Lithostrotion irregulare, from David Holloway.

Belongs within: Rugosa.

The Lithostrotionidae is a family of colonial rugose corals known from the Upper Carboniferous and Permian. Early members of the family formed branching colonies with discrete corallites; in many later representatives, the colonies became massive with the corallites more closely integrated (Nudds 1979).

    |--Yatsengia hangchowensisNS93, DX84
    |    |--S. alferovi (Gorskiy 1935)NS93
    |    |--S. nalivkini (Gorskiy 1935)NS93
    |    `--S. plativesiculosum (Gorskiy 1935)NS93
    |    |--O. edmondsiN79
    |    |--O. ensiferN79
    |    |--O. indivisaN79
    |    |--O. phillipsiiN79
    |    `--O. tuberosaN79
    `--Lithostrotion Fleming 1828W77
         |--L. araneumN79
         |--L. arundineum Etheridge 1900F71
         |--L. asiaticumZP86
         |--L. columnare Etheridge 1900F71
         |--L. decipiensN79
         |--L. floriformeG31
         |--L. irregulareH04
         |--L. martiniN79
         |--L. parvicolumnareF71
         |--L. pauciradialeN79
         |--L. stanvellense Etheridge 1900 [=L. stanvellensis]F71
         `--L. whitneyi Meek 1875W77
Nomen nudum: Lithostrotion columnare semimensurum Fleming in Fletcher 1971F71

*Type species of generic name indicated


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