragh & Kendrick 1991) [=Pseudolimea flabellulina]S98
| `--L. (P.) woodsi (Suter 1921) (see below for synonymy)S98
|--Limatula Searles Wood 1839P61
| |--*L. subauriculata [=Pecten subauriculata]D56
| |--L. aupouria Powell 1937P61
| |--L. demiradiata Allen 2004F05
| |--L. japonicaWBS-S15
| | |--L. j. japonicaWBS-S15
| | `--L. j. colmani Fleming 1978WBS-S15
| |--L. jeffreysianaF27a
| |--L. maoria Finlay 1927P61
| |--L. pygmaea (Philippi 1845)P61
| |--L. strangei (Sowerby 1872)F27a, S-S90 [=Lima strangeiF27a, Stabilima strangeiD56; incl. Lima jacksonensisF27a]
| |--L. suteri (Dall 1908)P61 [=Lima (Limatula) suteriD56]
| |--L. tadena (Iredale 1939)WBS-S15
| |--L. thalassae Allen 2004F05
| `--L. trulla Marwick 1926F27a
`--Lima Bruguière 1797RC78 [incl. Austrolima Iredale 1929BRW98, D56]
|--*L. lima (Linnaeus 1758)P61, F27a (see below for synonymy)
|--L. alata Roemer 1836F27b
|--L. ‘alata’ Lycett 1850 non Roemer 1836F27b
|--L. ales Finlay 1927 [=L. alata Hedley 1898 nec Roemer 1836 nec Lycett 1850]F27b
|--L. arcuata Sowerby 1843H09
|--L. bassiiH86b
|--L. bullata (Born 1780)F27a [=Ostrea bullataH09, Limatula bullataF27a]
|--L. colorataD56
|--L. crassa [incl. Limea sarsii Lovén 1846, Lima sarsii]N79
|--L. cumingii Sowerby 1843S43
|--L. dieneriG31
|--L. ellipticaPP64
|--L. fasciata (Linnaeus 1758) [=Ostrea fasciata]H09
|--L. hemphilliB56
|--L. hians (Gmelin 1791)R78
|--L. huttoni Suter 1914 [=L. multiradiata Hutton 1873 non Gabb 1868]F27b
|--L. inflata Lamarck 1819H09
|--L. krotowiG31
|--L. laevigata McCoy 1844F27b
|--L. levitesta Finlay 1927 [=L. laevigata Hutton 1873 non McCoy 1844]F27b
|--L. linguatula Lamarck 1819H09
|--L. loscombei [=Radula loscombei]PP64
|--L. marlburiensis Woods 1917F27a
|--L. mestayerae Marwick 1924P61
|--L. multiradiata Gabb 1868F27b
|--L. nimbifer Iredale 1924MG-H11 [=Austrolima nimbiferaM54]
|--L. orientalis [incl. L. dehiscens]C64
|--L. pacificaPC11
| |--L. p. pacificaPC11
| `--L. p. galapagensisPC11
|--L. palaeataH86a
|--L. paucisulcataH86a
|--L. pellucidaWE63
|--L. permianaG31
|--L. retiferaG31
|--L. scabra [incl. L. aspera, L. fragilis, L. glacialis]G79
|--L. striatoplicataG31
|--L. subauriculataN79
|--L. subovataU79
|--L. teneraH09
|--L. vulgaris (Link 1807)MG-H11
|--L. wacoensis Roemer 1852W77
|--L. watersi Marwick 1926F27a
`--L. zealandica Sowerby 1876P61

Nomen nudum: Limea neozelanicaA27

*Lima lima (Linnaeus 1758)P61, F27a [=Ostrea limaP61; incl. L. persquamifer Iredale 1939S-S90, L. squamosaF27a, Pecten (Lima) squamosusG20, L. tetricaC64]

Limea (Pseudolimea) woodsi (Suter 1921) [=Lima (Limatula) woodsi, Lima (Limatula) huttoni Woods 1917 non L. huttoni Suter 1914]S98

*Type species of generic name indicated


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