Liriomyza pusilla, copyright Aleksandrs Balodis.

Belongs within: Agromyzidae.

Liriomyza is a diverse genus of leaf-mining flies feeding on a wide range of plant hosts, with the highest diversity of species found in northern temperate regions (Boucher 2010).

Characters (from Boucher 2010): Frons and scutellum usually bright yellow (either or both occasionally dark); lunule not especially high or large; three (sometimes two) postsutural and one presutural dorsocentral bristles; M1 ending closer to wing tip than R4+5; knob of halter completely white or yellow; male usually with stridulatory mechanism on membrane connecting abdominal tergites and sternites; surstylus usually present, with one or two (rarely three) spines and sometimes few weak hairs; epandrium often with one or two (sometimes more) spines at posteroventral margin, or conspicuously sclerotised on inner margin.

<==Liriomyza [incl. Praspedomyza] S87
|–L. arctii B10
|–L. brassicae B88
|–L. chenopodii M83
|–L. cortesi B10
|–L. fricki S87
|–L. galiivora S87
|–L. helichrysi B88
|–L. huidobrensis B10
|–L. philadelphivora S87
|–L. pusilla RD77
|–L. septentrionalis B10
|–L. sativae B10
|–L. schmidti S87
|–L. singula S87
`–L. trifolii B10

*Type species of generic name indicated


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