Liparetrus sp., copyright Fir0002.

Belongs within: Melolonthinae.

Liparetrus is a diverse genus of chafers endemic to Australia. Species have an annual life cycle with adults being short-lived (Britton 1980).

The genus’ diversity makes it difficult to define categorically, but species are small and robust with short elytra and/or a pale, transparent posterior margin to the rear coxae. The transparent coxal margin is absent in members of the L. atratus, L. dixoni and L. laetus species groups (Britton 1980).

Characters (from Britton 1980): Small (length 3–14 mm), of stout build; elytra usually short, so that propygidium is largely exposed; eye usually truncate posteriorly and so almost semicircular in outline; posterior coxae usually with pale transparent posterior margins; proximal (second) tooth on outer edge of anterior tibia, when present, not closely applied to base of tibia; labrum not fused to clypeus; claws without pulvilli; propygidium and penultimate ventrite usually fused into a continuous ring, without trace of a longitudinal suture which normally separates the two on each side; antennae usually nine-segmented, rarely seven- or eight-segmented; antennal club always 3-lamellate.

<==Liparetrus Guérin-Méneville 1831 [incl. Liparetra Hope 1837]HW92
    |  i. s.: L. lottiniiM86
    |--L. nudipennis groupB80
    |    |--L. nudipennis Germar 1848HW92
    |    `--L. squamipennis Britton 1980B80
    |--L. squamiger groupB80
    |    |--L. bellarus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. imbricatus Britton 1980B80
    |    `--L. squamiger Macleay 1886HW92
    |--L. sericeus groupB80
    |    |--L. collessi Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. picipennis Germar 1848B80 [incl. L. nitidior Macleay 1886HW92, L. obscurus Macleay 1886 non Blanchard 1846HW92]
    |    |--L. sericeus Macleay 1871 [incl. L. latiusculus Macleay 1886]HW92
    |    `--L. triangulatus Britton 1959B80
    |--L. erythropterus groupB80
    |    |--L. dispar Blackburn 1888B80
    |    |--L. ebeninus Macleay 1886B80
    |    |--L. erythropterus Blanchard 1850HW92
    |    `--L. puer Blackburn 1905B80 [incl. L. longipilis Lea 1924HW92]
    |--L. convexior groupB80
    |    |--L. adelus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. argenteus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. carnei Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. convexior Macleay 1886 [incl. L. caviceps Blackburn 1888]HW92
    |    |--L. newmani Britton 1980B80
    |    `--L. pallidus Macleay 1871B80
    |--L. dixoni groupB80
    |    |--L. armstrongi Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. dixoni Britton 1980HW92
    |    |--L. jubatus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. rotundipennis Macleay 1886B80 [incl. L. simplex Blackburn 1888HW92]
    |    |--L. sericeipennis Macleay 1886B80
    |    `--L. wilsoni Britton 1980B80
    |--L. alienus groupB80
    |    |--L. alienus Blackburn 1905HW92
    |    |--L. diversus Blackburn 1888B80
    |    |--L. limbatus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. opacus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. pauxillus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. pusillus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. suavis Blackburn 1889B80
    |    `--L. vicinus Britton 1980B80
    |--L. discoidalis groupB80
    |    |--L. bakeri Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. bimaculatus Lea 1917B80
    |    |--L. discoidalis Macleay 1864HW92
    |    |--L. hattanus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. orestes Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. reburrus Britton 1980B80
    |    `--L. ulingus Britton 1980B80
    |--L. ferrugineus groupB80
    |    |--L. confusus Blackburn 1912B80
    |    |--L. convexus Boisduval 1835B80 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--L. curtulus Burmeister 1855B80 [incl. L. brunneipennis Blackburn 1892HW92, L. ubiquitosus Macleay 1886HW92]
    |    |--L. erythropygus Blanchard 1850B80, HW92
    |    |--L. ferrugineus Blanchard 1850HW92
    |    |--L. mimicus Lea 1917B80
    |    `--L. teres Britton 1980B80
    |--L. laetus groupB80
    |    |--L. albipennis Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. cribripennis Lea 1924B80
    |    |--L. geminatus Lea 1924B80
    |    |--L. laetus Blackburn 1888 [incl. L. basicollis Lea 1917]HW92
    |    |--L. longidens Lea 1917B80
    |    |--L. modestus Blackburn 1888B80
    |    `--L. stygius Britton 1980B80
    |--L. discipennis groupB80
    |    |--*L. discipennis Guérin-Méneville 1831HW92 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--L. aethiops Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. albohirtus Masters 1886B80 [=L. basalis Macleay 1864 non Blanchard 1850HW92, Automolus basalisB57]
    |    |--L. gravidus Blackburn 1905B80
    |    |--L. squamosus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. rotundicollis Blackburn 1905B80
    |    |--L. trichopygus Lea 1917B80
    |    `--L. ventralis Blackburn 1905B80
    |--L. atratus groupB80
    |    |--L. amabilis Blackburn 1905B80
    |    |--L. asper Macleay 1886B80 [incl. L. spretus Blackburn 1892HW92]
    |    |--L. atratus Burmeister 1855 (see below for synonymy)HW92
    |    |--L. hirpex Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. mixtus Lea 1919B80
    |    |--L. monartus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. subsquamosus Macleay 1886B80
    |    |--L. tristis Blanchard 1850B80, HW92
    |    `--L. uniformis Blanchard 1850B80, HW92
    |--L. luridipennis groupB80
    |    |--L. carnabyi Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. cribriceps Lea 1924B80
    |    |--L. flavipennis Lea 1917B80
    |    |--L. glabripennis Macleay 1886B80
    |    |--L. lepidopygus Lea 1917B80 [incl. L. trichosternus Lea 1917HW92]
    |    |--L. lissapterus Lea 1917B80
    |    |--L. luridipennis Macleay 1886HW92
    |    |--L. necessarius Blackburn 1905B80
    |    |--L. trivialis Britton 1980B80
    |    `--L. vestitus Blanchard 1846B80, HW92
    |         |--L. v. vestitus [incl. L. nigroumbratus Blackburn 1888, L. pruinosus Burmeister 1855]HW92
    |         `--L. v. sedani Blackburn 1888HW92
    |--L. monticolus groupB80
    |    |--L. atomus Britton 1959B80
    |    |--L. flavopictus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. gilvus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. glaber Macleay 1871B80 [=L. laevatus Macleay 1886HW92; incl. L. parvulus Macleay 1871HW92]
    |    |--L. luridus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. micros Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. minor Blackburn 1905B80
    |    |--L. monticolus (Fabricius 1775) (see below for synonymy)HW92
    |    |--L. ‘pygmaeus’ Britton 1980 non Burmeister 1855B80
    |    `--L. unidentatus Lea 1917B80
    |--L. capillatus groupB80
    |    |--L. amplus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. angulatus Macleay 1886B80
    |    |--L. capillatus Macleay 1886HW92
    |    |--L. cognatus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. laevis Blanchard 1850B80, HW92 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--L. rothei Blackburn 1888B80
    |    |--L. rotundiformis Macleay 1886B80
    |    |--L. rubicundus Macleay 1864B80 [incl. L. irregularis Lea 1917HW92, L. propinquus Macleay 1886HW92]
    |    |--L. rugatus Blackburn 1905B80
    |    |--L. seclusus Britton 1980B80
    |    `--L. tridentatus Macleay 1871B80 [incl. L. acutidens Macleay 1886HW92]
    |--L. striatus groupB80
    |    |--L. brevipes Blackburn 1905B80 [incl. L. leai Blackburn 1905HW92]
    |    |--L. incertus Blackburn 1905B80
    |    |--L. insularis Blackburn 1888B80
    |    |--L. jenkinsi Britton 1959B80
    |    |--L. lividipennis Blackburn 1905B80
    |    |--L. merredinensis Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. mulurus Britton 1959B80
    |    |--L. obscurior Lea 1917B80
    |    |--L. plautus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. striatus Blanchard 1850 (see below for synonymy)HW92
    |    |--L. sylvicola (Fabricius 1775)B80 (see below for synonymy)
    |    `--L. tibialis Lea 1924B80
    |--L. fulvohirtus groupB80
    |    |--L. albosetosus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. andersoni Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. ater Macleay 1886B80 [incl. L. nitidipennis Macleay 1886HW92]
    |    |--L. fulvohirtus Macleay 1871 (see below for synonymy)HW92
    |    |--L. karallus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. kennedyi Macleay 1886B80 [incl. L. majorinus Lea 1919HW92]
    |    |--L. niger Lea 1917B80
    |    |--L. pandus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. phoenicopterus Germar 1848B80
    |    |--L. urbulus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. vastus Britton 1980B80
    |    `--L. wanamarus Britton 1980B80
    |--L. concolor groupB80
    |    |--L. analis Blackburn 1888B80
    |    |--L. collaris Macleay 1886B80 [incl. L. maurus Blackburn 1892HW92]
    |    |--L. concolor Erichson 1842HW92
    |    |--L. consanguineus Blackburn 1905B80
    |    |--L. fimbriatus Blackburn 1888B80
    |    |--L. karinus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. kreuslerae Macleay 1886B80
    |    |--L. lugens Blackburn 1892B80 [incl. L. tarsalis Lea 1924HW92]
    |    |--L. ovipennis Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. pectinatus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. rubefactus Macleay 1886B80
    |    `--L. septuosus Britton 1980B80
    |--L. marginipennis groupB80
    |    |--L. criniger Macleay 1886B80 [incl. L. perplexus Blackburn 1888HW92]
    |    |--L. flavicornis Lea 1917B80
    |    |--L. germari Macleay 1886B80 [incl. L. insignis Lea 1917HW92, L. mastersi Macleay 1886HW92]
    |    |--L. insolitus Blackburn 1905B80
    |    |--L. marginipennis Blanchard 1850HW92 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--L. nigrinus Germar 1848B80 [incl. L. rugosus Macleay 1886HW92]
    |    |--L. paryphus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. pimbus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. trichotus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. umbrosus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. villosus Britton 1980B80
    |    `--L. xanthotrichus Blanchard 1850B80, HW92
    |--L. flavus groupB80
    |    |--L. arenosus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. aridus Blackburn 1895B80
    |    |--L. ascius Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. assitus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. cerinus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. cinnameus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. flavidus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. flavus Lea 1917HW92
    |    |--L. furfurosus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. luteus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. medius Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. pallidulus (Macleay 1888)B80 [=Scitala pallidulaHW92; incl. L. bilobus Lea 1924HW92]
    |    |--L. paulus Britton 1980B80
    |    `--L. pulvereus Britton 1980B80
    |--L. lanaticollis groupB80
    |    |--L. cantrelli Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. castaneus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. cinctipennis Blackburn 1905B80
    |    |--L. commoni Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. demarzi Britton 1959B80
    |    |--L. halei Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. lanaticollis Macleay 1888 [incl. L. albovillosus Lea 1917]HW92
    |    |--L. minimus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. minusculus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. minutus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. obesus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. occidentalis Macleay 1886B80
    |    |--L. pallens Lea 1917B80
    |    |--L. palmerstoni Blackburn 1888B80
    |    |--L. pholiotus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. semiflavus Lea 1917B80
    |    |--L. simulator Lea 1926B80
    |    |--L. tanami Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. tatakus Britton 1980B80
    |    `--L. uptoni Britton 1980B80
    |--L. gracilipes groupB80
    |    |--L. abnormalis Macleay 1886B80
    |    |--L. atrox Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. aulax Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. comes Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. convexiusculus Macleay 1883B80 [incl. L. acutangulus Lea 1919HW92]
    |    |--L. finitimus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. fumosus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. gracilipes Blackburn 1888 [incl. L. tuberculatus Lea 1895]HW92
    |    |--L. ithonus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. kungarus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. laeticulus Blackburn 1889B80
    |    |--L. mimus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. nigrifrons Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. obscurus Blanchard 1846HW92 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--L. parvus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. robustus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. satanus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. simillimus Macleay 1886B80
    |    |--L. tenebrosus Britton 1980B80
    |    |--L. tulanus Britton 1980B80
    |    `--L. vespertinus Britton 1980B80
    `--L. rufipennis groupB80
         |--L. atriceps Macleay 1864B80 [incl. L. fallax Blackburn 1888HW92, L. micans Macleay 1886HW92]
         |--L. badius Macleay 1888B80
         |--L. bituberculatus Macleay 1886B80 [incl. L. melaleucae Lea 1917HW92, L. piliceps Lea 1924HW92]
         |--L. carpentariae Britton 1980B80
         |--L. compositus Lea 1917B80
         |--L. crassus Britton 1980B80
         |--L. distans Blackburn 1905B80
         |--L. distinctus Blackburn 1895B80
         |--L. glauerti Britton 1980B80
         |--L. globulus Macleay 1886B80 [incl. L. mysticus Blackburn 1889HW92]
         |--L. hilli Britton 1980B80
         |--L. impressicollis Macleay 1886B80
         |--L. kiatanus Britton 1980B80
         |--L. laciniatus Lea 1917B80
         |--L. malara Britton 1959B80
         |--L. melallus Britton 1959B80
         |--L. melanocephalus Blackburn 1895B80
         |--L. merus Britton 1980B80
         |--L. nigricollis (Hope 1842)B80 [=Liparetra nigricollisHW92]
         |--L. nudus Lea 1917B80
         |--L. opacicollis Macleay 1886B80 [incl. L. clypealis Lea 1924HW92]
         |--L. orsinus Britton 1980B80
         |--L. periosus Britton 1980B80
         |--L. perkinsi Blackburn 1905B80
         |--L. pezus Britton 1980B80
         |--L. politus Britton 1980B80
         |--L. posticalis Blackburn 1888B80
         |--L. quinquelobatus Lea 1919B80
         |--L. rubrus Britton 1980B80
         |--L. rufipennis Macleay 1864HW92
         |--L. semiatriceps Lea 1917B80
         |--L. semicastaneus Lea 1917B80 [incl. L. apicalis Lea 1917HW92]
         |--L. validus Britton 1980B80
         |--L. vestjensi Britton 1980B80
         `--L. waningus Britton 1980B80

Liparetrus atratus Burmeister 1855 [incl. L. intermedius Lea 1919, L. obtusidens Macleay 1886, L. orthodoxus Lea 1924, L. parvidens Macleay 1886]HW92

Liparetrus convexus Boisduval 1835B80 [incl. L. basalis Blanchard 1851HW92, L. macleayi Blackburn 1888HW92, L. salebrosus Macleay 1886HW92, L. sylvicola Burmeister 1855 nec Melolontha sylvicola Fabricius 1775 nec L. sylvicola Blanchard 1853HW92]

*Liparetrus discipennis Guérin-Méneville 1831HW92 [=Omaloplia brachypteraB35; incl. L. assimilis Macleay 1886HW92, L. canescens Macleay 1886HW92, L. montanus Macleay 1886HW92, L. puncticeps Lea 1917HW92]

Liparetrus fulvohirtus Macleay 1871 [incl. L. adelaidae Blackburn 1892, L. comatus Macleay 1886, L. flavopilosus Macleay 1871, L. mitchelli Macleay 1886, L. pilosus Macleay 1871, L. rufiventris Macleay 1871, L. villosicollis Macleay 1886]HW92

Liparetrus laevis Blanchard 1850B80, HW92 [incl. L. agrestis Blackburn 1888HW92, L. nigriceps Macleay 1886HW92, L. nigriclavus Lea 1917HW92]

Liparetrus marginipennis Blanchard 1851HW92 [=L. marginicollis (l. c.)B80; incl. L. callosus Macleay 1886HW92, L. hirsutus Burmeister 1855HW92, L. nigrohirtus Macleay 1886HW92]

Liparetrus monticolus (Fabricius 1775) [=Melolontha monticola; incl. L. blanchardi Blackburn 1905, L. gagaticeps Macleay 1888]HW92

Liparetrus obscurus Blanchard 1846HW92 [incl. L. carus Lea 1917HW92, L. holosericeus Macleay 1886HW92, L. iridipennis Germar 1848B80, L. senex Blackburn 1888HW92, L. sylvicola Blanchard 1853 non Melolontha sylvicola Fabricius 1775HW92]

Liparetrus striatus Blanchard 1850 [incl. L. glabratus Burmeister 1855, L. ovatus Macleay 1886, L. picipennis Macleay 1886 non Germar 1848]HW92

Liparetrus sylvicola (Fabricius 1775)B80 [=Melolontha sylvicolaHW92, *Liparetra sylvicolaHW92; incl. Liparetrus juvenis Blackburn 1888HW92, Liparetrus vicarius Blackburn 1905HW92]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B35] Boisduval, J. B. 1835. Voyage de Découvertes de l’Astrolabe. Exécuté par ordre du Roi, pendant les années 1826–1827–1828–1829, sous le commandement de M. J. Dumont d’Urville. Faune entomologique de l’océan Pacifique, avec l’illustration des insectes nouveaux recueillis pendant le voyage vol. 2. Coléoptères et autres ordres. J. Tastu: Paris.

[B57] Britton, E. B. 1957. A Revision of the Australian Chafers (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Melolonthinae) vol. 1. British Museum (Natural History): London.

[B80] Britton, E. B. 1980. A revision of the Australian chafers (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Melolonthinae) vol. 3. Tribe Liparetrini: genus Liparetrus. Australian Journal of Zoology, Supplementary Series 76: 1–209.

[HW92] Houston, W. W. K., & T. A. Weir. 1992. Melolonthinae. In: Houston, W. W. K. (ed.) Zoological Catalogue of Australia vol. 9. Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea pp. 174–358. AGPS Press: Canberra.

[M86] Masters, G. 1886. Catalogue of the described Coleoptera of Australia. Part III. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales, series 2, 1 (1): 21–126.

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